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The Number Of The Beast
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 21 May 2018
This album is a must. Not to say that I had preferred the first 2 albums with the unforgettable Paul Di Anno; Iron Maiden and Killers. So approached this with caution.
After a couple of go I was entrapped into the less rogue and raw Di Anno voice and graciously taken by the hand of Mr Dickinson.
Let's not forget though that Iron Maiden are Steve Harris, mainly, with Smith & Murray's guitars....as a bass guitar jazz / classic oriented I always thought; how the hell Harris plays those riffs? Technically sublime!
Change of pace, tune, harmony ...from 4/4 to 12/8?! A metal band?
I also love Saxon, but technically is like comparing Mozart with a suburb piano bar covers.
Close by saying that this album is ace...I could give 4 to Piece of Mind....then Maiden for me went on being repetitive.
Still good live shows up to now....so respect for this band that after ....40 years still give as good as it gets.
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on 18 July 2014
Classic stuff and really who needs to read a review of this master however if you are just getting into the band this is the perfect introduction into the world or Maiden.

With tracks suchas Run to the Hills
The Prisoner and Hallowed be thy name you have straight away gathered a number of all time classic tracks.
Clive plays the Tubbs on this outing and there is a fantastic array of feels and groves so one for the drummers out there.

Be warned once you buy this it will be difficult to stop with other top selling albums such as Powerslave ,Seventh Son of A Seventh Son and Brave New World .

We must not forget that the earlier offerings from the band include the unbeaten art work from Mr Derek Riggs who is really the 6th member of the band back in the eighties as most collectors just could not help getting their little mits on all that good Eddie stuff and rings.

The Remastered version of the CD which was released back in 1998 receives mixed reviews due to sound clipping concerns however this really depends on what you are playing through .
The re-release is a picture CD with an extra track Total Eclipse and more pages to the booklet however it does suffer from loudness loosing some off the top end .
The choice is then yours a little crisper from the original release or a little flatter from the newer release.
Or a fantastic sound from the original LP.
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on 19 August 2017
A new singer, a new album. I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Dickinson's voice, I find him sometimes too "whiny" and live he struggled to hit some of the high notes I thought. Though I still like him, I just preferred Di'anno. This is strongest of the Dickinson era Maiden, the songs keep this as one of the best albums recorded. The last album that featured Clive Burr.
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on 28 May 2010
The early eighties was a goldmine for classic metal releases. I don't what was in the water but in the space of 2 years you had Heaven and Hell, Ace Of Spades, Back In Black, British Steel and the Eagle Has Landed, to name but a few. Arguably the most significant release though was Number of The Beast. What marks this release out as special is that it had all the elements of a Classic Metal album. There was Satan, of course, always a vote winner in my book, there was exquisite art work on the sleeve, there were successful singles and there was the music.

However, before launching into a gushing homage to this musical leviathan there are one or two faults that possibly need to be nit picked as they been bugging me for nearly 30 years - it's a simple fact that cd opener Invaders has an annoying guitar bridge in the chorus (and the lyrics are clearly bonkers and a clear extension of the equally bonkers B side 'Invasion' from Women in Uniform) and Gangland is arguably a bit of a filler when compared to the quality of the other material on display here.

Right, got that out of the way, onto the praise.

Back to `Invaders'. This gets the album off to a frenetic and strident start with a cracking urgent drum intro and a great rolling riff - this is a barmy `boys own' tale which is reminiscent of the follow up opener on Piece Of Mind (Where Eagles Dare) in both pace and content. Children of The Damnned, like 'Remember Tomorrow' on Iron Maiden, slows the pace, but ebbs and flows effectively with Dickinson's soaring operatic vocals and a powerful churning riff. 'The Prisoner' is a Maiden classic and single handedly got me into metal at the time. The ominous spoken intro from the cult classic TV show of the same name dovetails neatly into a hammering drum and guitar duel that picks up the pace for the rest of the song - this is simply one of the best metal tracks of all time. '22 Acacia Avenue' is an old Adrian Smith track reworked for this album, complete with a crunching and urgent guitar riff and extended guitar duelling to its exhausting close.

Cue our old friend Satan for the title track - another spoken eerie intro and that Dickinson scream, which apparently took a ridiculous amount of takes to get right in the studio. The first single 'Run To The Hills' is an evergreen classic, intelligently built around a galloping drum sound and singalong memorable chorus. 'Gangland' is to my mind a light relief - it's basic structure proves that the band are indeed fallible and I like its hurried, flawed, quirkyness as a result. And finally 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' rounds things off in breathtaking urgent style, leaving the listener exhausted and marvelling at the shear classiness of the record.

