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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 14 December 2005
In my opinion this is the most under-rated album from one of our most under-rated bands. By 1988 when this album was released the teen hysteria that had surrounded Duran Duran for most of the decade had waned and there were only 3 of the original members left. So perhaps it is not surprising then that with the pressure off that Duran started to experiment with their music in ways that had started to be restricted by the time 7 & The Ragged Tiger was released at the height of their fame. 'Big Thing' to me signalled a return to the 'Art n Roll' ethos that the band originally stood for, which can be heard when you stand 'Hungry Like The Wolf' next to 'The Chauffeur' on the 'Rio' album, and 'Girls On Film' next to 'Nightboat' on their eponymous debut.. And they do it even better here. 'I Don't Want Your Love' is a great single and made the Top 10 in the UK - but it was 'All She Wants Is' which became a sleeper hit, partly because of its incredible cutting-edge video and a smart use of modern music technology. I think that track has aged incredibly well and has not been appreciated enough. 'Do You Believe In Shame' was woefully under-played and barely scraped the Top 30 but deserved to be a major hit. My favourite tracks on the album are what I would call the 'artier' ones such as 'Palomino' and 'Land'. These in particular showcase Simon's gift for lyric and melody-writing, perhaps inspired by his near-death experience on Drum and his vocals are in good form. My brother stole my tape and used to play 'Marlene' really loud and sing at the top of his voice even though it was very uncool to be into Duran Duran. The only weak track for me is 'Drug' which leaves me cold, it is an oddment on an otherwise excellent album that showcases the real musical talent and creativity of this band. It should be seen as the creative leap that it is instead of being derided because it was released when Duran Duran were no longer the teenybopper's favourites, although to be honest the critics have always slated them and never knew what 'pigeon-hole' to put them in. If anyone wants to listen with an open mind you may be pleasantly surprised at how listenable this really is.
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on 29 September 2010
Although a big Duran fan, this was never one of my fave albums of theirs ... perhaps too funky for my liking, although it was always much redeemed in my eyes for the sublime Do You Believe In Shame ?. Having been collecting the 2010 remasters, there was no way i wasnt gonna buy this, and, like its predecessors in the series, its a great little package. The remaster is again credited to Abbey Road Studios, but sounds fine to me; whether others will find this remastering as poor as the earlier albums i'll let them decide. The first CD is as the original album, except for the Drug (Its Just A State Of Mind), which is the original version as opposed to the remix on previous releases - this change is explained in much more detail on one of the postcards (Amazon state this info is in the booklet, but this is incorrect; the other 4 postcards are band pics).

Much more of interest to me, as with these releases, are the other two discs. Disc 2 contains B sides and single remixes, most of which are on the second Singles Box 2 (86-95), however there are two previously unreleased versions of Big Thing - a 7" and 12" mix - which i actually like more than the album version; much more commercial and faster paced musically. Really Good.

Disc 3 is the DVD, containing a live concert from Milan, Italy in Dec 1988, which looks very good quality, and features a mix of old and new songs. But by far the most important thing for me in the entire package is finally, finally, finally, we get the first time release on DVD of the Do You Believe In Shame ? video, which i think has never been on any DVD video compilations; its always been omitted as a lesser track (i guess) in favour of other vids. Previously, it was only avaialble on the 6ix By 3hree VHS Video. Huzzah!

Was hoping this set might also contain the old VHS video documentary "Three To Get Ready", which i think dates from around this albums time, and i have not seen. But regardless, a nice little set, with artwork in keeping with the album art, and something for everyone on discs 2 and 3. Perhaps i'll appreciate the album a bit more as i give it a re-listen over the next few weeks :)
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on 1 November 2010
Again, the band took their sound in a radically different direction with this album. Many fans of the band's 'traditional' sound (think classics like Rio, Hungry Like The Wolf or A View To A Kill) didn't really take to the album, and I remember it receiving very mixed reviews, some very unfair, when it was released in 1988. The album came out when House music was all the rage, and fitted in perfectly with the times. Listening to it now, songs like I Don't Want Your Love, All She Wants Is, Too Late Marlene, Drug and the haunting Do You Believe In Shame? still sound remarkably fresh and even hip. This is actually the third time I have bought this album. I first owned it on cassette in 1988, then CD in 1993 and I certainly couldn't resist this latest incarnation, especially as the bonus discs contain some rarities, including a live show from their 'Big Tour Thing' series of concerts following the album's release. Highly recommended if you like this band.
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I'm not a big fan of Duran Duran to be honest, but I do tend to buy the odd album. I got this at the time as I loved the I Don't Want Your Love single. The album is pretty cold and stark, certainly compared to their "heyday" albums, but don't let that put you off. There are some truly wonderful tracks on here, particularly the superb "Too Late Marlene" which could be one of DDs best ever tracks.

