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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 8 February 2002
By 1977 Elvis was a lazy, fat has-been, he sat brooding in Graceland eating cheeseburgers and counting his gold records, he had'nt made a good song in years, forgot the words on stage and occasionally played in Vegas.....DONT BELIEVE IT
Elvis was a machine in the mid-late 70s, his recordings at Stax studios and in the Jungle room are sensational.
His albums were more country flovoured and hit the top of the country charts at least six times between 74 and 77.
His two shows in the Houston Astrodome in 74 drew 90,000 in one dayand in December 76 his new years eve show broke the world indoor attendance record
with 62,500 fans and another record in takings for a single performer in one night with almost $900,000 for the King's pocket.
His last studion album, Moody Blue hit #3 in America, Britain and Australia eventually selling 14 million world wide, but its Elvis in Concert that will stand as his final work.
This is a great album that was part of the 1977 CBS TV special Elvis in concert. When Evis died the show was rushed out, and was criminally put together. The raw footage of the two concerts shows a differnt story; there is still pleny scope for a good DVD of the shows. The first concert in Omaha was not one of his best, but two days later in Rapid City El was back on top form.
The album hit #5 in America and has sold close to 5 million copies......and it is excellent!
The opening CC Rider rocks and moves into a tremedous version of Elvis first hit Thats Alright Mama. Elvis is on guitar here and on the following song Are You Lonesome Tonight.
This version of Are You Lonesome Tonight has been picked on by critics as a sign of his failings.....I love this version, Elvis messes up the spoken part, which he ofeten done with this songs all through his career. He keeps in perfect time with the tune 'and im standing there without any hair, and if you wont come back to me, ah the heck with it!, tell me dear.......'
This is not just funny to listen to, but fun as Elvis laughs, ad-libs, messes up and all in good humour...the way all of his concerts were.
Some of the performances on this CD are career highlights. How Great Thou Art is stunning, My Way eclipses Sinatra's, Trying To Get To You is a lesson in voice acrobatics and sheer power and breathtaking in delivery.....whilst Hurt must have been heard in the next state as he gigs deep 'I'm huuuuuuuuuuuuuurt!'
Songs like the Hawaiian Wedding songs are lesser performed, but is breathtakingly done and is just captivating; listen to how he intoduces the song 'one of the most requested songs from Blue Hawaii is the Hawaiian Wedding Song, the film was so real it took me two years to realise it was just a movie, I thought I was married to the chick'
You Gave Me A Mountain is once again a higlight, as is a long I Got A Woman that really moves, listen for JD Sumners 'dive bomber' ending.
Its Now Or Never is given the Italian treatment by Shaun Niellson, one of Elvis backing singers. He sings the opening verse really high as Elvis exclaims 'Smart alec!' then 'good grief man!' as he hits some wierd notes before El steps in to take over.
Teddy Bear and Dont Be Cruel are thrown away, the footage reveals Elvis interacting with the crowd, kissing and throwing scarves. The same applies to Hound Dog as he scats throughout and again the footage reaveals the King having fun and gyrating like a mad-man at the end of the song.
Jailhouse Rock is too fast and high pitched whlist the versions of Whatd I Say and Johnny B Goode were used to introduce band members, not as part of the set.
Elvis between song comments are really funny 'hello im Wayne Newton' and calling Olivia Newton John's song 'If You Love Me Let Me Know, If You Dont Move It' great stuff.
In 1977 Elvis played to 400,000 people in 55 concerts between Feb 12th and June 26th. He was drawing huge crowds whilst still playing smaller auditoriums. His two Chicago concerts in May drew 40,000 fans and $500,000 in takings, he was the King of the road and rightfully was named the top touring act of America in 77, out selling top acts like Led Zeppelin, Yes, Frampton, Pink Floyd, Kiss and Fleetwood Mac......more amazing that he only made it half-way through and still outsold the top music acts of the day.
At least one more tour was planned with 12 days touring from Portland to New York and Home for two shows in Memphis....Sadly Elvis died the day before the tour was to start.
This is a great CD, and it is sad that BMG/RCA refuse to re-master it, and that EPE wont release any of the concert footage.
This is the final legacy of the greatest recording artist, live performer, entertainer and most charasmatic star the world has ever known and will never see the likes of again!
