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4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 April 2017
Perfect, pleasure doing business with
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on 29 December 1999
Terror Twilight is the album which introduced me to Pavement. It isn't a particularly easy record to get into, but like most difficult records, is all the more rewarding for that. The melodies get inside your head and stay there (especially the fantastic "Spit On A Stranger", "Carrot Rope" and "Major Leagues) and the lyrics can make you laugh out loud. Pavement are fantastic. Buy this album.
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on 10 November 1999
Latest offering from the band responsible for Blurs change of sound. In the same vein as 'Brighten The Corners' Pavement have opted for an even more comercial sound but never leaving their lo-fi roots. Pavement have been among the most influencial bands to come from the states in the last 10 years and with every album strengthen their core following. Standing out among the surreal delights on this superb collection the stadium sized "Cream of Gold", and the beautiful "Major Leagues". Fantastic, I loved every second of it! Long live Pavement with your Gold Sounds and your Incandecent Blue Guillotines!!!
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on 26 April 2006
Bob Nastanovich, on the Pavement DVD, tells the story that when Pavement were deciding on the name for this album, that one of the band members suggested the title "Farewell, Horizontal". I think they're crazy for not calling it that, but what do I know?

This is an album that I've made a lot more enjoyable by making up a compilation tape missing out the ones I don't like (Ann Don't Cry, The Hexx and Major Leagues). I love it apart from those, and I've come round to the attitude that it's best not to let the songs you dislike spoil your enjoyment of an album. If you like Pavement's cleaner-sounding, post-Slanted and enchanted stuff, then I think you'd be into this too. It's merry, mellow, clever and has loads of complex and sneaky song structures, and although I find it patchy lyrically, it still has plenty of imaginative and zany lines peppered throughout it. Some of my favourites include:

"Who was it that said the world was merely all divorces and spare change? Let's lethalise our slingshots and swallow propane"

"Watch out for the gypsy children in electric dresses - they're insane. I hear they live in crematoriums and smoke your remains"

I left Spit on a stranger off my compilation tape as well. But it's OK.
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on 4 October 1999
Ok so you've heard 'Carrot Rope' now lets get on to all theother good stuff, This is the most puzzling band for the last six years or so. They used Radiohead's producer Nigel Godrich, watch the name pop-up this year on another great album this year. Pavement have come up withsome fresh new ideas, this album is warmer and offers more quality listening than in their previous albums. Overall you are left with 45minutes of feeling just right, may Pavement live on.
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on 18 May 2011
Slightly better than Brighten the Corners and far more polished. This was their final album and is a worthy ending to the alt-rock shenanigans of a seminal (if only slightly) band.

'Spit on a Dtranger' is a great song. It's lazy and groovy and perfect. It should make you smile. 'Folk Jam' is ok but it merges the old with the new (Pavement sound, that is) and almost wins, messily. 'You Are A Light' is rather mediocre, a usual Pavement track with no real hook. 'Cream of Gold' is more like it! Great melody, very off kilter and catchy as a virus in summer. 'Major Leagues' slows things down slightly but in a near-classic way. It has the acoustic stylings of 'Range Life' from Crooked Rain... .

'Platform Blues' and 'Ann Don't Cry' are both ok but not terribly interesting. 'Billie' is better, it sounds quite raw and indie but with a sheen. 'Speak, See...' is great, especially when it opens up at the end and the melody evolves into something quite sublime. 'The Hexx' is interesting without being outstanding. 'Carrot Rope' is Pavement at their singley best - one last classic to end on a high.

Out of the 5 albums, this is one of their best. Best to start with Slanted and Enchanted though if you are a newcomer.
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on 10 November 2010
I was a longtime Pavement fan, right from the first album, I saw them play many many times in the uk and bought their albums as they emerged. But - for some reason - their final release passed me by. Over a decade later I picked it up online... so how has time treated it?

The main difference with their other releases is the intervention of producer Nigel Godrich, when I believe everything else was largely produced & mixed by Malkmus himself. The sound is subtly muted, less spiky, more polished even? And the vocals are buried a little further into the mix. This is a shame in my view, since it results in a more generic "alt rock" sound rather than the spin-on-a-dime twisted shapes of Pavement's finest moments. A few tracks stand out:Spit on a Stranger, Billie & Carrot Rope. But for the most part this is one for completists only. Go for Crooked Rain Crooked Rain or even Brighten The Corners (which I have learned to love a lot) instead.

Even better:Steve Malkmus's solo albums, where the pastoral & lyrical elements of Pavement's sound finally emerge into the sunlight.
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on 6 November 2011
This is the last lp from Pavement. Real good ending with some of the best songs from this band. Everyone should have this album.
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on 29 April 2010
A true blast from the past and a lot of good Uni days memories come from listening to this album. It's full of mellow, smooth tracks with an underlying rawness and enthusiasm for music. Some great sing-a-long moments too, once you get into this unusual sound. Worth a try for anyone not familiar with the band.
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on 23 November 2013
Lots of great tracks on this record. Bring back good memories. Love carrot rope.. Great to have it on vinyl.
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