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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Afterglow (CD)
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 19 July 2013
From a history with working with great bands, Dot's voice and genre is just fantastic.I strongly recommend this CD for all ages.
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on 30 June 2014
gorgeous voice, enjoyable music

... not bad at all ; )
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on 7 March 2017
At the time of writing, the wonderful Radio 6 is taking a celebratory and retrospective look at '90's music and all that entails. It's not hard to see why; with House music hybrids, Trip Hop,Grunge, Shoegaze, Britpop, and game changers like Jeff Buckley's 'Grace', it was certainly a busy and creative time. Two albums perfectly bookend this decade for me. The first is 'Massive Attack's' 'Blue Lines' and the other is Dot Allison's long overdue solo debut, 1999's 'Afterglow'. Although clearly of its time, here is a record that still sounds great nearly 20 years later and will far beyond that. Will we be able to say that about Ed Sheehan's latest soulless stodge I wonder? Doubt it very much. Allison's voice is a wonderful, underused and undervalued thing. Obviously appreciated by 'Death In Vegas', 'Massive Attack' and others that have benefited from her services, Allison has released at least four well received albums but 'Afterglow' is without doubt her tour de force. 'Colour Me' finds Allison coming over like a less dour Beth Gibbons while sounding musically akin to an upbeat 'Portishead'. 'Close Your Eyes' delivers the kind of groove that 'Massive Attack' long forgot how to do, it's flourishes of guitar lifting the song to glorious heights. The Kevin Shields assisted 'Message Personnel' is a 6 minute mantric affair with hypnotic backwards tape effects, creating a warm sound blanket of chilled out heaven that envelopes the listener. Likewise 'Morning Sun' which recalls Allison's time with the much missed 'One Dove' which will doubtless bring those 'Screamadelica' comparisons to the surface again. Allison's vocal presence is ethereal on this track but it's on the two laid back ballads 'Tomorrow never comes' and 'Did I Imagine You' that makes fully grown men develop a case of the wobbly bottom lip. The former is a gently picked acoustic heartbreaker, floating on a shimmering sea of pedal steel and keyboards, the latter a yearning choral beauty buoyed by understated strings, Allison's multi- tracked voice, and lyrics by the legendary Hal David no less. The crowning glory however comes via the aptly titled 'Mo ' Pop', an irresistible ear worm that perfectly captures the optimism of the late 90's. Vaguely displaying a 'Stax' memphis horns feel, it's a song whereby Allison parades all the pop nous of the two Sarahs Blackwood and Cracknell while outdoing both in the process. 'Afterglow' marks a high point in Allisons long, staggered career and I hope it doesn't get overlooked with the passage of time. Radio 6 has the ideal opportunity during it's current 90's nostalgia trip to jog a few memories, and even enlighten a whole new audience to the joys of this terrific album.
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on 4 November 1999
Dot's album just blow's me away. The first limited 7" of 'Tomorrow Never Comes', with it's uniquely melancholic lyrics promised great things, but who would have expected an album of such diversity and originality. Each song is stunning in it's own way, from the simple pop of 'Mo Pop' and 'Close Your Eyes', to the trance-like mantra of 'Message Personnel', and the achingly beautiful ballads 'Tomorrow...' and 'In Winter Still'. Not to mention the simply beautiful Hal David collaboration 'Did I Imagine You'.That early promise hinted at in One Dove's 'Breakdown' and 'Why Don't You Take Me' (both very very personal songs to me) is delivered to it's fullest glory here.
I could go on forever but instead I'll just put the album on again and lose myself in it's glorious beauty.
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on 4 November 1999
Ethereal shimmering pop music. The very reason for pop being a musical genre is to allow music like this to be heard. An album which fills a hole in your life which you were unaware of existing until you heard it. Dot Allison spreads her wings beneath you as you fall into her world. It really is wonderful stuff, the songs creep up on you, catch hold and won't let go. Hal David writes the lyrics to Did I imagine you? Which soars and pulls the tears from your eyes, and the long ambient intro to 'winter sun' actually sounds like the lengthening shadows of a crisp winter morning. A fantastic album, and possibly album of the year. Certainly the most criminally neglected album of the year, yet for it's neglected gem quality you feel priviledged to be hearing it and only strengthens the feeling of intimacy. Female voice and decoder always sounded wonderful and underpinned by the throbbing bass provided by Mani (from Primal Scream) makes the 'colour me' a dream. A blissed out slow buring album which sounds like Saint Etienne and Portishead having a picnic in the silver light of the moon.
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on 30 July 2000
This is an Alice-in-Wonderland style album, where the surreal blending of elements of '70's prog rock and mantra laden moonlight vocals lend a relaxed but eerie quality to the proceedings. At times it's vibrant ("Colour Me", "Close your eyes"), at other times it's introspective ("Tomorrow Never Comes") and spiritual ("Morning Sun"). But it's always effective, and it always keeps you listening.
A stunning debut.
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on 12 November 2003
a million stars if there were to give this album...a brilliant lp, every track timeless, deep and sweeping beauty...a must have
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