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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 14 April 2006
Raw and aggressive, 'Blackout' is the sound of the Scorpions stripped down to their grinding, metallic hearts. While other of their albums may be more accomplished, none possess the pure hi-octane heavy metal that is ever-present here. Opening the gates, the title track hurtles out of your speakers and savages your ears like a rabid wolf and second track 'Can't Live Without You' drops the pace but increases the bass, pummelling you into delirious submission before they turn down the aggression while maintaining the energy on 'No One Like You'. A Scorpions classic in the midst of an album full of classics, the use of light and shade is hugely effective when the chorus comes thudding in. 'You Give Me All I Need' follows the same lyrical vein of love and sex, but its run-of-the-mill hard rocking is set alight by a brief but incendiary guitar solo from Rudolph. 'Now!' gets the album back up to the speed it first came at you, with some furious fretwork and a rhythm section running like a full-steam locomotive and long-standing live favourite 'Dynamite' has exactly what the title suggests - the capacity to blow your head off. Only on 'Arizona' do the band take a breather; everything about the track is more laid-back and the music is perfectly in tune with the lyrics, a sweet reminiscence of a particularly memorable lover.

If this album were a zoo, then 'China White' would be the elephant enclosure - a huge, pounding monster, it's undoubtedly the heaviest the Scorpions have ever sounded, with a wonderful, twisted guitar dominating the sound. It creates the perfect prelude to the melancholic cool-down of beautiful closing number, 'When the Smoke is Going Down'.

'Blackout' is a definitive album of early 80's heavy metal, an album that stood out when it was released and stands the test of time, still sounding remarkably fresh in today's metal landscape. Not just a Scorpions classic, this is a metal classic that deserves continued appreciation.
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on 6 May 2007
A really excellent Scorpions album. If you want a bit of quality heavy rock then this album would be a really worthwhile addition to your collection . Blistering & frantic from start to finish, with only the briefest of pauses along the way, there isn't a single disappointing track on this record. The album kicks off with the really energetic "Blackout" which pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album - some excellent guitar work & really enjoyable rock tunes.
I can't pick a duff track - "Can't Live Without You", "Now", "Dynamite" are amongst the pick of an outstanding crop. Well worth treating yourself to. Possibly,arguably, their finest work.
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VINE VOICEon 28 January 2008
Some feats of German engineering are so awesome that one can only gaze in wonderment and this album, fom 1982, is just such a beast. The Scorps, who had clumsily managed to lose not one but 2 highly-rated guitarists in their 10 year or so history (to 1982) in "mad" Micky Schenker and the enigmatic, mysterious and outright bonkers Uli Jon Roth, must have been written off by many at the start of the 1980's. Then this appeared, Kerrang! cover and all, and quite simply it's rock, rock, rock all the way. From opener "Blackout" to "Now" at the end of side 1 with just a brief pause on track 4 "You Give Me All I Need" for a breather, then kicking off again with "Dynamite", a wee diversion into less heavy territory with "Arizona" (about the only track I'm not entirely convinced about) to round off with "China White", an epic along the Kashmir-esque lines, all riffs, swirls and histrionics, and rounding things off nicely with the lighters-up "When The Smoke Is Going Down".
It's not a long album (only 2 tracks hang around for over 4 minutes and it barely manages 40 minutes in total) but that's part of its appeal - tease you then leave you wanting more, those naughty mullet-haired, pyramid-forming sexist German people!
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on 25 May 2008
from 79' to 84' the scorpions produced 4 albums that couldn't be touched with regards to superbly produced energetic punchy metal melody. blackout is perhaps the band's finest achievement of that period - the most "metal" of all scorpions releases. forget the scorpions that would regrettably lose their cool and be known as a "power ballads" band. this album has it all: top song-writing, fantastic arrangements and a delivery that just grabs you by the balls. lead player matthias jabs is on fire. singer klaus meine's vocals peaked on this record. he would never again reach this level of performance. the production from the legendary dieter dierks (the 5th scorpion) is tight and crisp. i've never heard a better "metal sound". it's little wonder that the scorpions during this period would inspire future metal acts like guns n roses and ratt.

unsurprisingly their are many scorpions classics on this record - title track blackout, can't live without you, dynamite etc etc. as others here have said the ultra heavy "china white" is a metal gem. "arizona" is a personal favourite.

the clarity of this digital remaster is something to behold finally letting this classic work be heard as it should be. an essential record for anybody into metal and hard rock.
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Any Scorpions fan will see this album for what it is - BRILLIANT! This was the first Scorpions album I heard back in the early 80's and still remains my favourite of the Schenker/Meine duo. If any real rockers don't like this then I'm afraid your brain dead! My favourite track has to be CHINA WHITE. It reminds me a bit of early Sabbath - but hey being compared to the MASTERS OF REALTY can't be bad!
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on 12 May 2003
Fast, fun, frivolous. Corny, catchy, classic.
This is music to lift your mood. It's old enough that the corniness of the lyrics just raises a smile rather than causing embarrasment. The music is exciting and exhilarating. The Scorpions are a band who are good at disguising how good they are: brilliant playing and song structuring are hidden behind their catchy, hooky numbers.
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on 24 July 2010
Fantastic powerful album, so hard to blieve that Klaus was having voice problems. Blackout is a thundering powerful studio anthem which kicks of the album nicely. Can't Live Without You is another powerful song with great guitar work and vocals. Dynamite packs a punch showing the great vocal range and the guitar tallent of Matthias Jabs and Rodulf Schenker. China White has a very heavy riff and Klaus' voice has great power on this track. The lyrics are quite and dark and doom laden, great song writing by the band. The ballads You Give Me All I Need and When the Smoke is Going down show the Scorpions tallent of being able to go from dark and heavy to gentle and meaningful fab songs. No One Like you is a fantastic track the guitar work and vocals are of a very high quality.
All in all a great album well worth buying if you are a Scorpions fan or a rock fan !
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on 18 September 2015
Following on from Animal Magnetism I seem to recall that the band had experienced some problems prior to this recording. Singer Klaus Meine had throat problems and I recall the press at the time suggesting he might not be able to sing anymore. Thankfully he recovered, and we should be grateful as the Scorpions delivered a very fine record indeed.

The album kicks off with the title track, an account of drinking just a bit too much, based on a Rudolf Schenker night out if memory serves. It's quite magnificent. Can't Live Without You follows, a track that is just as magnificent. I seem to recall this being a great live workout for the band. You don't think it can get any better after this opening salvo, but it does with No One Like You. Some stand out, almost Bonhamesque drumming from the superb Herman Rarebell on the drums on this one. You Give Me All I Need and this one too is utterly brilliant. How can they deliver such quality? The next track Now, only slightly drops in quality before we are hit again by Dynamite. The title of this one says it all. Arizona follows, and is perhaps the only slight disappointment. China White and When the Smoke is Going down ensure that this album can be called a bona fida classic. The song writing is top notch, and the band are on fire. A must buy.
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on 10 May 2010
One of my favorites of my youth and rediscovered in my giant vinyl-collection. But I wanted it on CD.
I had problems finding this item here in Belgium but Amazon helped me out! Thanks. To me it's the best Scorpions album ever. Sharp, hard, intelligent and a bright 'sound'. It's especially the clear but heavy sound of the guitars that hypnotises me.
'Arizona' is an incredible track to freak out with headphones.
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on 6 October 2012
Possibly the best Scorpions album ever. 9 tracks and no fillers, just killers. Ballads, rockers, heavy metal : nothing but a GREAT record
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