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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 8 September 2001
This album along with emperors "in the nightside eclipse" and darkthrones "a blaze in the northern sky"is the finest example of the norwegian black metal.Howevere while both the other releases are good, they dont hold a candle to this masterpiece of extremity.From the begining of this release MayheMs and Euronymous's intentions are made clear with black metals signiture tune the chilling and intnensliy thrilling classic 'funeral fog', The release hits similar heights with 'buried in time and dust','pagan fears'and 'from the dark past'.Overall Euronymous maintains a chillin cold and bleak atmosphere with a trerrificly raw guitar tone and blur speed riffary,Hellhamers pounding and creative drumming is another highpoint of the album taking the albums intensity up to another level.Atillas vocals contrary to some reviewers thoughts are in my opinion very good however they never match the intensity of Deads gut ripping roars and tourtored screams.However the true musical and leading force of MayheM and the black metal sceane is euronymous whose brillance for creating furious and atomspheric riffing became the defyning character of the sceane and of this release this truly was both MayheMs and Euronymous's magnum opus
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on 18 April 2001
I know it's been said before but it's such a true statement, I'll have to say it again; "This is one of the best black metal albums ever". It is album of pure anger and insanity. On each song the riffs grind away to create some truly brilliant noises and when you add the speedy drumming and deathly vocals, youve got your self 8 tracks of black metal genious. Theres none of the over the top theatrics you find and the more recent black metal albums and although I love the the theatrical, spooky atmospherics on some of the newer black metal albums, it sure is good on this to just press play and be smacked in the face striaght away when "Funeral Fog" starts without any warning. I seriously doubt this album will evr be bettered, considering that Varg, who plays bass on this, is in jail for (if I've got my facts correct) the murder of Euronymous, who happens to play giutar on this.
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A quick summary:

De Mysteriis is a great metal album: nothing less, nothing more. It is not the greatest black metal album of all time. It has had no clear major impact on the music scene. If anything, it represents the peak of a certain period where every album from Norway sounded the same, but nothing more. Look past the idiocy that surrounded the album, the murder, arson and petty rivalries and you'll find a group of fairly competent musicians, crafting a mostly standard work. The guitar work is hardly impressive, but the riffs are good. That compliment aside, they are also very formulaic. Two or three riff structures overused over the course of eight songs. The drumming may be amazingly fast, and at times rather inventive, but his timing is horrible and the whole performance sounds sloppy. The bass, when audible, is sufficient, but only of note on one track. The vocals, courtesy of the bonkers Attilha Csihar, are utterly impenetrable, regardless of whether you're new to the scene or you have "Silvester Anfang" tattooed on your bum; he sings in a completely unique, bizarre fashion, and soon enough you'll get used to it, whether you like it or not. The album is not without flashes of brilliance (the explosive opening of "Life Eternal", all of "Freezing Moon"), though it can be hard to get through in one sitting. The length is fine. The production suits the music well. Drums like thunder, vocals reverberating throughout the heavens. The artwork is awful. And only two members are credited on an album with four players, one of whom is dead and another is in prison for murdering him. But I asked you to forget about that, didn't I?
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on 31 December 2000
I'm surprised this masterpeice has not been reviewed before. Many Black Metal purists claim this to be one of the best BM albums ever made. Its an album that epitomises the Norse BM scene with its haunting anger and the late great Euronymous's strange twisted guitar solos. Burzum man Varg Vikerness plays bass uncredited on this remarkable release, enhanced by the frightening growls of Atilla who only appears on this one album. Along with Darkthrone's 'A Blaze In The Northern Sky' this is an album you MUST own if you claim to be a fan of BM, its dark, evil and is one of the best Black Metal releases of all time.
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on 19 July 2001
Seminal Black Metal classic, which should not be missing from any fan's collection. This is to Black Metal what the Bible is to the Christian church.
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