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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
Here Today Tomorrow
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 27 November 2015
I do love this album but as with many follow up albums it's is not quite up to the high standards of the first and last album by this talented group, but already-fans will still love that chemistry between Bjork and Einar which is evident on stage
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on 8 January 2016
Great Album for Bjork Lovers
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on 1 August 2007
only writing this as both reviews below r slightly incorrect

1- this was not the final album- stick around 4 joy following- with the perfect pop of walkabout and hit included

2- nothing is better than lifes too good!

this album- httnw- worth it for regina alone which is bj and einar at their best
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on 22 May 2013
Excuse me for not going into each song separately, but that's because I'm listening to something else while writing (if you wonder; it's the first Pale Saints-album). Just a quick review, because I really, really like this weirdest of albums of the Sugarcubes. Although I love Björk's voice on this album (by turns sensual, childlike, touching, forceful), for me it wouldn't have been the same without the "irritating shouting voice" of Einar , as I really love the interplay between them. It reminds me of a band like Prolapse (their "Italian Flag"-album is a real masterpiece by the way), so apparently it's just a matter of taste whether you dig Einar's singing or not. Just as I like the soaring "hey hey, Regina"-bit, I like the "I really don't like lobsters" (or was that "do hate lobsters"?) and for me the craziness of the music -which goes a lot of different ways here- and 'duets' makes for a addictive listen I keep coming back to!
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on 8 December 2002
When this LP first came out, people were queuing up to slate it. It didn`t have the sharp poppy irony of `Life`s Too Good`, nor did it have any real test of Bjork`s sublime voice, meaningful songwriting or a control on Einar Orn`s possibly very irritating voice.
I personally think that Einar sounds a lot less irritating on this album, and the combination of Bjork and Einar is a strong one. The songwriting is totally nonsensical, but then, that`s the whole point of the Sugar Cubes` work - it was never intended to be taken seriously. On that basis, when you listen to tracks like `Speed is the Key`, `Eat the menu` and `Dear Plastic`, stop treating them like serious pop tracks, and hopefully you`ll have a big wide grin on your face - because they can be extremely funny, and this album is probably better than the first.
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on 1 March 2001
After 'Life's Too Good', this received lots of bad reviews and turned out to be the band's last album. It's not actually all that bad - it sounds like a quirkier version of the B52s - but if you hated Einar's bizarre shouted raps you'll hate this because he's in almost every song. 'Water' doesn't have him at all, and is the best song of the lot. A lot of the other songs seem to blur into each other, although 'Plastic' and 'Eat the Menu' are perky.
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on 26 September 2010
Easily the best sleeve to don a Sugarcubes album also easily dons their worst album. Never a strong musical group by any means, there still was something to like about them. First and foremost, Björk was there to like. The music has its ups and downs. I hate to sound like I'm jumping on the bandwagon, but it's true; Einar really is untolerable on this album.

To give Here Today Tomorrow Next Week some right, it has its good material to speak of. The best song as far as I'm concerned is "Dream TV", a terrifically catchy rock number with wonderful vocals by Björk. "Planet" is another good number, understated and interesting. "Speed is the Key" has some quite feet-tapping elements to it. "Water" is half-decent, half drifting into nothingness.

HTTNW is a funny album. It seems to harbour no clear musical style, but seeing how almost all of the band used to be a punk band called Kukl, that's to be expected. I hate to sound negative, but most of the material simply is very weak. This clearly was never a strong songwriter's unit and it shows. "Regína" [sic] and "Speed is the Key" somewhat make up for this with their catchiness. "Dear Plastic" and "Eat the Menu" are forgotten immediately.

The biggest and most understandable criticism concerns Einar, the ever-talking "vocalist".. This is easily his most irritating contribution. Here there is not a song without him. What makes it unbearable is that instead of his rather amusing monologues on Life Too Good, most of the time he's screaming things that really get on one's nerves. The first sentence you hear when you pop in the album is "The diesel is so nice", where Einar goes on about sniffing diesel (I am completely serious) while Björk sings about a tidal wave. He even tries to ruin the exquisite "Dream TV", but fortunately the loud music and Björk drown out most of his shrieking. "Nail" is another ultra-irritating contribution of his. And if you're no fan of Einar's, you better skip the final three tracks, one of whom ("Hot Meat") is nothing more than a reworking of Life's Too Good's "Coldsweat" only with more of Einar's rantings. "Speed is the Key" is about the only track where the marriage of Björk's vocals and Einar's rantings truly works.

What ultimately drags Here Today Tomorrow Next Week down is the overall flat roster of music, in spite of some good stuff in-between. "Bee" sounds like an early version of Stick Around for Joy's "Happy Nurse", only not as memorable. The three final tracks of the album feel more like filler than anything - a distinction the sleeve seems to share, as those are the only songs (asides from "Shoot Him") whose lyrics aren't featured.

Björk would certainly do better. If you're not as demanding towards the music as I, perhaps you'll get some fun out of this album. It has its moments. The overall impression it gives me, though, is not a very positive one. Hence my score.
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