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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 February 2010
Her last two albums contained so much vocal acrobatics, its hard to imagine how she could top them. I guess the key to the success of this album was restraint. It's not that she doesn't use her vocals to their potential, but she holds back until they are really required, and when they come, they come like you've never heard before. I'm not talking about whistle notes, they aren't as overly present here as before, but I mean the intensity and perfection of her melisma, rifts, octave changes, and incredibly beautiful tone. Her voice sounds so smooth and angelic, its unbelieveable. She sounded great before, but in two years, you can notice a slight change in her tone that makes her voice sound so soothing and relaxing. I am more familiar with this than any other album of hers so I may be a bit biased, but here's the details:

1. Dreamlover - One of her most famous songs, very catchy, simple, yet very effective vocally. She manages to make a difficult and complex vocal style sound so simple and easy to sing along to, but if you attempt it, you will not conquer it! 9/10
2. Hero - Probably the first song most people associate with Mariah, her signature song. This is how it was originally sang, not quite the same as now. Her velvety vocals of this era come across perfectly here, every note is silky smooth, the climax is nothing short of goosebump material, and the lyrics simple, yet so uplifting and inspirational. 10/10
3. Anytime You Need A Friend - The theme of self-belief continues here into a gospel inspired anthem, which I feel should've been a bigger hit than it was. It slowly builds into one of the most stunning vocal pieces i've ever heard. 10/10
4. Music Box - Just when you thought vocal heaven was over, Mariah provides one of her most emotional and soothing performances ever. The meaning of the song is deep and can be applied to many people's situations. 10/10
5. Now That I Know - A necessary break from the slow tempo created by the last few tracks, this is a more upbeat, dancy song. This song does exactly what it says on the tin, nothing more. It serves its purpose as a light hearted break from the serious ballads. 7/10
6. Never Forget You - Sounds cheesy at first, but as you get into it, it becomes very addictive. 8/10
7. Without You - Cover of a song originally by Badfinger, but made famous by Harry Nielson. Mariah truly makes it her own by singing it in her own octave shifting way. Her range during this performance is incredible, as is her ability to sustain a note for so long at the end. 9/10
8. Just To Hold You Once Again - She starts of singing softly, but it builds to a big climax involving lots of belting. Sounds like a typical Mariah song, but its actually a well written, meaningful song that many people could relate to. 8/10
9. I've Been Thinking About You - Serves the simple purpose of lightening the tone after all the big ballads. Its not bad, but not that good either. Just a simple poppy tune, to keep the A&Rs happy. Not particularly memorable. 6/10
10. All I've Ever Wanted - Another ballad, but any real Mariah fan sees that as a good thing, as this is where she sounds best. Her voice will guarantee goosebumps here. 9/10
11. Everything Fades Away - Although this is a bonus track for the UK, I will always see this as part of the album. I feel sorry for those in the US who do not have this on their version. This is my favourite track because it is a dark, haunting, but soothing end to a positive but somewhat unrealistic view of life and love throughout the album. This song deserves more recognition, as it is possibly one of the best songs she has ever written. 11/10

This album is her best selling album to date, and I can see why. Not only does it contain her most famous singles including 'Hero' and other big ballads, which although admittedly a bit overblown, she carries them off so naturally, it sounds like that was what she was born to do. The vocal arrangements are so well executed that no matter how schmaltzy or sugary a song may sound, it doesn't matter because you are so focused on Mariah's incredible vocal skills and songwriting talent.
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on 21 June 2008
`Music Box' was Mariah Carey's 3rd album, it was the last album of Carey's that did not include a single collaboration or guest, as well as being one of the biggest selling albums in music history, the only reason for this could be the 3 chart toping singles it produced, including the killer record breaking ballad `Hero', what also sold this album was the fact it had universal appeal, meaning you wouldn't have to be a huge Mariah Carey fan to own it, as you could appreciate it for it's more mainstream `pop' sound.

The quality of the material on this album is excellent, but if I had to choose, my personal favourites would have to be the very gospel inspired `Anytime You Need A Friend', a theme or genre that Carey would later use again on songs such as `Fly Like A Bird' from 2005's `The Emancipation Of Mimi`, `Without You', the sultry and soothing `Music Box', `Just To Hold You Once Again' and `All I've Ever Wanted`.

Overall i really could not fault a single song on here, they all have nice melody's and fantastic hooks, the ballads are true ballads with amazing vocals, same goes for the more upbeat songs, in my opinion the whole album could have been made into singles, and you really can't make that statement about many albums, although i think this album has slightly too much of the commercial 'pop' mainstream factor rather than depth, it's still a real pleasure too listen to time and time again.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 January 2016
key tracks..
music box
all i ever wanted
everything fades away
just to hold you once again

its hard to remember a time when mariah carey was all about the songs, and the voice. as she moved into slick r 'n' b, she left something behind which we have never seen since.

this is THE definitive mariah cd. the voice is strong, clear and not to over souped. the songs are simple, with great melodies that mariah handles with precision and ease. the opener 'dreamlover' is quite catchy, but weak and the alarm bells sound as you expect just another pretty pop album. but then 'hero' comes along and your really start to listen. with nobody to rival her vocal range, she has the edge on whitney and celine, and uses it to good effect. the blistering ballads 'music box' 'all i ever wanted' and 'just to hold you once again' put mariah at the top of her game. even the urban dance tracks with clivilles and cole sound hip, without smacking of desperation.

the album ends with the bonus track 'everything fades away' which is a stunning, gospel tinged lament. and with an album this good, and mariah at the peak of her career, its hard not to feel like the song was an omen...
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on 19 December 2014
This album is a classic and is one of the best albums of all time! Definitely add it to your collection if you haven't already.