Buy it and enjoy it.
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on 18 July 2001
Feeling low ?, Put yourself in the Duran electric chair, and get a supercharged jolt of pure adrenalised pop ! Big Thing was not big in the UK, probably because Notorious and Liberty were below average, by Duran standards, and we fans can be so fickle. The title song kicks off the LP with heavy bass and drums, a vibrant intro to the LP, Le Bon grates and stretches his vocal chords alongside shrieking guitars and howling keyboards great stuff. I don't want your love is song two, electro pop, almost under produced, slightly too lightweight ? All she wants is, wow, crank up the rock chords, they must have enjoyed recording this, it feels like fun ! Too late Marlene, who is Marlene ? I don't know, but you feel like you do, the empathy flows as Le Bon wrends this gentle mid tempo ballad from the ordinary, almost Mcartney like in it's plaintive style, a real grower. Drug, Palomino and the two interludes are not inspirational, but hey wait until you hear Do you believe in shame, quite simply a narcotic mix of foggy vocals and ambient instrument sounds, genius songwriting, truly a classic that did not cause a dent in the charts, but will be covered in years to come, take my word for it. Land, is like a girl that you see every day but do not notice, who gradually becomes a part of your psyche, growing incidiously, until you feel her even when she is not there, a terrific gentle ballad, listen to the words please, and understand the message. Edge of America, is a great LP track, again there is a feel to this song, cutting, romantic and honest. Lake shore driving is a quiet finish to the LP, rounding off this quality offering.
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on 5 April 2011
One of Duran Duran's best albums. Great production from a band just getting their act together after having only 3 members, Warren had only just joined the band and was flexing his muscles, All She Wants Is an absolutely thumping, modern dance number, Do You Believe in Shame, Too Late Marlene, Palamino... beautiful ballads... Duran Duran, just because they are not the most successful band in the world anymore, I don't believe they have the confidence to do what they are good at, they try to make music that they think people want to hear... I Don't Want Your Love, the single and my least favourite track, full of House music trickery, no it doesn't work, Look at Edge Of America/Lake Shore Driving, why was this never a single, listened to as one track, absolutely sublime and very self assured. Again Big Thing, brilliant song..

I have always loved your work, and I would say believe in yourself boys cos you have a legion of dedicated fans and they love what you do... Don't pander to the masses who don't appreciate you.. You may never be as big as you once were, but take satisfaction in the fact that you are still loved for what you do and you do have moments of absolute brilliance even after all these years... This is over twenty years old and still a favourite of mine, when will the serious music press take them seriously...
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on 27 September 2009
Duran Duran like Elton John can never be counted out. Just when you relegate their songs to your local HMV bargain bucket, they pen a classic which puts them back in the A bracket. a tragedy that this 1988 album came out in a doldrums of their career because it's absolutely fantastic!!
A follow up to the seamless funk of "Notorious" the 3 piece Duran Duran shellshocked from the loss of two out of their three Taylors released this classic. Autumn 1988 saw U2's desire as well as "I don't want yout love" all dark funk which was no way related to the album that followed. A christmas present from Christmas 1988, I can remember my initial confusion at hearing the album... Big Thing, a big dirty innuenduous rap/funk/rock number which gives way to "I don't want your love". "All she wants is "is crazy acid rock at the bith of Acieeed and Ibiza blew me away. A psychedelic video drenched with innuendo and orgasmic grunts and Warren Cuccurillo's acid vamp guitar.The bass line throbs with synth beats."Too Late Marlene" is a soothing jazz inflected number with beautiful saxophone. "Drug" is average pop, "Do you believe in shame?" is their finest moment yet, a majestic beautiful melodic ride powered by shimmering guitar and a killer bassline which bemoans the death of a dear friend. "Palomino" is Arabic synthesised beauty with languid fluid guitar. "Land" is a georgeous lament to a loved one leaving with accoustic and howling feedback guitar."The edge of America" is a beuatiful sparse accoustic ballad of a dystopian America with "Vigilantes out on dawn patrol" which fuses into the Urban/Jungle/Rock hybrid that is "Lake shore driving."
This album is a perplexing work of art which I place among the ranks of "Seargant Pepper" without the accolades. It began a fertile p[eriod with the brilliant Warren Cuccurilo which would see the band's fortunes return a few years later with "Ordinary World" The worst thing they did was to re-hire the limited useless Andy Taylor again. Check out the fantastic "Live in Milan" concert from '89 which showcases this material.
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VINE VOICEon 5 August 2008
Barcode: 0077778983422

