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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 21 June 2000
I agree with the other review strongly. This album is different to the rest but Satriani has explored many different genres already. The latest album 'Engines of Creation' is done using samples and electronic drum loops. It is very different to the traditional live Satriani sound but grows on you.
This record shows the funky side of Satriani with Manu Katche on drums providing a great groove and some delightful off-beat rhythms. From a drummer's point of view this is the best Satriani album but also if you like Satriani or a funky/jazzy touch, this is a must.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 September 2010
Joe with a band, eh? Whilst Chickenfoot is fun enough, this is much better, with no stupid vocals here (except on deliberately nuts "Look My Way"). Just lots of high class music here, starting and ending in great style and what`s inbetween is fantastic; I probably listen to this more than any other Joe solo record (of course I`m not counting "Surfing With The Alien" here!!! That`s at least six stars out of five). You get a very different style of Satch here, much more rhythm, and a lot more blues than we had heard before. I reckon this album gets better and better with time though. "Cool #9" opens things up, and is possibly Joe`s finest`s got everything, slow, bluesy, funky start, whammy pedal both up and down an octave, artifical harmonics, crazy speed, wow...I love it, and it normally gets a repeat listen immediately and hearing it live might just be my favourite concert moment. A few other highlights for me are "Home", which is something like the vibe repeated on the "Professor Satchafunkilus..." album, on "Out Of The Sunrise". "Moroccan Sunset" is dark, and recreates some of the feel from side two of "Flying In A Blue Dream", or maybe would be perfectly ok slotted onto side two of "Surfing...". "Killer Bee Bop" is out of control, "Slow Down Blues" brings it right back to front porch somewhere in the deep south, with acoustic building up to proper electric blues. I love "You're My World", which has a sublime break in the middle, and things are wrapped up with "Sittin' Around", another gem in an album full of career highlights. Maybe there isn`t the sort of wizardry that people expected here, but I don`t think Joe has written better music than this. For the price amazon are selling this at, you should buy three and treat some of your family or friends too!
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on 13 November 2013
This is an album I some how missed , I have most of his others. But it has to be said that its one I'm glad that I now own . As usual great playing & some really soulful bluesy riffs to boot . Recommended.
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on 6 January 2001
Ok, so Joe isn't exactly blazing away on this record, but what he does is with such an intense feeling not captured on any of his other albums. Just listen to Down, down, down. You can feel he's down alright.
Secondly, the faster tracks or much more groovy because he is actually playing with a whole band this time (including a second rythm guitar player).
I agree that the bluesy numbers could have been left out (not that they are bad), but don't keep that away from buying this album.
I'm a huge fan and this is the record I've been listening most to the past year. Absolutely groovy! I actually got a bit disappointed with 'Crystal Planet' after listening to this for a long time (I know I should not have said that...), but I still love his earlier records.
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on 4 November 1999
An unusual CD, very different to his other stuff. Kinda "jazzy" but accessible rocky stuff. Maybe the presence of Andy Fairweather-Lowe seems to tone down Joe's style and Joe explores areas of "guitar world" that he's not ventured into before. "Cool # 9" is, without doubt" THE coolest thing I have ever heard and sets the scene for the rest of the record. Who could forget "Luminous Flesh Giants" and "If" ? Try it, you'll love it !
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on 20 March 2006
I like this album for many of the reasons that many other JS fans don't. It's slower paced, less focussed and sounds like Joe and a bunch of like minded friends got together for an extended jamming session, and as a result it has the warmth that some people feel is missing from his other albums. He's not trying to 'push the envelope' on sound or technique, but shows that Joe can play with a band rather than leading it.
Don't be put off by the those who say you've got to be a guitarist to appreciate JS, sure, there's stunning technique, but it's used to produce MUSIC, and I'm one of those that doesn't really care *how* he does it but I love the results. Buy this and buy the 3 disc boxed set, you won't be disappointed.
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on 17 September 2013
I used to only like a few songs on this one but now, years later, I appreciate it more as a whole. Yet I do feel that some songs are kind of less good than the best Satriani songs. What do I feel are some of the best Satriani songs then? Well, for instance The mighty turtle head, Flying in a blue dream, Back to Shalla-bal, War and The souls of distortion. Those are just a few examples. And a song like S.M.F. is not one of them. I mean it's fairly unremarkable. Slow down blues is cool but hasn't it basically been done before a million times by a million people? Can you really say that it's an original Satriani song or is it more him playing around with a standard blues sound? It's more like stock blues with a Satriani tinge to it. Sittin' 'round is a cool, dreamy recording but here as well, I feel it's a bit too much him writing a blues song for me to call it great Satriani.

Most of the other ones are truly great to me. The dark Down, down, down is one of his best songs and it also contains a golden oldie in the shape of Cool #9. There's the gutsy and intriguing Luminous flesh giants, the beautiful You're my world and the frenzied Killer bee bop which is reminiscent of Time machine's Dweller on the threshold. The forceful If is also great just like the dreamy Moroccan sunset which has an ending which really puts vivid imagery in my mind. Look my way is fun and Home is simple and effective.

So there's lots of greatness on it but I do feel there are a few weaker moments on it as well.
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on 17 April 2015
I won't lie I'm not a major fan of these types of extreme shredder type guitarists as I like all other instruments to play a major part in a band.
Sometimes they're like backing tracks at they're most basic just to make the guitarist stand out.
But this album seems like everyone's involved. And blues is close to my heart as its the bedrock of all rock/ metal/ funk/soul and jazz no matter what any know it all says.
Definitely grows on u. Enjoy
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on 19 June 2002
this is a slight change in style for satch and for his fans.this album seems much more blues based. there is however the satch "feel" to the has been performed a great number of times live e.g G3-live in concert.this is the opening song and sets the mood for the album. the mood is mellow and as the song "slow down blues" suggets it is a laid back album.for all u dedicated satriani fans out there who want to chill with satch then this album is the one for you."killer bee bop" is unusuall for satch to say the least. he experiments with the guiar alot finding new and strange, what can only be described as, noices.there is of course the usuall satch legato runs and extreme use of both whammy bar and waa-waa pedal.bass guitar is very prominent in this album and nathan east(bass guitarist)certainly has his hands full.if u want somthing new from satch or you are a bluesy person pick this album up and take it home because you dont no what you are missing.
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on 5 October 2010
This is undoubtedly one of his best LP's ever, it must be in his top 5! Curiously it is one of the less talked about in forums or reviews of albums for purposes of comparison. I wish Joe had returned to this school of guitar writing in his albums Strange beautiful music, Is there love in space, and Super Colossal. The last one was a bit of a disappointment considering the top quality of his earlier albums.
I hope Joe will somehow carry on this style of writing in his next albums. Moreover, given the atmospheric and stereophonic high quality of the recording of this album (which he did not equal in the 3 albums mentioned above), this album deserves 6 stars!
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