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on 18 August 2015
Iron Maiden are at their best live and this live album is amazing to say the least. The overall mix of the album is a little thin and the crowd is a little bit too loud but the prowess of the band still shines through. This is a two CD set which has 20 classic Maiden anthems taken from all of their albums which are delivered flawlessly. This is the re-release version and it contains loads of live and promo band photos, lyrics for all of the songs and even has multimedia bonus features which include full length videos, exclusive band biographies, photo galleries, internet links and much, much more! This double CD set is worth every penny and deserves to be in every Maiden fan's collection.
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on 11 March 2013
A must for all Maiden fans, this release captures the band in impeccable form, enjoying every mad minute of their second headline performance at the Monsters of Rock festival in 1992. I was there, and it was great!
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VINE VOICEon 27 October 2010
Arguably one of the greatest live albums of all time, and certainly one of the best metal live releases, Iron Maiden at Donington showcases the band at the end of the height of their first success. While earlier live albums showed a more youthful band playing at the peak of their stardom, this shows a more mature group enjoying what they do best- playing to a crowd. All the big songs are played ferociously and greeted with wailing and chanting by the army of fans, Dickinson is on top form as a showman, and there is not a hint of pro tools or studio magic on any of the playing- this is how real bands do it.

`Be Quick Or Be Dead' is a great opener for live shows- quick and to the point. While this doesn't have the epic build up of say Live After Death the drum blast is sure to excite the crowd. As any Maiden fan will know the band always play at least the same speed as the album versions, if not faster, so there is no slowing down or covering up poor playing. This is a fast and furious start.

`The Number Of The Beast' is a strange choice for second song. I always feel that this should be an opener, either from the start or for an encore- the introduction sounds like it was made for opening gigs. As it is though everyone in the crowd chants along to the spoken intro like some coven of cult worshippers. The song is played impeccably and Bruce has fun belting out the vocals.

`Wrathchild' is always a live favourite and has always been more suited to Dickinson's over the top style than the original by Di'Anno. The audience screams along to the chorus and jumps around to the funky rhythm.

`From Here To Eternity' is a fun song that the crowd can interact with, getting a spoken intro from Bruce and a middle section where he banters with them (though they don't seem the best at singing along). It also ends with some more spoken fun.

`Can I Play With Madness' keeps the crowd bouncing along and is played with typical gusto while the crowd and other band members try to sing the chorus with Bruce.

`Wasting Love' gives the crowd a breather and a chance to appreciate one of the band's slower, more sombre numbers. This, at the time, was a recent song for the band and would have been a treat for the crowd.

`Tailgunner' gets the crowd going again, another fairly recent song for the time. Dickinson relishes the angry lyrics here, spitting them out with added venom and screeches.

`The Evil That Men Do' gets the crowd roaring so I can imagine Bruce diving about the stage and raising his arms to them. At the end Bruce has a chat to the audience about R2D2 and Linford Christie...

`Afraid To Shoot Strangers' gets a nice introduction from Bruce as he explains the origins of the song. Another `new' song the crowd seem eager to hear it as much as the classics. It changes the atmosphere if the concert suitably to lead into the next song.

`Fear Of The Dark' probably always generates the best audience reaction out of any Maiden song and Donington is no different. Perhaps not as many people knew the song at this point and the accompaniment is not as powerful. Nevertheless it is played at full speed and volume.

`Bring Your Daughter' opens the second disk with an extended stomping intro which the crowd claps along to. This was the band's biggest song at the time reaching Number 1 in the charts and everyone seems to have fun singing along.

`The Clairvoyant' has some nice guitar fiddling for the introduction, the rest of the song a faithful take on the album version played with the expected vitality.

`Heaven Can Wait' has some funny moments at the start with Bruce and Nicko and is as fast and fun as the studio version. The audience joins in with the chorus of course.

`Run To The Hills' leads us into the final stage of the concert. This and the following songs are all staples of the last part of any Maiden gig and are usually the songs most fans are looking forward to most. Bruce gets a bit gruff on some parts- it's been a long gig, but the playing is flawless again.

`2 Minutes To Midnight' is played at top speed with a side of venom and the crowd is there to help Bruce with the chorus vocals again.

`Iron Maiden' takes us right back to the beginning with an early classic. Dickinson lends a more theatrical edge to Di'Anno's original and the crowd enjoy chanting along to the anthemic chorus. It ends of course with Bruce wanting `all of you!' There is an unfortunate couple of minutes of crowd noise before the encore.

`Hallowed Be Thy Name' as always opens with reverence, the crowd worshipping every note and beat. We can imagine Bruce charging around the stage getting the crowd in each corner to scream as the song moves towards the climax.

`The Trooper' blasts off at high pace giving the crowd a final chance to go buck nuts with moshing, jumping, and singing.

`Sanctuary' starts immediately after the last song not giving the crowd a chance to breath. Bruce continues to encourage the crowd- if he is still moving then so should they be. We get some respite in the middle as Bruce speaks about his nerves, introduces the band, then flies back into the song.

`Running Free' closes the show as it has many times. There is a long intro here of drums, bass, and Bruce shouting into the audience. He makes the song his own, the rest of the band and the fans sing along to the chorus. Halfway through Bruce chats with the crowd, gives his thanks to the crowd, to the other bands, and basically gives a crash course on showmanship. This is a classic end to a classic set.

