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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 July 2015
The recent fans of Mariah Carey should definitely check out her sophomore effort, the focused and flawlessly produced "Emotions" that came along in 1991. Commercially it did not match up to the eponymous debut with its four number-one songs, but it was not as scattered -- rather constructed with firm conviction and going for the best in Mariah. The weaker sales probably had to do with the fact that "Emotions" was released during the onset of grunge music and had the tough competition on the charts also in Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" or U2's best ever "Achtung Baby".
Already emphasizing Carey's trademark ballads, mostly produced by the inimitable Walter Afanasieff (notable highlight is "Can't Let Go"), it had its fair share of old school disco crossed with modern dancefloor in four tracks helmed by Clivilles and Cole (Sadly, David Cole later died of AIDS). Of these, "Emotions" and "Make It Happen" made it high to the charts, but "To Be Around You" was maybe the greatest fun ever had by Mariah on record. The great Carole King ("Tapestry") exactly filled Mariah's needs with the co-written "If It's Over". The record also includes the jazziest song ever recorded by Mariah, "The Wind", and the hauntingly beautiful "Till the End of Time".
Although commercially more successful, "Music Box" of 1993 only repeated the formula coined by "Emotions". Often showcasing the high notes she was also famed for, Mariah Carey nevertheless has much more to show here. This album offers some of the top vocal performances ever recorded ("Emotions" is probably the most difficult number one song ever sung) and is not to grow old soon.
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on 19 December 2014
Classic album packed with brilliant tracks!

1. Emotions 10/10
Lead single from the album, it's a classic song and just makes you happy listening to it

2. And You Don't Remember 9/10
The type of ballad you'd expect from Mariah, it's beautiful and touching

3. Can't Let Go 10/10
Amazing lyrics and vocals, this track deserves number 1!!

4. Make It Happen 10/10
Great lyrics put into a brilliant melody, timeless

5. If It's Over 10/10
A classic song including some of Mariah's best vocals ever

6. You're So Cold 10/10
Was considered to be the lead single but never actually got released, amazing track

7. So Blessed 9/10
Similar to And You Don't Remember, it's a very emotional and lovely song

8. To Be Around You 10/10
Fun and catchy, you just have to dance along to it!

9. Till The End Of Time 10/10
This song is mellow but beautiful. Mariah's vocals shine as always

10. The Wind 9/10
A nice closing track to the album with intriguing lyrics

In conclusion, this album deserves all the success it gained. If you haven't got this in your collection make sure to add it as soon as you can!
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on 17 May 2008
Arguably one of the best vocal albums of all time, the super up-beat title track `Emotions', could the vocals BE anymore stunning?, i mean she uses every technical vocal trick in the book, vibrato octave scales etc. `Can't Let Go', I've heard it a million times but it still makes me cry, it's such a beautiful yet at the same time powerful ballad, i also really enjoyed the dreamy `Till The End Of Time', again absolutely superb balladry from Carey, should of been a single,`If It's Over' this song was song co-written by Carol King, Mariah did an excellent job on this song vocally,`And You Don't Remember' yet more balladry, but still a brilliant song inclusive of Mariah's trademark octave vocals,`To Be Around You' a catchy up-beat song from the album, that you could play at a party, the vocals are great on this,`The Wind', a lot of people like this song, and can connect to it, as it deals with the fragile nature of death, i personally love this song because it just takes you to a different world, `Make It Happen' another up-beat song about realising your dreams, and the possibility that you could make them happen one day,`You're So Cold' really funky up-beat song, again incorporating those trademark high octave notes, and finally `So Blessed', a terrific ballad, unfortunately they don't write songs like this anymore, a real shame because i loved all the songs from this album so much, and I'll probably keep playing this album for the rest of my life, because i truly love all the work Carey has done over the years, it's simply timeless.
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on 10 August 2008
1. Emotions. 10/10
2. And You Don't Remeber. 9/10
3. Can't Let Go. 10/10
4. Make It Happen. 10/10
5. If It's Over. 10/10
6. You're So Cold. 10/10
7. So Blessed. 8/10
8. To Be Around You. 10/10
9. Till the End of Time. 10/10
10. The Wind. 9/10

Features more uptempo songs than her debut, thus making it better for my ears. Mariah is a phenomenal artist who has gone from strength to strength!
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on 5 January 2010
I gave her self titled debut 4 stars, because it had some brilliant songs but there were a couple of tracks I thought were a bit cheesy and didn't really like. I was expecting to have a similar opinion of her second album 'Emotions'. I was pleasantly suprised because I liked every track.

