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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2009
Adrenalize was made around a time of un-rest for Def Leppard, as guitarist Steve Clark died shortly before the album was released. However, after the success of "Hysteria", this new generation of Def Leppard fans, contrasted to the hard rock fans of the group during the late 1970's and early 1980s, wanted more the same, in terms of the music style of "Hysteria". Adrenalize offers just this, with the harmonised vocals and perfected solos but doesn't quite offer a "second Hysteria".
The tracks that stand out on Disc One of the CD are definitely "White Lightning" (a tribute to the late Steve Clark) and "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad" (a powerful rock ballad). White Lightning focuses on Steve's Clark's addiction to alcohol, hence the title, and has a very smooth guitar solo. The track however maybe a little too long, it is the longest track on Disk One, but it does capture the intensity of Steve's addiction and the band's attempts to help him, within the lyrics and overall sound of the song, the introduction being very tense.
Weaker tracks such as "Personal Property" and "Make Love Like a Man" make you want to hear the sounds of the "Hysteria" album, but overall, the album itself proves Def Leppard still had what it takes to make a brilliant rock album.
"I Wanna Touch You", it could be argued is a second attempt to include a song much like "Pour Some Sugar On Me", but it doesn't quite have the same effect, but it's still a good rock song.
"Let's Get Rocked", a up-tempo rock song, is placed well at the start of the album, giving it the "kick start" it needs, as this is Def Leppard we are talking about, big ballads and rock songs were what they were all about during this period of their career.
The last track on Disk One, "Tear it Down" is a re-recorded version of the earlier "Animal" B - Side Single (U.K Release), the track is more grainy than the earlier version, in the sense Jo Elliot's vocals are less "edited", an idea introduced by Mutt Lange during their "Pyromania" Album, which broke the band into the U.S. The track is refreshing, perhaps suggesting that so much "editing" isn't necessary regarding Elliot's vocals, and this would reduce considerably in their music style after Adrenalize.
Disk Two really proves that Def Leppard were still at the top of their game after the "Hysteria" era, the first four tracks being recorded live in Germany in 1992 (the year of the release of Adrenalize), the first three tracks being "Hysteria", "Photograph", "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and "Lets Get Rocked". Elliot's vocals are near perfect, and the music is even better, the credit to the guitar solo's will definitely go to Phill Collen, as his "technical" style of playing comes out on top. The sound of these live tracks is very good quality, and will have any Def Leppard fan clapping along with the audience.
The rest of Disk Two is a collection of B- Sides and Demo's, showing some diversity in Def Leppard's musical style, and the fourth coming change that would occur during the 90's, with songs such as "Two Step's Behind" and "Tonight (Acoustic Version)". Both songs offer a slower tempo and a relaxing atmosphere when listening to the songs, as opposed to "I Wanna Touch You" and "Let's Get Rocked" on Disk One.
Overall, this album is a must have for any Def Leppard fan, as it includes some major hits, performed live, giving the listener a refreshing approach to the widely heard studio recordings, and, it proves that Def Leppard could still make great music, even after the tragedy of Steve Clark's death in 1991.
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on 2 June 2012
There are a few gems on here. 'White Lightning', a haunting tribute to Steamin' Steve Maynard Clarke ; 'Stand up ...', will float in your mind all day ; the ballad 'Have you ever needed someone so bad ?' etc.

A few fillers, but still a good buy.
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on 31 May 2009
Adrenalize has good songs throughout, Joe's unmistakable vocal prowess, plenty of 'cheesey' rock ideas as well some more mature ones, excellent production and beautiful Phil Collen's guitar to boot. It's a perfect summer rock album in so many ways. And then there's Phil's fabulous guitar sound/playing/riffing/soloing. Did I mention that?! He never does a 'Yngwie' in terms of speedy playing but his choice of notes is fantastic and he makes the listener think that what he's doing is easy. Might sound that way, but it certainly isn't. Most importantly it SOUNDS great! This album always sounds fresh whenever I put it on - and, like I said, it will take away your day. I'm feeling better already!
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on 1 September 2014
Following on from the release of Hysteria, this album is very good and very underrated.The top tracks for me are Heaven is,Have you ever needed someone so bad.A good album in it's own right.BUY IT
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on 13 August 2014
Compared to what came before it is truly shocking. The songs lack real click, its all smoke and mirrors here.
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on 26 October 2010
This is crystal clear sounding musicianship. 1O beautiful songs, one of the strongest Leppard albums.
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on 11 February 2016
Brilliant. They don't make music like this anymore and I blame the likes of X factor
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on 21 January 2017
I've been listening to this album on loop right now!
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on 15 November 2014
One of the best Brit metal albums from the 90s!
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on 5 November 2016
A great, highly recommended purchase😄👌🏽👍
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