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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2002
I have been into AC DC for 25 years and If You Want Blood has never been surpassed by any album - ever, for sweat, blood, guts, and raw energy. The energy as Riff Raff kicks off after the intro makes the hairs stand on end every time. Every track is a classic and different, from hard rock tracks like Riff Raff, Problem Child, Rosie, Boogie tracks like Bad Boy Boogie & High Voltage to Blues like the Jack. Cliff Williams' bass is pounding (it says enhanced from the vynal version) Phil Rudd & Malcolm Young are trade mark tight, Angus is - well I even play air guitar at 37 years old, and Bonn is his usual majestic self - he is the master at playing the audience. Put it in the car LOUD and the journey goes quicker. You simply must buy this album.
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on 25 September 2003
This captures early AC/DC perfectly and is one of the best live albums of all time. Bon Scott is on such great form throughout, and Angus Young just blows you away with the riffs and solos. Again, as with all the Bon Scott era albums, there is not a weak track on this album. You Could say The Jack, Problem Child, Whole Lotta Rosie, High Voltage and an epic redition of Let There Be Rock are the Highlights, but there are just no lowlights to compare them with. Right from the opening Riff Raff, the band just do not let up all the way through. Sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say, too good. And this is definetly one of these times.
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on 4 August 2003
If you play it loud enough you will be physically transported to a live AC/DC gig, I tried it and it worked. Shoulda got out of the bath first though :)
It must be at least 15 years since I last heard If you Want Blood.. and listening to it now reminds me why it once was, and has become once again, my favourite live album of all time. At the moment I am unable to think of any other that begins with a more thrilling live intro than the crowd frenzy leading up to the first song; Riff Raff introduces itself reasonably politely, before punching you right in the head.
The pace from there is set for the next few tracks, then the audience are chanting 'Angus Angus...' and I remember Rosie! Apparently there was a whole lotta her, and this is a whole lotta sweaty, sexy, headbanging rock music.
Though I love all the tracks here, the other high point for me has got to be Let There Be Rock; the history of rock music according to the late Bon Scott. A man who started a tour sounding like he had just finished one.
The legendary guitar performance of Angus Young, along with his brother Malcolm, bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Phil Rudd make old school AC/DC sound raw, sleezy and just so damned exciting!
A faultless classic rock album, having said that if I really had to find a fault it would have to be the CD single style cardboard sleeve. But don't let that put you off, this album...well it Rocks!
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on 21 October 2005
This album recorded in Glasgow (the home town of malcom and angus) back in 78 is perhaps the shining example of how rock and roll should be performed. With the greatest line up of the band the DC perform songs from powerage and the old faithfuls such as the jack, and high voltage. This was the first dc album I had and it changed my life. Its electric spectacular theres not a second on it which has been wasted. How i wish i was old enough to go and see them with bon ( I was two at the time). This album is at a ridiculously cheap price so go and get it. From the opening riff of riff-raff (sorry) to rocker the songs keep you in enraptured with the oral assult. Its not a whole unedited recording (they usually opened with Livewire during this time) but like Thin Lizzys Live and Dangerous it really does keep you going.
This is in the top five live albums of all time along side, live and dangerous, no sleep til hammersmith, live after death, and live in Japan.
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on 14 May 2004
In the world of computer-generated music, many rock fans are either too alienated or too removed to openly applaude the base energy submitted on this disc. As one reviewer points out above, this album must be played loud. Further, this album (I use the word unashamedly despite the fact I also have all the tracks on CD and mp3) must be played with utter disregard for neighbours, friends, partners and anyone else within a wide radius. These ten cuts, inflicted upon the listener, should be appreciated with innocence and naivety, in other words, in the manner in which they were originally delivered. If you already know AC/DC but not this album - buy it. If you have not experienced the band to date, I don't know why you're here but buy it anyway - there is no better introduction to the power age.
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on 25 November 2000
Listening to this album it is easy to believe that AC/DC gave off enough energy during a live show to power the town they were playing for the duration of the gig. This record crackles with raw energy and Bon, Angus and the boys whip up a storm with the ultimate live performance. The songs are tight and the guitar playing exciting. From the adrenalin building opener, 'Riff Raff', the band have the audience in the palms of their hands. This is as close as you can get to actually being at one of those early AC/DC gigs. Close your eyes and you are there, sweating in the stalls, as the intro to 'Whole Lotta Rosie' powers out. The impromptu audience chant of "Angus, Angus" over the opening riff has become a standard audience response to this song at every gig ever since.The album reaches a climax with a explosive version of 'Let There Be Rock' before 'Rocker' brings the house down. This is an absolutely essential live rock experience.
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on 1 April 2007
In my opinion at least. This album immediately leaps out of your speakers, strutts around your living room snarling for forty minutes then sets fire to it's guitar, smashes it to peices and says goodnight.

It was recorded three decades ago and it still has more balls than any live album recorded since.

Get it.
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on 14 July 2006
I've recently got back to AC/DC and really,I mean REALLY, live exciting rock music cannot get any better than this. How did we ever think that Brian Johnstone 'carried-on'? Play it Loud so the entire neigbourhood can see the light. I defy anyone who likes rock guitar not to 'play' along. If this doesn't make you grin with pure happiness and make your socks roll up and down then you are dead; and you have no socks! BUY SEVERAL.NOW!
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on 21 August 2006
I've just listened to this for the first time in ages, and I still think it's amazing. I had to good fortune to see the band play this live set twice on the Powerage tour, and was blown away by it - you would have been, literally, if you had got too close to the PA stacks. Loud, raw, unpretentious rock at it's best. Play it to your kids and get them away from junk you hear emanating from boy racer cars these days.
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on 19 November 2004
I have owned this album on vinyl since 1979 and have played it to death...I recently decided to invest in the CD - this is probably the best live heavy rock album ever recorded and will always take me back to my early teenage years every time I play it.....there's no flashy intro tapes,no messing around between songs, no fancy gadgets, just straightforward rock n' roll played at maximum volume. There are no filler tracks on this album either - every single song is a gem. If you like your rock music live, loud and proud, do yourself a huge favour and buy this album now. You will not be disappointed.
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