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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
5.0 out of 5 stars
The Ideal Crash
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 9 August 2002
Trends come and go, but beautiful music has the ability to surprise and inspire the way only timeless records can do. I bought this album three years ago, but it has always managed to sneak back on to the cd player, just when you least expect it.
Tom Barman's reassuring vocals tell wickedly insightful stories about murder, lust, undeserving friendships, lost loves, non-confomity and hope. It is a record that can, and does, mean many different things, to many different people.
Take the anthemic 'Everybodys Weird,' an infusion of jazz and funk whoose rhythm captures and emotes. There's 'Sister Dew' whoose instrumental ending swallows up the entire song. Then there's 'Instand Street,' whoose optimistic lyrics and word play reverse the songs meaning, half way through the song. Just when you think dEUS are a rock, maybe indie band with a tendency for loud all consuming music, a song like 'The Magic Hour,' an enchantingly slow piano ballad will come along and surprise you.
dEUS, have been labelled many things from being an art school band, to well...freaks. But despite the numerous categories confused music journalists keep dumping them in to, dEUS, always escape these labels and are never afraid to try something new.
This is a beautifully layered album, where you discover more with every listen. The lyrics are more reminiscent of poetry than a song. With thought provoking/ ambiguous slogans like 'Amplify your Soul,' which you just want to nick and whack on a t-shirt, if only to confuse London Underground commuters.
Above all, this is an infectious record full of emotions. Its not afraid to show the seedy, trashy, kinky side of life along with the alluring love and hope it wishes for. Its about showing life as it is, not what it pretend to be.
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on 29 October 2000
Belgians, eh?,
It's a good five years since dEUS started confusing the world with their violin-laced guitar sounds and, great though the previous two albums are, it's here that they get it absolutely right for the first time. They have an unerring talent for building a sheer wall of sound - the 2½-minute instrumental ending to "Instant Street" being a case in point - then catching you off-guard with a sweet ballad and making you wonder exactly which planet you, or they, or both, are on. Even the occasional ventures into electronic sounds which dEUS try out here, on the title track and "Everybody's Weird", work rather well. Indeed, the only thing missing is the trademark two-minute weirdo filler tracks, but I can't say I noticed their absence too much.
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on 17 January 2000
This CD is really the sound of a band getting it all together. They've become fantastically proficient at creating layered songs that start simply and evolve into throbbing, humming, screaming, caressing blankets of sound around you before often being peeled back down to their componenets.
It has a complexity way beyong your average pop/rock record, with a sort of fusion jazzy feel to it, but it has a firm base in good, solid pop/rock song writing, and never descends into quirkiness for quirkiness' sake, where some previous albums have failed.
It's done the rounds with friends and gone over a storm, and dEUS are fantastic live too, masses of energy. They're real musicians and the live set, like the album, gushes with the Singer's evocative charimsa.
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on 5 June 2003
Put it this way - this could be the best c.d you ever buy.
Deus are (to my knowledge) largely ignored/unkown outside of europe (the british music press found out they weren't from here or america and that was the end of it) and its an amazing shame. to me their music isn't so far off the popular mainstream rock, just much better. the difference is that this belgium band are brave enough to experiment and to try new things, and on this album, to refine their sound. the melody has always been there on all the albums, and if you like weirder music then your better off starting with in a bar under the sea or my sister = my clock.
This album is deus do pop, and they do it brilliantly. its the most straightforward album they've done, beautifully bitter and literate lyrics and haunting tunes throughout. this album seems like a more deliberate attempt to get closer to commmercial viability and it does exactly that, taking their odd noises and eccentricities and moulding them into perfect accesible songs like 'instant street' and 'the magic hour'. there's even deus do dance on 'everybody's weird'.
This is my favourite album i've ever heard for what its worth and with a few listens it should come pretty high up on your list. To those who like this, their talent stretches to other great bands like zita swoon, magnus, moondog jr and kiss my jazz.
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on 3 November 2005
This is a must have for any collection.If you ask people if the have heard of Deus you normally get a blank look .This is a undiscovered treasure. Their earlier albums for me are very indifferent , but this blends their unique style into a beautifuly flowing Indie masterpiece.Very off the wall at times , they have managed to refine themselves to produce an album with no poor tracks, I have to admit that if pushed this is my all time favourite album , i cant pay it no finer compliment
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on 8 November 1999
This Deus c.d., their latest until now, is by far their most impressive. Where their previous albums were a mix of loads of brilliance and some disappointments, this album only brings you brilliance. The album was written after the singer broke up his relationship and boy can you hear that in each and every word. If you've ever felt down and in need of an album that will go along with your feelings; buy this one!
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on 17 November 2011
Well, incredibly it's been 12 years since I bought this album - and, despite regular playing - it still manages to confound me - in that it improves with every listen. How a band can be this complex and beautiful simultaneously confounds me each time I think about it. Tom Barman is a genius and this album is even better than that. Buy it or be an also ran.
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on 25 June 2007
called Let's See Who Goes Down First. The song is the best summary of falling in love that I have ever heard. (There is also some paranoia at the end, but that's another story...)

Buy it, listen to the song and you will know that it was worth it.
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on 2 October 2007
The first time I hear this I just gave a calm 'mmmmm' this sounds fairly interesting. The second time it started to niggle at me. I thought ' this is good' 'this is different'. This has familiar components that have little bits in there that add an extra element to it and somehow make it something very special. Instant Street starts off sounding a bit like an REM track and then half way through it changes tack and turns into a set of TWO killer riffs that threaten to lift you off the ground and send you into the stratosphere. If you listen to this track and it fails to move you, call the funeral director because you are dead and beyond any normal human response
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on 14 December 2001
For me the jury is back with a majority verdict: This album is awesome! It's full of arresting vocals haunting melodies with an added dose of Belgian quirk. I think it's a shame that they're not better known but there we are. This album is just gorgeous.
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