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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 11 December 2003
After buying Fear Of The Dark and loving it, despite mixed reviews, I thought I'd try my hand at this album. With my first listen it blew me away, I can honestly say that this is my favourite Maiden album of all time (I own quite a few now). I had never heard any of the songs before and was drawn in by the cover art, which as alway remains classic, and it is now usually found firmly rooted in my CD player. Now onto the tracks, they are all very good, generally exceptional, I think Alexander The Great has to be one of my favourite tracks of all time.
It starts with a very singalongable song, Caught Somewhere In Time.
It then moves onto track 2, funnily enough, Wasted Years, which is just one of those tracks that you cannot get bored with.
Track 3, Sea of Madness is a very fast paced song, with again a good chorus.
Track 4, Heaven Can Wait, has a nice creepy intro and some well structured guitar work.
Track 5 has possibly the least sexy title ever, The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner, but has that typical Maiden galloping feel to it and a nice melodic chorus.
Track 6, Stranger In A Strange Land, is on of the stand out tracks of the album and is again very melodic and has a pretty class guitar riff in the chrous and nice slow solo in the middle.
Track 7, De Ja Vu, it's nothing special and is at moderate Maiden standards, but nonetheless I think it brings the album together quite well. It has some great guitar work by Smith and Murray in the verses.
Track 8, Alexander The Great is probably one of the best Iron Maiden songs ever. It's the longest on the album, as the last track usually is, but it is a great way to finish a brilliant album. Great solos, catchy riffs, amazing singin by good ol' Bruce and fantastic drumming by Nicko.
To sum it up, again!, I think that is Cd should have a home in everybody's collection, regardless to whether you like Iron Maiden or not. :)
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on 19 September 2003
This is one of my favourite albums ever. Maiden just at their full flowing best.
1) Caught Somewhere In Time: The opening track hooks you in straight away with a brilliant intro. Which then builds into a truly storming Maiden song. What I would give to hear this live again.
2) Wasted Years: Just incredible. A brilliant riff, again, to draw you in and then Maiden go in for the kill with the first single from the album. For those more well educated Maiden fans aren't you glad they didn't call it Golden Years.
3) Sea Of Madness: The heaviest song on the album. Hit all the right notes is Dickinson's voice on this track. A quite rare but quite awesome bass solo part from Harris. Simple but effective.
4) Heaven Can Wait: It gets better and better and better. The albums blistering early pace kept up with the second 7 minuter. Still a favourite of mine live.
5) Lonliness Of A Long Distance Runner: The song title ripped straight from the movie of the same name. Just when you think the album is slowing down with a melodic intro.... Oh no my friends. Another classic.
6) Stranger In A Strange Land: I just can not put it in words so i'll just say the best song by Maiden ever. Everything is right.
7) De Ja Vu: Seventh song on the album still going strong. De Ja Vu is another incredible track with well thought out lyrics.
8) Alexander The Great: A absolutely barn storming, roof raising epic. Dubbed, by Harris, as the greatest Maiden song never to be played live he was right. An awesome tale told about the Macedonian warrior with a truly incredible Adrian SMith solo to boot.
1986 was 17 years ago. But with music like this I wish I had a time machine. If you do not own this album buy it. If you haven't heard it buy it. Everyone else but it!
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on 30 May 2015
This is probably my favourite Maiden cover - and the reissue looks great with cyber Eddie looming over his victim with his gun still smoking! There a plenty of little secrets hidden on here - so it's great to sit and listen to the record while hunting them down (give yourself a treat and have a Trooper while you listen too)

Aurally this record is awesome - the mix is vast improvement over the 1998 CD master (which I felt sounded badly compressed), The spectrum is wide and you can hear everything - it's easily as good as my 1986 original. There are some really standout tracks on this record - Wasted Years, Stranger in a Strange Land and the (almost) title track to name three; while Loneliness of the Long Distance runner and Deja Vu come back like familiar friends you haven't heard from in a while. The epic closer Alexander the Great is no ROATM - but it's still classic maiden.

The disk feels great on the new thick Vinyl and plays well. The inner sleeve artwork suffers an little of the blurring common to the reissues - but it's not too bad on this one,

If you're reading this review, you are clearly a Maiden fan, so don't delay, order today these re-issues won't be around forever.
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on 26 March 2007
This album is a definite to be added to any Maiden collection. In my opinion, it isn't quite up there with Powerslave, but it's pretty darn good nonetheless. "Caught Somewhere in time", "Heaven can wait" and "Alexander the Great" are the three best songs I think, although the remainder have a lot to offer.

