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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 22 February 2017
An all time Swedish death metal classic. This is Entombed's second full length album, and it is unique in that it is the only full length release, (to date), not to contain the unique talents of L.G Petrov; but this is frankly none the worse for it. This was also the album that introduced me to the innovative and dark soundscapes of Swedish death metal, and I highly recommend this as the starting point too for other curious aficionados. Riding upon the wave of an already excellent debut of "Left Hand Path", "Clandestine" is even tighter, more intense and certainly the more aggressive of the two.

It features Nicke Andersson on vocals for the best part, and his efforts on this LP are truly one of the kind. A 'deep' shouting vocal style is utilized, with lots of unique little variations and niches as well throughout each track. Of course, the guitar sound is monstrously brutal as well as unique; there is evidently a lot of focus here on spellbinding riffs, thrilling lines and rancid buzzsaw attacks to boot. What short interludes of dark tranquilities there are usually sets the scene for another dose of extremity. The atmosphere and pace of the songs is shifty and dynamic, the music draws you in to it and keeps you there for the entire of its duration.

From the wretched opening of 'Living dead' to the melodic conclusion of 'Through The Collonades' not a second is wasted. There are a couple of truly astronomical moments of "Clandestine" that deserve a mention. Some of those would surely have to be the galloping/headbanging riffage of 'Through The Collonnades', the thrashing descent of 'Sinners Bleed', or the sheer melodic serrations of 'Chaos Breed'. After so many years of listening to death metal and the Swedish style, this is still my favorite one of them all. I currently have the original 1991 earache release, and never does a week seem to go by, without this one getting another spin. A true classic.,
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on 1 December 2017
Entombed may have kicked off their Swedish death metal assault with debut album 'Left Hand Path', but with 'Clandestine', they took an already perfected blueprint and took it to the next level. Chainsaw guitar tone and thud-in-your-chest kick drums are present in great plenty here, and the album features fan favourites such as 'Crawl', 'Living Dead' and 'Stranger Aeons'. It's a shame that their style switched up to the more 'mainstream' death-n-roll affair for the following record, but nevertheless, this album stands the test of time as a true statement of Swedish death metal history. If you enjoyed 'Left Hand Path', you're gonna love this. If you got into Entombed through thier later albums, you're still gonna love it. Buy this with confidence. Pick up 'Left Hand Path' while you're at it - both are essential for the self-respecting Swedish death metal enthusiast \m/
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VINE VOICEon 13 July 2007
'Left Hand Path' was a phenomenal enough album, but Entombed just manage to better it with the second album 'Clandestine'. Searing buzzsaw guitar tones bludgeon the listener, but it's the songwriting that really lifts 'Cladestine' into the realms of the classic - more than just a collection of great riffs these are songs that ebb and flow, with the album ranging from incredibly heavy doom-like slow dirges to high-speed frantic workouts where it seems the band are barely in control of themselves (check out the mad ending of 'Chaos Breed'!). The album is also unique for being the only Entombed album to feature drummer Nicke Andersson on (uncredited) lead vocals, and he provides a worthy replacement for LG Petrov providing some insane bellows and soaring screams. After this Entombed would begin to change their style into a softer 'death and roll' approach which is a shame, but who knows - perhaps having made the ultiamte death metal album they felt they would never be able to better it? Whatever, 'Clandestine' remains the best album Entombed have ever recorded, and definately one of the all time best death metal albums by any band. Essential.
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on 8 November 2017
Great album by Entombed after a successful 'Left Hand Path', a death metal classic.
Takes time to digest at first, it sound very similar to the previous which can be a problem, because 'Left Hand Path' is too perfect, but after you learn it you enjoy from it.
This is a great album for a headbanging journey, sawing riffs and raw vocals, that no one can dislike.
Top tracks: 'Chaos Breed', 'Sinners Bleed' and 'Through the Collonades'.
Should be on any death metal fan collection.
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on 2 March 2016
very good seller, very good item
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on 26 March 2015
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on 14 March 2006
If your a fan of Death Metal then this has to be in your collection. I love both old skool death metal and the new technical death metal style but I prefer the old skool style for its heavyness and catchy hooky simpler riffs rather than the new technical style shredding speed complicated a guitarist or drummer can do in their songs!
Yes this album may to some people sound a little bit out of date compare to Nile or Cryptopsy but I love it and as will you. There is not one boring song on this album every song is structured well. My Favourite is Sinners Bleed. The double bass from the drums and the guitar riff at the beggining makes me wanna head bang everytime i hear it! Entombed are quite a big band from Sweden but only this album and "Left Hand Path" are the only Death Metal albums in their discography. After this album they changed to a style known as Death n Roll! which to me aint as good but others do like it or even prefer it. Anyway Entombed - Clandenstine is Heavy catchy Headbanging Material. Recommended for Fans Of Obituary, Grave & Dismember!
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on 12 July 2007
I listen a lot of different metals and this particular CD rates within my top 3 of all time.

It's stunning, the music, the vocal style and the sound bites all work so well to bring the music right into your head and heart. For me this is the finest Death Metal around and the bands from Scandinavia are the best.

So if you want good fast thrashy Death Metal and have heard nothing from Entombed then pick this up along with Left Hand Path.

This CD was at the start of Entombeds music career, with their next album they changed their sound and moved over to what they term 'Death & Roll', which is sound which they continue with today.
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on 9 June 2008
..qiute simply put, this is up there with the best of them. entombed will never top this, and it still sounds amazing today. a work of art.
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on 2 October 2000
This is a fantastic CD, really brilliant, Excellent death Metal, best Entombed Album, if you like Detah Metal and you don't have this CD, your CD collection is not finished.. buy this, and I mean now!
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