1. Emotions - Title track and lead single. Very catchy and uplifting track, vocals impressive as always. 9/10
2. And You Don't Remember - Slow ballad, reminds me of 'I Don't Wanna Cry' from the first album. Not as good as that, but still a great track. 8/10
3. Can't Let Go - Love this one, very well written and produced ballad. That whistle note sent shivers through my spine! 10/10
4. Make It Happen - A bit more uptempo and an uplifting message. I really like it, although it does go on a bit! 9/10
5. If It's Over - Absolutely brilliant. Probably the best song on the album. 10/10
6. You're So Cold - I actually like the intro more than the song itself, but still a good song. Can't help but feel its about Tommy Mottola, although they hadn't even got married yet! 8/10
7. So Blessed - Not really a stand out track, but a nice ballad. 7/10
8. To Be Around You - I didn't think much of this at first, but after a few listens I really like it. Could've been a single. 9/10
9. Til The End Of Time - This track is a darker and somewhat haunting song, but I love it! 9/10
10. The Wind - Wasn't expecting this, not the usual style for Mariah, but what a way to end the album. Its very soothing and relaxing. 10/10

Overall I was very impressed with this album. Its hard to decide on a favourite Mariah Carey album, because they all have different sounds, but this is up there with 'Music Box' and 'Daydream', which I havn't reviewed yet, but will get round to sooner or later. I guess you could argue that it sounds quite similar to the first album, but I think they did a better job this time round. Adding to the mix the songs 'If It's Over' and 'The Wind', make it a bit more varied because they sound very different to anything off the first album. The album has aged quite well, as I often forget i'm listening to something from 1991. Its just timeless and I feel this album is overlooked too often and deserves more recognition.
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on 12 May 2008
The wind is such a beautiful carefree track about somebody going to heaven/dying. Emotions is one of the greatest songs of all time!! Can't let go is such an amzing ballad!!
To Be around you sounds similar to emotions and is such a happy song that you can dance to!! Same goes for make it happen! And "Till The End Of time" is one of those rare beautiful songs that really does make you shed a tear. The greatest album ever. I'm proud to have it in my collection. Mariah is amazing.
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on 10 June 2015
This amazing album by Mariah Carey is the follow-up album to her self-titled debut album. Emotions is packed with vocal acrobatics that show a range and ability that not only distinguishes Mariah from her contemporaries but clearly defines her as one of the top talents of all time.

Whilst we enjoy hit songs we far too often neglect to enjoy albums in their full as an experience, a view on where the artist's abilities and storyline is at a fixed point in time, great albums are born when an songs comes together to create an experience. Emotions is a prime example of an album that takes you on a journey, a journey that stays with you and will want to share with friends. Emotions continues to be one of my personal favourites, this album is something special.
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on 8 November 2001
However Emotions is a step down from her amazing debut album, as they all are. Carey and Walter Team up well to co-write/produce ballad like Cant Let go, the best ballad on the album and one of the her best, and you dont remember, and so blessed, though she did team up better with Narada Micheal Walden who bought out her soul and passion better. However, still a good album, Emotions is very upbeat and one of the best pop vocal songs ever performed, Make it Happen an inspirational pop gospel track and finally the one where Carey opens up as an artist, The Wind, nothing pop about it, Carey attempts to sings the blue's and passes with flying colours, if you want to be inspired by one of the greatest voices of all time, then take a listen...
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on 15 February 2000
If you are a Mariah Carey fan then it is worth Buying this album sheerly due to the low price and to complete your collection.It is full of ballads- which are OK for easy listening.However track 1 ('Emotions') is an uptempo, early 90's classic. Additionally 'cant let go' (track 3) is one of Mariah's exceptionally beautiful ballads.Although If you are not one of Mariah Careys' fans then I wouldn't buy this album as a true indication of her quality as it is her earliest work.
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on 4 September 2012
My rating for the songs are:
Emotions 8/10
And you don't remember 8/10
Can't let go 7/10
Make it happen 8/10
If it's over 8/10
You're so cold 7/10
So blessed 6/10
To be around you 6/10
Till the end of time 6/10
The wind 6/10

I really like the album because I really like Mariah Carey voice and the emotions that it goes in the album and some of the music you feel you can dance to or sing along to.
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