You gotta buy it! It will not disappoint!
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on 27 August 2007
The above title seemed appropriate when comparing this album to it's predecessors.

Somewhere in Time, to me, is one of Maiden's strongest albums along with Powerslave and Seventh Son. From the opening title track that sets the tone for the album to the epic finale from the magnificently composed Alexander the Great, I loved it (although The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner seemed a little weaker when compared to the other songs).

The inclusion of synths, although different to the previous albums, was a nice touch for the themes portrayed in the album and I don't really see a problem with them.
The instrumental was strong throughout and the guitar work was some of the best yet with songs like Stranger in a Strange Land and Alexander the Great displaying just how good the band was, with memorable riffs and well crafted solos from Adrian and Dave. The vocals by Bruce are as good as they were in previous albums and retain their trademark sound.

Overall, it's a good album with a successful venture from the band, not to mention one hell of an excellent cover from Derek Riggs. The B-sides of the singles are worth a look into as well.
Five stars.
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on 15 March 2001
This is an amazing album from Maiden -the range of subjects dealt with is awesome, something unheard of! My most favourite being "Alexander the Great", I was stunned when I first listened to it. From the first stroke of the guitar, one could tell the historic significance of this song while aware of the presence of heavy metal music -simply awesome, something only Irom Maiden could deliver! "Caught somewhere in time" and "Wasted years" are equally brilliant and Iron Maiden have not failed to impress me with their choice of subject. Listen to it once whilst knowing the meaning of these songs and you'll never stop! Three cheers to IRON MAIDEN!! They are simply the best. Jeffrey Raj
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on 21 December 2014
the 1star is for the newly released Vinyl version. got the original vinyl on release, and wow what a record. often over looked by some cracking underrated songs on here, and that synthey guitar sound sounded great in 1986. and probably the best maiden album cover. my original vinyl got chewed up up by a dog, so i replaced it with the iffy first edition Cd which lost some of the edge on the vinyl (like many early cd versions) having decided to stump up for the new vinyl release, with the new 180g vinyl revamps, i have been so impressed by some of the re issues by other bands. but this is just terrible. its so quiet and lifeless have to really crank up the volume (not in a good way) and is sounds numb and worse than the original cd version.but thanks to amazon and the free auto rip i have the digital remastered 98 remix. which sounds awesome. but kind of defeats the object of buying the vinyl. but clearly the vinyl transfer is missing something. As i have all the early maiden albums on vinyl anyway i wont be buying anymore of these inferior re issues.
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on 26 January 2006
This is one of Maiden's finest albums. Somewhere in Time is Maiden at their creative best. There are no filler tracks in this album, all of the tracks are brilliant.
If you are about to buy your first Maiden album, I would strongly recommend this, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, and the original Iron Maiden album or The Number of the Beast. After these, buy Dance of Death :)
Somewhere in Time is a top class album - 5/5
(Listen to Alexander the Great when you buy it)
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on 28 January 2016
This is my favourite Maiden album of all time. The vinyl sounds really great. My only gripe with these remasters is that they havent made much of an effort with the sleeves. A gatefold sleeve with a second disc of the b sides would have been nice.
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on 23 September 2012
Generally if you are looking for an Iron Maiden album you are a bit spoilt for choice and while there are albums that I have not yet heard from Maiden, the ten albums which I do own lead me to believe that you could probably buy any Iron Maiden album without having heard it previously and still completely enjoy it.

This album has everything you would expect from a Maiden album; soaring vocals, squealing leads, the Iron Maiden chug. Of course I am sure that there are those for whom these ingredients may be cause to throw up, but in that case you just have to avoid albums with Iron Maiden written on them although you might still like `Killers' or `Iron Maiden', as it is this is perhaps more of the same, but in my opinion more Iron Maiden is a good thing.

Highlights include `Stranger in a Strange Land' which has a brilliant riff that pushes the song into the stratosphere. The songs in general have quite an epic feel hinting at the `Seventh Son of a Seventh Son' album which was released two years later.

Special mention must go to the impressively busy artwork and its hidden references to past Maiden; it is really good enough to consume you for about the same time as the album runs to, which is quite an achievement.
Today it still stands strong; it is a powerful piercing album which needs to be heard by all new initiates.

Track List:
Caught somewhere in Time
Wasted Years
Sea of Madness
Heaven can Wait
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Stranger in a Strange Land
De Ja Vu
Alexander the Great
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