One thing Duran Duran have always excelled themselves at is crafting innovative sounds into instantly appealing pop songs and on Big Thing this skill is showcased to perfection. Delving into house music, swifty cutting out its position in the musical climate of 1988, Big Thing sounds fresh and modern and still stands up remarkably well to this day. Building on the crisp, funk vibes of previous album Notorious, guitar largely takes a back seat on this album, replaced by infectious beats and the trademark Duran Duran synths courtesy of Nick Rhodes.

Album opener and title track 'Big Thing' packs an almost industrial beat backed up by chanting vocals. The next track is 'I Don't Want Your Love' - now, i'm a massive fan of this track, it sees the band at their most catchy and instant and taken with later track Drug highlights the danciest moments on the album. These tracks were made for the dancefloor, and if you're a fan of early house music, these two will go down a treat.

'All She Wants Is' presents another slant on this, a sinister synth bassline driving this track and providing the foundations for the contrast that drives 'Big Thing' as an album. On one hand you have the all-out dance tracks like this, but then, as next track 'Too Late Marlene' showcases, some of the band's most subtle material.

'Too Late Marlene' features a soulful vocal from Simon (who's vocals are largely some of his best ever on this album) over a jazzy piano hook. It's got that hint of the melancholy Duran Duran have always managed to capture so well in their ballads. It is these tracks that reward repeat listens and as the sax solo rolls in on this track you could just completely lose yourself in the music - perfect to chill-out to.

'Do You Believe In Shame?' hints at the adult-pop/rock angle the band would further develop in tracks like 'Ordinary World'. You then get 'Palomino' which summed up in one word is simply 'breathtaking'. Whispered, deliciously sensual vocals against a lush musical backdrop and lyrics of 'the scent of burnt sugar', this is poeticism realised - beautiful.

'Land' and 'Edge of America' continue this theme of atmospheric ballads which lead nicely into album closer 'Lake Shore Driving', a rough and ready instrumental track which is the most guitar heavy song on the album. The band have always had a knack at creating fantastic instrumentals like this one and it rounds the overall sound of the album off nicely. And don't worry, the sudden end on this track isn't a problem on your CD, this really is how the track ends - the band's quirky sense of humour shining through as the tape they were recording on apparently ran out and they just decided to leave the track like that.

So, all in all, I'll confess, i didn't fully 'get' this album the first time i listened to it. While the catchiness of 'I Don't Want Your Love' is undeniable i wasn't sure what to think of the laid back grooves of many of the other tracks. However, when i listened a second time the intricate soundscapes of these tracks began to click into place and i realised what a masterpiece this album really is.

Serving as a perfect bridge between the sounds of Notorious and Liberty, Big Thing is a lost treasure in Duran Duran's expansive back catalogue. A phenomenal piece, it's an extremely consistent album and is well worth a listen.
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on 29 September 2010
I have the old CD of this, I also have the singles box covering the period.

As there's no sign that this has been remastered, is it anything more than an attempt to make me double up on the product? Without better sound?
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on 7 January 2013
Two CDs and a DVD? Loads of bonus material, videos and a concert? This is simply awesome.

Thankfully this round of reissues wasn't plagued by EMI's "don't really care what we're doing" attitude that marred the 'Duran Duran' and 'Seven and the Ragged Tiger' releases.

The real jewel here for fans was the inclusion of two Justin Strauss remixes of "Big Thing" which was mooted as a single, but eventually abandoned (no doubt due to the "appalling" chart placement of third single "Do You Believe In Shame?") .

It's also nice to have the full version of b-side "I Believe / All I Need To Know" which was truncated when released on "All She Wants Is"

Overall a great purchase, loads of excellent music, a great concert and a couple of rarities to justify the outlay.
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