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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
Pleased To Meet You
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 18 February 2015
I didn't know what to expect when listening to this.
I had heard awful things about it.

Well, turns out they and I was wrong, its a great album. Its different than the first 2, because its much more reflective and experimental but its a very good record. Even the b sides are great.

I suppose it was hard to know where to go after an album like this got released, since it got badly received.
Its a great album, and I like it. And you should to, the world will be a better place if you buy a friend a copy of this cd.
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on 31 July 2014
As a teen i loved, loved Sleeper! Their previous albums-Smart & The It Girl were great sub Blur observations on 90's Brit life, with sharp tunes and sharper/ snarkier lyrics. Whilst this third output sounds way more accomplished, the catchiness has been sacrificied for a more mature sound. Allegedly, singer, Louise Wener went to a voice coach, after many criticisms of her rather papery thin voice. Sadly, her newfound vocal confidence reduces some great tunes to leaden, mid paced anthems, that may have previously been belted out at double quick time as spiky, punk pop hits. Other than that, if you give into the "mature" sound- enjoy!
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on 29 August 2014
Easily one of my favourite albums of all time. A big claim but Louise Wener is on fine form right from the first track. A real mix of stuff too from firecracker and traffic accident to 'miss you' the latter can't help but make the listener thik back to old loves from time past.
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on 2 January 2018
All was perfect!
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on 5 July 2016
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on 5 May 2008
I was a huge Sleeper fan and a Louise Wener fanatic ! However after the fantastic Smart and the reasonable follow up The It Girl, album number three sadly failed to deliver. It lacks the sparkly indie pop tunes of the debut and the lyrics are not a patch on the previous two albums. "Please Please Please" is a drab tune which drones on without ever getting going. Thankfully "She's a good girl" comes to the rescue and we are back to classic Sleeper and a sing along chorus. It is a real shame that the other tracks fail to match the strength of this tune. "Rollercoaster" and "Miss You" have nothing to grab the listener's attention and it is only a much needed change of tempo that makes "Romeo Me" seem half decent. The Beatle-esque "Breathe" has a slight touch of Beetlebum and is one of the most interesting pieces of music on the album. For me it is the best track here. "You got Me" and "Superclean" are solid tunes while "Firecracker" demands to be skipped. "Because of You" is a great tune which highlights the beauty of Louise's voice. Then comes "Nothing is Changing" which is a real shock sounding so unlike any other Sleeper track. Compare this to anything on the debut and you realise how far the band have come. It's a dark acoustic number backed up with strings and is another of the album's few highlights. Finally there is the insipid "Motorway Man" and the album closer "Traffic Accident" which is another Sleeper by numbers track. All in all PTMY isn't a terrible album but it has little of real merit and does not demonstrate the qualities for which Sleeper should be remembered. If you're new to the band purchase the albums in chronological order and to be honest the greatest hits compilation hasn't missed much. Sleeper were a great band but maybe it's a good job they called it a day when they did.
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on 29 November 2015
I bought this on cassette (remember them?). There are no good tunes on the album, but that's not to say it's without merit - they make a good noise, and are, literally, pleased to see you. Testament to where a good attitude will take you; and at least they play their instruments which is a lot more than can be said for 99.1% of modern bands.
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on 16 October 2010
To this day I am still at a loss as to why Sleeper only produced three studio albums. Along with Elastica (another band who went away too soon) Sleeper led the charge for female fronting bands to emerge from the UK in the 90's.

I first heard Smart in 1996 and within a year or so after falling in love with the sound The It Girl appeared and despite it's catchy gleen it was probly too pop friendly for my ears.

With Pleased To Meet You, Sleeper went back to their roots and this is perhaps why they were not offered a chance to make record number four. There is a dense indie sound to this record that resonates with every listen. The album doesn't fade in quality with repeated listens and this is a rare gift for bands.

For those wanting more of the same from The It Girl you may want to think twice. However those who like Smart and are avid Sleeper fans then this is a record you will love.
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on 13 December 2000
This is a come-down from the modest but oddly alluring climbs of "The It-Girl". Partly, it has to be said, it seemed as if Wener's time (1996 britpop fervour) had come and gone, by this album's release. While the musical palette is more wide than before, much of Sleeper's (albeit shallow) charm is missing. The typical British revelry at mundanity is discarded for lyrics that often seem ill-thought-out, lazy and decidedly lacking in wit. Often, average choruses are over-milked. Many of the lyrics merely represent empty posturing. The musical sound is more varied, but often the boringly AOR gets the upper-hand. There is a pervading lack of energy and verve to proceedings. Perhaps the main problem is the lack of those irrestible tunes that made "The It-Girl" palatable. While there are impressive moments, chiefly Nothing Is Changing, the passable pop of Romeo Me, the jaunty Firecracker and comfortably the highlight, Breathe. This is a dreamy, giddy torch song which is in a different league to the rest. Louise Wener's accentuated breathy singing is a definite aid to this track; in contrast to most, where it is grating. Her vocals always were an acquired taste; they are often as ordinary as possible, but with good, suitable material in "Breathe" they are almost sensuous. Whether or not it would have been a good move if Sleeper had stuck to their limited but spirited original style is besides the point; it would have taken far better songwriting, whatever the style, for the album to succeed, and for Sleeper to have persisted. Wener seems to have vanished; perhaps a shame, as she was preferable to most of the one-dimensional britpop bands like Ocean Colour Scene and Kula Shaker.
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on 10 May 2001
Am I the only one who loved this album??? I found this album to be a grand follow up to 'The It Girl'. It's obviously more mature but the style is there and so is the quality of songs.
Personally, 'Smart' didn't do a lot for me. 'The it Girl' is better than that album because they get more creative with melodies and their songs become more interesting. If you agree with me, then I am sure you will love 'Pleased To Meet You'. It's seriously worth the Pounds for 'Please Please Please, You Got Me, Breathe, and to mention the two wonderful singles, SAGG and RM.
It's a damn shame that these guys aren't around anymore, but this album is a marvelous ending to a wonderful band.
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