The King was taken too soon, and he is sadly missed.....Thank you Elvis! TCB
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on 25 December 2000
When Elvis was recorded by CBS in June 77 for a TV special, no one would have dreamed that this would be his last tour.
Two concerts, in Rapid City, and Omaha were recorded; but when Elvis died two months later, the special was not complete and somebody again made money by exploiting the footage into a cheap, short TV show.
The truth of the matter is that Elvis was on great form, and one listen to this CD will easily prove this.
Dont beleive the rubbish that he forgot songs, and was incoherent; sure he goofed Are You Lonesome Tonight, but what singer has never made a mistake on stage.
Elvis in Concert opens with a rip roaring See See Rider, followed by I Got a Woman. But this is just the start; terrific renditions of Thats Alright, Fairytale, Little Sister and And I Love You So follow. But the highlights are My Way, which surpasses his Aloha 73 version and is more than equal of Sinatra's. Hurt is unbelievable and leaves the studio version far behind, as does an awe inspiring How Great Thou Art, which is more powerful than the album version from 66; and again surpasses the Grammy Award winning rendition from Memphis in March 74.
I dont think that anyone will be disapointed by this CD; altough I would urge RCA to remaster this much like the way Thats The Way It Is was done. I'm positive that it would be a big seller; e.g. promoted as the final tour or last recordings coupled with Moody Blue.
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on 27 October 2003
After hearing about the TV special after Elvis's death, I thought this was one CD to avoid but a friend persuaded me otherwise, and they were right. This is really good.
For a man with 6 weeks or so to live he sounds enthused, interested and alert (although I'm sure some tweaking went on in the studio). This is from a man who, if the books are right, was strung out on "prescription medication" 24 hours a day.
There is a good variety of songs including Fairytale, What'd I Say and a rare live Little Sister (one of my favourites). The TCB band are also on good form. He forgets the words to some songs but who wouldn't after recording so many songs.
This is actually better than some of the FTD releases which seem to be repetitive and scraping the bottom of the barrel.
The snippets from the fans are worth a listen and the comments from his father show a man heartbroken by his son's death and would bring tears to a glass eye.
I would recommend this highly.
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on 25 August 2000
If anything, this album proves that Elvis Presley never lost his genius whatever his critics say. He was dangerously overweight and barely recognizable when he recorded this final live album but when he could be bothered Elvis still knew how to bring a crowd to its feet. There are tracks that are embarrassing ('Are You Lonesome Tonight')and those that are very weak ('See See Rider') but just when you think the album is going to be a sad stream of worn out nostalgia Elvis pulls off renditions of 'That's Alright', 'Hound Dog', 'My Way' and 'And I Love You So' that are as strong as anything he'd done. For the Elvis fan this CD is essential. It deserves its place in any collection as a tribute to a genius who knew his time was up and had one last chance to deliver.
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on 14 September 2004
There has been alot of criticism of Elvis in his later career. I do not aggree with this. This album shows that Elvis still had it, even if a little rough around the edges. Some songs are not up to his usual standard, especially the old songs. Then listen to How Great Thou Art. This proves that even at this stage in his career he could deliver the goods. We have come to expect, and in most cases get, perfection from Elvis.
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on 11 May 2004
For me this is proof positive that the KING was the greatest right up to the very end... Great versions of AND I LOVE YOU SO(arguably better than the studio version), HOW GREAT THOU ART, FAIRYTALE etc... Only gripe - why does it not contain the magnificent version of UNCHAINED MELODY that was also in the tv special? Oh well.. you can't win 'em all!!
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on 25 August 2010
This is the concert that stuck in people's minds, and for a long time was the lasting image of the King - that of an overweight Elvis Presley bowing out of the concert arena in June 1977 almost for the final time. Just seven weeks later he would be dead.

