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  • Kid A
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Kid A
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 7 November 2000
my mate greg detests any sort of music that isnt band based i.e guitars,drums etc.but he now loves the album after at first saying it was shit.i thought the same.it is a massive grower and definitely night time music.however as ok it may be,it is certainly no "music for airports" by brian eno,and not a "richard d james album" by aphex,as interesting as it may be if radiohead insist on detracting as muchas they are doing then slower all respect for them will be lost and when they want it aback,it wont happen.at the end of the day thom etc may love this dancey ambiant music but they will never be able to write it like the experts.roll on the release date of this secret album.
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on 28 October 2000
People reckon this album is intelligent; it takes one on a magical mystery tour, it is powerful...... This is my first radiohead album. It is not rubbish; it is not brilliant. It is a bit weird. It shall grow on its listeners.
PERSONAL PREFERENCE There will be some who love this album - the music appeals to them.
There are some Radiohead lovers who pretend to love the album because they want to be cool, experimental, mature, whatever.
There will be some who hate the album.
I think its quite cool - I am writing this review listening to the second track; Kid A
GIVE IT A TRY...........
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on 18 January 2015
Would just like to point out that the picture Amazon provides for this product is incorrect: there are indeed two discs but there is no booklet and the packaging is different. Amazing album but I feel after 15 years it's not really necessary for me to review it, just trying to warn fans before they're disappointed. Sounds great but I bought because I thought it was a special edition, I already own it on CD and wouldn't have found it necessary to shift to vinyl otherwise.
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on 4 May 2001
Radioheads forte are their sublime meodies, and Thome Yorke's voice, both of which seem to be lacking in this album. Yorke seems to want to disguise his voice, rather than sing with it, and the guitar melodies have almost completely disappeared.
Maybe I'm being harsh on them. After being an avid fan since the release of 'Creep', I was expecting another great album from them. Its a shame that they seem to have run out of steam. Lets hope they pick up their guitars again soon.
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on 10 April 2001
Good album good songs etc, but the thing that baffled me was the fact that the album started with a crowd chanting, followed by 15 seconds or so of silence, then followed by a loud burst of sound for about a second, then another silence, and finialy 40 seconds into the first track the music finaly starts.
Whats this all about?? it totaly ruins the song structure as its very tedious trying to find your fav track and play it; you have to skip 40 seconds into the track it is ment to be on.
apart from that its not bad at all!
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on 29 December 2000
Kid A was oh so promising. Dark beats courtesy of Idioteque, dingle-dangle chimes of Everything In It's Right Place... there are good tracks on this LP. Despite what the critics say, only some of the album is "totally different" to Radiohead's previous efforts - How To Disappear Completely is almost like Exit Music Mk. 2. And Treefingers is just complete dirge. Not the mind-blowing masterpiece it is made out to be, but certainly better than some other alternative efforts.
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on 18 June 2004
Kid A takes a few listens, before you realise the beauty of it, because sooner or later The Bends and Ok Computer will tire, but this, hasn't tired on me yet. After the depressing period for Thom and co, it was time to take it easy a little. But as far as this goes, not an easy little album, full of little moments, that you will not understand, but the beauty of it is, I've never heard an album so great that has hardly any guitar activity on it.
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on 25 July 2006
Kid A is the 4th album from the ever-evolving Radiohead. After their incredible 2nd album, the bends, and their triumphant 3rd Album, Ok Computer. An album which is constantly ranked as the greatest ever made, the pressure was on for album number 4. Kid A is very different to everything that Radiohead have done before. It is all very electronic and sampled, at the expense of pushing Johnny greenwood's guitar and even Yorke's vocals into the background. What is noticible though, is that the songwriting is still absolutely brilliant.

1:Everything In Its Right Place: 9/10

A strange opening track. It doesn't deliver quite the same opening bang that the opening tracks on their previous albums did. Instead it has a haunting beautiful simple tune which Yorke's sampled sounding voice sings strange lyrics over.

2:Kid A: 9/10

It starts with a soft chimey tune which sounds straight out of Edward Scissorhands. Again the lyrics are strange, but the melodies are haunting. The beautiful ending is strangely moving.

3:The National Anthem: 9.5/10

I wish the national anthem was like this. It starts with a simple guitar riff, which slowly builds into a great little tune. By the end it has become the ultimate rock-jazz-chaos fusion, and while it may seem like you are just listening to noise, it all works brilliantly and is one of Radiohead's best rock songs to date.

4:How To Disappear Completely: 10/10

One of Radiohead's most beautiful songs to date, How To Disappear Completely is about ceasing to exist. It is basically a soft acoustic song, but it still contains the alien electronic sounds that feature throghout the whole of Kid A. The beautiful outro where Yorke softly hums is one of the highlights of the album.

5:Treefingers: ?/10

A song that is impossible to give a rating. It has no lyrics and is basically the sound of silence, literally.

6:Optimistic: 10/10

Probably the most normal sounding song on the album, Optimistic is another powerful highligh, with moving lyrics and a beautiful feel to the whole song.

7:In Limbo: 8.5/10

Perhaps the weakest track on the album, In Limbo is a strange song that has an almost nightmareish feel to it.

8:Idioteque: 10/10

Perhaps Radiohead's most unique song ever recorded. Idioteque has a dance beat, which Yorke sings dark beautiful lyrics that seem to be about Global Warming.

9:Morning Bell: 9.5/10

A soft beautiful song, that builds into something beautiful.

10:Motion Picture Soundtrack: 10/10

Maybe the best ending for an album ever. Motion Picture soundtrack is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard. The lyrics are clearly about losing a loved one. The Chorus of "I think you're crazy, maybe" is especially beautiful. While the song is clearly minimilistic, it has a strange sound that i have never heard from any other song, and is truly one of the most altogether beautiful songs i have ever experianced. The beautiful positive ending of "I will see you again in the next life" is just perfect.

Overall: 10/10

If you wait for a couple of minutes after the final notes of motion picture soundtrack end, then you'll hear a soft note growing into a sound which you can't explain, which suddenly turns the album into something truly positive, beautiful and hopeful.

Kid A will always lurk in Ok Computer's shadow, but to many it is on par, if not better, then any of their work to date. Track by track it does not have the same effect as the bends or Ok Computer, but the fact is that Kid A is an album, and only when you listen to it as a whole album, rather then random tracks on your i-pod shuffle, will you discover it's true majestic beauty.
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on 10 April 2001
The steady rate of comment at this site reflects the passion with which enthusiasts want to advocate Kid A. This is way beyond loyalty: it seems Radiohead have touched a great many people here. What an incredible band.
In an age of many genres, Kid A cannot revolutionise music in the manner of some pivotal albums, but watch it rise again in the work of future musicians, and take its due amongst the all-time masterpieces.
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on 5 January 2001
Kid A is a slightly depressing album as most of the beats are slow with weird words " yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon "? what is the guy talking about? I quite like Radiohead although some of his songs leave a lot to be desired! Later Marc Leslie
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