1. Dreamlover 10/10
The lead single from Music Box. It's light, fun and airy. As soon as you hear it you'll fall in love!

2. Hero 10/10
A classic hit, one of Mariah's most beautiful and personal songs EVER

3. Anytime You Need A Friend 10/10
Another great single that stands out on the album. It's memorable and you'll keep coming back to listen to it

4. Music Box 9/10
This includes a minimalistic style and explores vocal techniques Mariah hadn't tried before. One of the most experimental and delicate songs on the album

5. Now That I Know 10/10
Now That I Know grabs your attention from the word go. It's an amazing song and you just want more and more of it!

6. Never Forget You 10/10
Classic Mariah ballad that we all love, brilliant!!

7. Without You 10/10
One of the album's many highlights. It's a beautiful cover that you'll fall in love with

8. Just To Hold You Once Again 10/10
Not many instruments are used on this track to emphasise emotion and her stunning voice. It works well on the album and is a great song

9. I've Been Thinking About You 10/10
Similar to Now That I Know, this track screams fun right from the beginning and makes you want to sing along

10. All I Ever Wanted 9/10
It didn't instantly stand out to me but it's grown on me to become an amazing single

11. Everything Fades Away 10/10
A song which sounds different to Mariah's usual styles but works as a brilliant outro to the album

If you're thinking of buying a classic Mariah album, this could be the one!
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on 10 August 2008
1. Dreamlover. 10/10
2. Hero. 10/10
3. Anytime You Need a Friend. 10/10
4. Music Box. 9/10
5. Now That I Know. 10/10
6. Never Forget You. 9/10
7. Without You. 9/10
8. Just To Hold You Once Again. 8/10
9. I've Been Thinking About You. 10/10
10. All I've Ever Wanted. 9/10
11. Everything Fades Away. 10/10

This is a album by Mariah, which shows her focusing more on ballads than uptempo pieces. From the beautifulness of "Dreamlover" and "Hero" to the sweetness of "Music Box", this is an unforgettable album!
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on 20 April 2016
This is easily the best album from Mariah Carey. All the songs are really good. I remember the tracks like yesterday. Some of the songs takes me back to my university days. I am buying the album right now. It is a pity artists don't produce this kind of music anymore. Brilliant album.
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on 3 July 2005
The biggest commercial success of Mariah Carey's career came with her 4th release, Music Box, which easily remains one of her best albums to date. Carey is able to combine her five-octave range superbly with her polished masterpieces on this album. Generating platinum #1 singles such as the fluid "Dreamlover" and the inspirational "Hero", it is no wonder this album has become a multi-platinum success. Despite maybe being a bit ballad heavy, complaints are eclipsed by the globally successful cover version of "Without You" where Carey's best efforts are showcased. Whatever you are after - even the gospel tinge of "Anytime You Need A Friend" or the pure 90s dance pop sound of "Now That I Know" - Music Box has it all.
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on 10 January 2008
Vintage Mariah Carey. Beautiful ballards - the ones we know and love like Hero and can't live, but these were not actually my favourites, some of the less successful singles like anytime you need a friend, and then songs which were not even released as singles were even more beautiful like music box, just to hold you once again, all I've ever wanted and even the bonus track everything fades away. This is the biggest selling mariah carey album to date and was around the time when I really got into Mariah seriously, I had emotions and really liked that but this was the one that got me hooked but having said that it's not my favourite album give me butterfly any day. Still an amazing album though. I give it 4 stars only because Mariah has made better albums and therefore I must distinguish this by giving these 5 stars.
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on 2 June 2005
Music Box is a really great effort from Mariah that has managed to sell 30 million copies worldwide to this date, and it is Mariah's biggest selling album. This album includes songs that are all great, and it also includes the popular hits Without You and Hero. The European Edition includes a bonus track which is also very good.
1. Dreamlover - 10/10
2. Hero - 10/10
3. Anytime You Need A Friend - 10/10
4. Music Box - 10/10
5. Now That I Know - 10/10
6. Never Forget You - 10/10
7. Without You - 10/10
8. Just To Hold You Once Again - 10/10
9. I've Been Thinking About You - 10/10
10. All I've Ever Wanted - 10/10
11. Everything Fades Away - 10/10 (BONUS TRACK)
This is one of the very few albums I have where I'd give every single song 10/10 - and I have alot! This is a Mariah album you should own, especially if you are a fan of her older music and songs like Without You and Hero. My favourite song from the album is Never Forget You produced by Babyface (who also produced Madonna's Take A Bow), but everyone has different favourites!
Chart Information:
Dreamlover (UK #9 US #1)
Hero (UK #7 US #1)
Anytime You Need A Friend (UK #8 US #12)
Without You (UK #1 US #2)
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on 9 August 2000
Definately one of her best albums, and I have them all! My favourite on it is 'Hero' and she sings this terrifically with her astounding voice which reaches every note to perfection. A must buy!
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