This album was mixed from live concerts performed on 19th and 21st June 1977 . Most of the tracks were lifted from the Rapid City show on 21st, with Elvis trying his best. And his best may not be that of his yesteryear, but the voice is unmistakably richer and more powerful than ever before. The CBS cameras were also there, for the very last time, to film these concerts for a TV special shown posthumously in October of that year.

Elvis sounds quite nervous and older than his 42 years here, due mainly to fatigue and health related issues. But what comes across is his adoration of his fans, his obsessive eagerness to thrill an audience, and of course the Presley magic. You get to hear old favourites, rock'n'roll, ballads, country, and gospel, most of which are performed brilliantly. It is only when he talks that you suspect that not all is well.

The entire album is great but standout tracks here are CC Rider, Hurt, How Great Thou Art, Fairytale, My Way, a superb Tryin' To Get To You, and an equally fantastic I Really Don't Want To Know. The oft-misunderstood playful version of Are You Lonesome Tonight is also here, along with a turbo-charged '70s version of Hound Dog. The sound could be better but at least this historic live stereo recording of one the final performances of the greatest superstar the world has ever seen is forever preserved.

This is not necessarily Elvis at his very best, but taking into consideration his pain and ill health which led to his premature death seven weeks later, this is a remarkable effort to say the least. He really put everything he had into these shows.

Long Live The King.
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on 28 December 2005
Some say Elvis' later years were shameful, and clouded with poor performances and a failing reputation. They say his voice was faded and he was so off his head with precription drugs that it was embarassing to watch him sing.
To be honest, thats aload of rubbish. This CD proves that even when he was nearing the end of his sad and lonely life, the King still had enough power in his voice to outdo most modern muscians today. Hell could you imagine Eminem trying to do How Great Thou Art? or Metallica trying to sing 'Hurt'?. Elvis had talent, alot of it, his voice is one of the powerfulest i've heard and even when his health was failing, its still a briliant thing to hear.
Though most of his rock'n'roll songs are under performance, i think its not because he was ill, its just because he couldn't be bothered with them. Rock'N'Roll wasn't the focus of his career in the 70's, and also, he had done this songs in almost every concert. It wouldnt be suprising if he just wanted to get them over and done with and save what he had left of his voice for the ballads and gospil.
All in all, i think alot of material on this cd is better than many recordings- and it depicts the King in his final era. Maybe one day he wont be remembered by most for dying on a toilet, but for the talent he posessed as a singer.
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on 4 June 2001
This CD is a special one. If you are a beginning Elvis fan, then you'd better not buy this CD. You should buy his Aloha from Hawaii Special or the Comeback Special from '68 if you want a good live recording. If you are a Elvis fan for a longer period of time, then you should buy this CD! This CD has some bad songs, like Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock and the Teddybear/Don't Be Cruel medley. These oldies were sung in a uninspired mood. On the other hand, we have the songs which had a meaning for Elvis. Think about My Way (although he needs to use a piece of paper because he doesn't know the words), How Great Thou Art, It's Now Or Never or And I Love You So. Songs like That's Allright, You Gave Me A Mountain and Hawaiian Wedding Song are good as well, although he sounds a bit tired. The band introduction songs are nice (Johnny B.Goode, What i'd Say, I Really Don't Want To Know...) although i think they are far too short to be really enjoyable. For the die hard Elvis fan this is a must have, because it gives a good impression of how Elvis was on stage in 1977. Downpoint is that the recording is not always really good. Like in See See Rider, you can't hear Elvis really clearly. But one should forget the downpoints and should listen to the good songs of this album! If you do that, then it's an enjoyable album anyway.
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on 18 October 2012
no matter where you go in the world its my guess you will hear elvis presley im 76yrs of age and i still blast his songs out love me tender suspicious minds he is the king and no-one can comper with him for his music and songs
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