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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 21 July 2001
Mogwai are semi-well known or creating some of the most beautiful music around, aswell as for having songs that descend into eardum-threatening noise that sounds like like the end of the world, often at the same time. But did you know you can dance to them? Ok so its been done before, the lets-make-indie-danceable remix album, but this is far from being a case of chuck a dance beat on it and hope it sells, just as much as mogwai are far from 'average' indie. So here we have the fantastic Klute giving summer a 'wierd winter' remix, creating a chilling atmosphere to an original that was far from happy anyway. We get dj q giving 'r u still into it' a chillout/comedown overhall, stripping the original of its vocals. We also get the less-danceable-than-the-original type of remixers, such as surgeon, who mutates 'mogwai fear satan' into a snowball of noise, which would be fine were it not for mogwais own remix of the same song later on, which does pretty much the same without sounding lie a motorbike starting up. We have mogwai's friends and sometime touring partners arab strap, doing a disco megamix of the first few singles, titled 'gwai on 45. And of course for the sonic sadists amoungst the listeners there is alec ampires remix of like herod, which nicks the bassline, changes the timing, and randomly attacks the speakers with scattershot drum 'n bass. Nice. The only problem this album suffers from is that the original songs are too strong for the remixers to improve on them, hence the average mogwai fan will be left cold. Most of the remixes are about as acessable as mogwai themselves, hence preventing new fans joining in on this one, and the remixes are mostly undancable, hence few djs will get any joy out of this one. This is not to say that this is a bad album, just one that will probobly only appeal to the hardcore mogwai fan, which is a real shame, because mogwai are the kind of group that everyone shoud hear, but with this album, that ain't gonna happen. For the hardcore only.
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on 16 May 2000
If there were more stars available i'd give them to this album. you should be warned that it is very different to the other stuff that mogwai have put their name to, but if you think about it, their whole philosophy is about creating new-sounding, interesting, beautiful things that nobody else has ever done before. in that sense this record is totally in keeping with the spirit of mogwai.
it IS dance music; it gets very drum'n'bass in places, a bit orb in other places, but then there's one song on the 2nd cd that lasts 6 minutes and has one note. for mogwai fans to dismiss it because it's dance music is as stupid as someone who hates korn dismissing mogwai because they're guitar music.
i think the 7th and 8th tracks are the best, but it's all fascinating, mostly very beautiful and overall excellent.
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on 22 May 2000
this record is designed for listening to at 6 am, when you've been up all night either on some kind of a trippy voyage of self-discovery or alternatively writing a bast**d long dissertation. in either case it's perfect.
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on 23 August 2000
So different, like every Mogwai album. A wintery work of genius that allows you to experience the good stuff from a different perspective. The chill out tracks are perfection, and the Face the Future Remix is terrifying. The Fear Satan remix is simply bliss. Its just one more reason to live.
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on 15 February 2000
After seeing Mogwai live, I am disapointed with kicking a dead pig. However,after seeing Mogwai live, anything would be dissapointing. I do appreciate their statement and their music has lost nothing from the lack of lyrics...
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on 27 April 2002
a real alternative view to the music of mogwai, with a flavour of pure electronica, break beats and even drum n bass. Listen to the remixes by klute, kid loco, my bloody valentine. its unmissable.
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on 10 May 2000
If you value Mogwai and their music. Do not buy this album. I don't how Mogwai wanted this to turn out or even why they wanted to do such a thing. I mean come's dance music.
I bought this album with the idea of the emotions i felt during Mogwai's other work being portrayed within another context. How wrong i was. As the artistic brilliance they capture on 'real' releases is rather destroyed. Okay, i'm not a big fan of DJ's and dance music. But i really tried to adapt to it.
So if you want the 'real' Mogwai. Try either "Come On Die Young" or "Mogwai Young Team". Not this rubbish. But having said that the remix of Helicon 2 is fairly on equal ground with it studio cousin. But that's the only positive aspect i can find.
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