Maiden are one of the most legendary live bands of all time, putting in all the love and energy to every performance as a fan would. For a band that has toured so much for so long it is remarkable that they are still doing it today, but also that they are able to shake off any tiredness and make such a quality recording. Maiden have always been a road band, moving from club to club and town to town, and eventually continent to continent to ply their trade and sell their wares. Fans will tell you to go for Live After Death, but really any of their live releases are special. You will largely get all the hits on each- Donington is as good a place as any for the new fan to start.
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on 14 October 2006
there is one band i would go and see time and time again live,and this album tells you why as maiden pull off one of the great monsters of rock concerts ever!he says on cd that the cameras were for a maiden film or video, and its a shame they never did put it out on video or dvd, as i would be first in line to buy it,and it would kick ass out of the other live concert dvds they have so far put out.if im wrong and there is one out of the concert, please! someone will you tell me where i can get it.
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on 27 November 2009
What to say? If you're a real Iron Maiden's fan, just do not read my review. Otherwise, let me say, as a "normal" people who just appreciate good (VERY good/top) music and musicians, that this band, which is supposed to be "heavy metal" and or "hard rock", is actually one of the best in the world, beyond the kind of music they might play. Nearly 30 years almost the same people and still doing so well together cannot be just a doom's case.
Their value, playing and composing skills, tell about a great sensibility and a rare geniality, beyond the fact that the singer is a double graduate (history and literature), and has a fantastic voice.
Is he so good to make people fly in heaven 'cause he's got the habit to take them off...? (he's also a professional pilot...).
Mere British eclectism...
One has to know all that to fully realize who Iron Maiden is (are).
Lyrics often relate to important literature books or poems ("Dune", "Brave New World", "Rime of the Ancient Mariner", for instance)), or great human themes (death, war, ...).
Music is beautiful, poetic, or banging your veins.
Three fantastic guitarists and a bassist form a wall of notes that hit your soul like ever.
In that sense, Live at Donington 1992 [Castle of Donington Monsters of Rock Festival / Fear of the Dark World Tour] is epic, and one of the best live performance of the band, maybe because of the "home" feeling, as Bruce Dickinson says talking to the audience, England seems to be the best f... place to play in the world...
and they play and perform at best.
BUY BUY BUY even if you're not, like me, a "metal" rock fan...
You won't regret...
This fantastic album will be with you for your entire life givin' and fillin' it whenever you may feel it lacks of whatnotknowwhich...
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on 5 April 2002
ive had this album a while now and have heard it a fair few times! And there is no denying the fact that this is the end of 'good' iron maiden until 2000's staggeringly good Brave New World. But anyway....Donington '92. One of the key things that makes this album SO good is the way that the crowd are so active (who can forget that HUGE scream during Running Free!) this really gives it a good feel for a live album! The set list is a good one, but it could have been a bit better by encluding some classics such as my personal favorite maiden track Aces High. All 5 of the boys are on top form and the solos from Dave and Janick are as great as ever, and this album shows once and for all that Bruce is the definitive frontman! Highlights are: Can I play with Madness, Wrathchild, Iron Maiden, and Running Free! You need this album NOW, even you already have these songs..because infront of this classic crowd and the atmosphere of being at Donington, they just seem to sound SO much better!
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on 11 November 2003
I admit, I'm a new Maiden fan.. and i made a big mistake. I bought Rock in Rio this summer, and that's the best maiden concert on cd (and dvd) that's ever been produced. So when I bought Donington later on, it had a lot to live up to. Ok first some good points - Dave and Steve are on top form as per usual. Janick is Janick, either you like him or you hate him!!
Setlist is interesting, something old, something new.
What really became apparent was Bruce's voice however. The ten years plus of stadium tours took its toll on poor Brucey, and to put it blunt his voice was shot to pieces. The range is missing, and there's no volume to his voice. Fortunately for us fans, he took some time out, and came back all guns blazing for Brave New World, and the tour that followed. So.. I think you'll be more impressed by Rock In Rio.
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on 13 August 2004
being a new maiden fan i was not sure what to start with but this live album is the dogs nuts! personal favs are heaven can wait and hallowed be thy name the crowd particapation is something else!i agree with other reveiws that bruces voice is not as strong etc but this is still one of the best live albums you will ever buy! if your new to maiden buy this for value and then buy live after death
also the video extras are blindin!
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on 11 April 2011
This is a live album like no other I have listened to in my life. And I am a huge fan of concerts discs. What I love about this is that they left it like it was recorded in that August night. No overdubbing, no smart remixing or polishing, this is so true and real!!! Sometimes you feel like Dickinson`s voice is dying or fading but that`s only because he is running up and down the huge Donnington stage. And they left it like that, they didn`t change it afterwards in the studio. I gotta respect that. They work hard for their money. This album is a must have!!!
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on 9 January 2013
I bought this for the other half for Christmas after he was watching Iron Maiden on the TV and he complained that he once had the album but lent it out many years ago and he never got it back. After much searching he never found it. Being the awesome girlfriend that I am, I had to make his little heart happy again and taa daaaaa here you were to help! Boyfriend is now very happy and hasn't stopped listening to it since. Muchos girlfriend points for me :D
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