So there it is - The best metal album ever? Well possibly, but it does have some some minor flaws with Invaders and Gangland and it has to compete with Operation Mindcrime, Rage For Order, British Steel and Back In Black, all of which are flawless.
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on 26 March 2010
Dickinsons first album, and I have to say, this is definitely my favourite maiden album of all time and iron maiden are the best metal band ever. If you are a metal fan, then this album is essential for your collection, heres my analysis of each track

1. Invaders: Pretty good intro song, sets tone for album, not quite a classic maiden track but still worth listening to 7/10
2. Children of the dammed: Dead good track, very different to invaders but even better in my opinion, nice and moody 9/10
3. The prisoner: Awesome song, one of my favourite maiden songs ever, very few songs can match its sheer power, a must hear 10/10
4. 22 acacia avenue: another pretty good track not as powerful as other tracks but still worth listening to 8/10
5. Number of the beast: Definitely the best song on the album and my favourite maiden track of all time, an essential track, if you hear one track on the album, make it this one 10/10
6. Run to the hills: Another awesome track, also one of their best tracks, like the prisoner, it too has amazing sheer power and one of the best choruses ever 10/10
7.Gangland: not a brilliant track, doesnt really follow up run to the hills that well but its not bad, probably my least favourite track on the album, a bit of a filler 6/10
8. total eclipse:again, another filler, but still a good track like gangland, worth a listen but not essential 7/10
9.Hallowed be thy name: an instant maiden classic, another essential listen, you must hear it. 10/10
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on 21 July 2009
The shining stars of the NWOBHM movement had two credible albums under their belt with the "cockney sparrer" front man Paul Di'Anno. Many of the songs from these are played in concert.

However, Di'anno just didn't have the ambition to go any further and his indulgences were holding Iron Maiden back, so he was sacked and in came "Air Raid Siren" Bruce Dickinson.

Bruce was in a different league and Number Of The Beast is proof of the excellent decision made by Steve Harris to bring him into the band.

The opening track, Invaders is the story of the Viking invasions - all war,rape,pillage, burnings. Schoolboyish maybe; but still enjoyable.

Track 2:- Children Of The Dammed. One of my favourite ever Maiden songs. Steve Harris songwriting at his best and surely a slap in the face for the dissenters upset about the sacking of Di'anno

Track 3:- 22 Acacia Avenue. A tongue in cheek song about an East End knocking shop and some great guitar work from Murray and Smith

Track 4:- The Prisoner. Steve Harris doesn't like this song. It's not Maiden's best, but I think it's still pretty strong and listen to Steve's basswork on it.

Track 5:- Number Of Beast. One of the best ever title tracks. A great song.

Track 6:- Run To the Hills. Overplayed perhaps, but it introduced many people (myself included) to Iron Maiden, so it does have a special place in my heart. How can you not like a song with such a great intro, played by the then drummer, Clive Burr

Track 7:- Gangland. An underrated song mostly written by Clive Burr.

Track 8:- Total Eclipse. Formally a B side and a welcome addition to the remaster.

Track 9:- Hallowed Be Thy Name. Played live in practically every Maiden concert. One of their most classic songs and what a great way to finish the album

Number Of The beast is not Maiden's best album. But it is far and away their most important and it throughly deserves it's classic status. Number Of The Beast. An essential album to own
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on 7 October 2015
This is Iron Maiden at is best. Run to the hills, the number of the beast, 22 acacia avenue & hallowed by thy name. What a songs. One of the best heavy album. But Iron maiden after fear of the dark have been very poor. Today they are playing
Crap metal with a terrible production.
The number of the beast is the best maiden album ever. What a album. And look what has happened with Iron Maiden today. Only crap album after a crap album.
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on 6 November 2015
Definitely the best album by Iron Maiden. I am no super fan, and although I have been listening to rock music and heavy metal for 26 years, I had never previously bought any Maiden CDs. I heard this on Dr Mosh (Radio 2), and remembered how fantastic Number Of The Beast actually is. I bought it along with several other Maiden CDs and am now waiting for their next UK tour!
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on 13 March 2018
Purchased as a gift so can't review.
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on 19 January 2015
A total classic. I was 13 when this album came out, it was like nothing I'd heard before yet was also strangely familiar, in short, it was the music I had been desperately waiting for. More than 3 decades later it still sounds great, nuff said.
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