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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 9 March 2000
You may not be the greatest of fans of indie, rock or any genre connected with the latter, but this is one bit of art which is not restricted to its own genre. It is excellent music-making, and still gives me a chill up my spine whenever I pick it up. One of the very best albums I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.
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on 19 November 2005
I bought this record the day it came out. I think it was a Monday in August 1994. I bought it on the strength of Revol and Faster.
This is a challenging album if you want it to be. If you just want fast and hard punk rock its up there with Motorhead, Sex Pistols and Nirvana.
If you want to be educated about history, the human condition and the most contentious issues in humanity then this record will burn in your soul for ever.
Richie Edwards / Nicky Wire did not make it easy for James Dean Bradfield. These lyrics are incredibly dificult to sing. He is a sensation. The voice of the decade. Every part of his body is utilised to get it right.
I liked the albums that preceeded this, Everything Must Go is very good and they havent really done anything of real note since then. The Holy Bible however stands head and shoulders above any thing else they have done. In fact I believe it is a record that has never been done before and will never be done again.
I will always wonder if they could ever have done another one like this. I will always be gratfull to them for giving me this masterpiece.
Thank you and god bless Manics.
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on 5 August 2002
Where should I start, well track one should be a good idea. Firstly though for all those that dismiss the Manics and think that Everything Must Go is their debut, listen to this. It may not be as heavy as In Utero but it is a hell of a lot darker and it is infinately better lyrically.
Yes tackles prostitution and is an explosive start to the album leaving you with a taste for more.
Ifwhiteamerica... is all about the American gunlaws and has easily the most scathing lyrics, addressing the american governments as being rascist. Amazing Song with fantastic harmony - worth listening out for.
Of Walking Abortion continues the rock and in fine style with once again fantastic lyrics
She is Suffering is a calmer track and is in a word "Beautiful" which is kind of ironic considering the lyricall nature of the song "Beauty is such a terrible thing". One of the best songs ever.
Archives of Pain is fantastic, deals with the glamourisation of sereal killers, another classic rock track, Pure Gold.
Revol. is a song that the band themselves absolutely hate, despite this it is a really good song, about Love and Leaders and how they use it. (Revol. .loveR get it?!)
4st 7lbs is chilling and beautiful and disgusting and vile and one of the best songs on the album. Dealing with anorexia great lyrics are met with a haunting tune and vocals from James Dean Bradfield.
Mausoleam is a return to rock and deals with an obvious subject matter. Great song one of my favourites.
Faster is quite simply one of THE most popular songs amongst real manics fans and its easy to see why. It is fast paced, great lyrics great tune, vocals, guitars all perfect.
This is Yesterday is another beautiful track that even your mum will like, it is well crafted and a welcome cool down break.
I admit that when I first got this album I dissmissed the next two songs, but after a relisten I love them.
Die in the Summertime is the most alternative and hard to approach song on the album. It contains my favourite lyric of all time, "Scratch my leg, with a rusty nail, sadly it heals. Colour my hair but the dye grows out, I cant seem to stay a fixed ideal".
The Intense Humming of Evil despite having a very chilling minute long sample as an intro is very good and very clever lyrically. Again slower then most but still as dark.
PCP is my favourite song of all time, its perfect. The pace, the vocals, the bass, the drum roll, the drums, the harmony, and especially the little guitar riff after every second line. It is a fine crafted song that just keeps getting better.
If your music taste is rubbish then stay away, but if you want to hear the greatest album ever written, The Holy Bible of Rock Music, get this and read the lyrics and get depressed but then realise that theres more to life. Then go and read Octave Mirbeau's Torture Garden
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on 22 November 1999
the manics has created a bit of a stir before this came out - by talking rubbish on TV and so on but really only had a couple of good songs (condemned to rock'n'roll) and a few good lyrics (motorcycle emptiness). And then this: hardly a weak track and lyrics of serious quality. It is one of the best sung LPs ever - you can tell that james didn't write the words, that they're not his and that gives them an extra edge. This record has a unique atmosphere - what came after is sometimes sublime (the everlasting) but this will remain the Manics record: great title, great pictures, great intros, great songs. Yes!
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on 11 March 2001
this is a great album. it is very dark, it covers many issues from eating disorders, suicide, depression and the '84 miners strike. this album is a must whatever your musical tastes, you need to hear the genius in the album, the best thing is it is so 'real'.
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on 4 November 1999
Of all the good/not so good stuff the Manics have done - this has to be easily the best. Despite the fact that it's almost 6 years old, it appears to be timeless! It's like their own style of indie+ grrrr/rock which is a cut above the rest.
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on 10 January 2016
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on 8 November 2000
The most Manic Ever. Written shortly before Richey's disappearance it takes in suicide and anorexia via the holocaust and mass murderers. Not for the causual Manic fan but brilliant none the less.
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on 25 October 2014
A very good album from the Manics. Many regard it as their best. Personally I prefer some of their other offerings but this is still very good. Bought to replace the copy I had on cassette.
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on 1 November 1999
This is the Manics at their best not the easiest album to listen to perhaps but well worth the effort far better than their latest main stream middle of the road stuff.
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