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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 September 2001
Dig Your Own Hole is not merely another EPD. An important album that should be recognised for bridging the gap between Rock and Techno. Block Rockin' Beats and Setting Sun are the most recognised of these tunes, as they feature twisted guitar riffs and drum loops to give something that many of us never thought could exist; Techno and Rock together. However, Tom and Ed don't forget how to make pure, unrefined Electronic music, either, with tracks like Get Up On It Like This, and the trippy Lost In The K-Hole (K standing for Ketamine, you get the picture.) It's a much rawer sound than EPD's, and as such is quite a handful. However, Tom and Ed's highlight is left to the end. The Private Psychedelic Reel. The name alone is enough to realise that this is a mammoth track, which is nothing short of genius. Never have I heard a song a awesome as this. Futuristic sounds and whizzing noises lead to the climactic end, with an awesome electronically enhanced clarinet solo. The track is brilliant throughout. Too difficult to describe it anymore, the best thing to do is listen to it yourself.
It places above the commercial misery that is Surrender, but isn't quite as good as EPD on the whole.
Oh, and Don't Stop The Rock and It Doesn't Matter are class.
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on 18 April 2001
In 1995 the Chemical Brothers brought big beat to the world with their classic album exit planet dust. Dig Your Own Hole took the earth - shaking sounds of the first album and took it to a whole new level. Dig Your Own Hole was the first album that can truly claim to not only have brought together rock and dance music but to have created something totally new at the same time. The album takes guitar hooklines and fuses them with sirens and beats so immense that they probably shouldn't be lega,l to create an album unlike any other. The album opens with the titanic "Block Rockin' Beats" (which is worth the asking price alone) and this sets the tone for an hour - long sonic assault on your senses. The pace is held steady with the main highlights being "Elektrobank," "Piku," "Get up on it like this" and possibly the Chemicals' finest hour "Private Psychedelic Reel." Contributors Noel Gaalgher, Beth Orton and Kool Herc make an appearance, and all make a substantial input to the tracks they're on. While personally, I like all the tracks, "Don't Stop the Rock" is the worst thing the Chemicals have ever done and is of a lower standard to the rest. This nearly pushes the album down to 4 stars but the rest is so good that you won't be disappointed. All in all a measured, controlled, skillfully produced album that has everything, from all out dance to moments of real beauty that not even Leftism can match. Everyone needs a copy of this album, buy it yesterday.
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on 15 April 2005
Here's my review of 'Dig Your Own Hole':
1. Block Rockin' Beats: 9/10- pure quality breakbeat funk
2. Dig Your Own Hole: 10/10- one of the phattest tunes ever
3. Elektrobank: 7/10- well produced, but a bit too much in the mix I'd say
4. Piku: 7.5/10- funky little number, nothing special
5. Setting Sun: 9/10- big, funky and fresh, a good party tune
6. It Doesn't Matter: 4.5/10- well produced, uninspired techno
7. Don't Stop The Rock: 5.5- flashes of a real good tune are revealed, but the track is too monotonous
8. Get Up On It Like This: 8/10- quite funky & cool
9. Lost In The K Hole: 10/10- my fave- those chimes take me to heaven, and the bassline is gorgeous
10. Where Do I Begin: 9.5/10- blissful, chilled breakbeat
11. The Private Psychedelic Reel: 10/10- epic and phat at the same time, this track is a true dance classic.
Overall: This album contains a few real killers, but too many fillers for it to be a classic. The good tracks are bloody good, though.
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on 2 May 2001
An quite breath-takingly brilliant piece of work only surpassed (or equalled???) in recent years by fellow genius' Leftfield and The Prodigy. Dig Your Own Hole is an album where any song can be listened to depending on your mood. The obvious title track & 'electrobank' being the highlights are for when your in the mood for a laugh and 'where do i begin' is the perfect song to chill out to.......SUPERB album shame about the horribly commercial follow-up
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In the mid to late 90's dance and electronica stood its own ground alongside the Britpop movement and The Chemical Brothers were an act who rode the crest of that wave.

I remember buying Dig Your Own Hole on the day it was released, no MP3 downloads in those days, I rocked up to my local Virgin Megastores and snapped up a copy. I was, literally, stunned at the tracks on this album, they blew me out of my shoes.

Looking back, with 16 years of developing musical tastes I still like to revisit this album and it has not aged at all.

From the chart friendly 'Block Rockin' Beats' to the Britpop nod of 'Setting Sun' and moving onto more analogue-like, tone pieces such as 'Private Psychedelic Reel' there is a lot on offer here.

As my audio budget has increased I have begun to pick out nuances and details in this album that I have never heard before. I am currently using an iBasso DX50 player, KEF M500 headphones and have ripped the album to high quality FLAC files.

As I type I am listening to 'It Doesn't Matter' and am smiling to myself. The bass dives low, to sub levels and my cans are moving some air to push it out. The crackling drums pan left to right, opening up the soundstage. Just amazing. Towards the end of the track the synths and drums stop, leaving only the slightly crackling, deep bass thrum that tickles and pulses the ears. What strikes me here is how good this recording is, it is amazingly well engineered and does not fall apart when listened to on decent equipment.

Towards the albums end it rolls into a couple of come-down tracks, rather like the Narcotic Suite at the end of the Prodigy's Music For The Jilted Generation. First up is the sublime 'Where Do I begin' with a sweet, yet slightly maudlin Beth Orton singing gently over a rolling guitar chord, in the background there is a sweet bass roll and panning synths. The track builds to a strident crescendo before segueing neatly into the absolute standout track, 'The Private Psychedelic Reel.'

This is an absolute belter, a slow builder of a bass loop with a perfectly entwined synth accompaniment, the layers slowly build until a clatter of drums propels the track into a higher gear of energy and excitement.

A perfect album, gorgeous sounds that still feel fresh and vibrant 16 years down the road.

A watershed moment for the Chemical Brothers.

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on 1 May 2007
Way back when, this was one of the defining big beat albums. Massive percussion, explosions etc underneath layers of almost discordant samples and loops. It broke the Brothers into the mainstream with Block Rockin Beats leading the way on the radio, and Setting Sun ticking the celebrity vocals box.

Ten years on, this remains a cracking album. The tracks merge into one soundtrack, which veers between the plaintive Where Do I Begin to the real hardcore mid section of the album. Sometimes you get a nice neat packaged chorus sing a long, and sometimes you get a real mashup of noise. But the quality shines through. And if you turn it up all the way to 11, then it becomes just awesome, the subtleties, the balance of the different layers, brilliant....

Probably not the best place to start for a Chemical beginner, maybe Push the Button or Surrender are more user friendly. But this one put some commercial shine on the raw promise of Exit Planet Dust. If you like your dance with a big phat beat underneath, then this is one for you.
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on 7 March 2002
After the very uncelebrated first album, which still stands as a break-through in break beat masterery, the Chemical Brothers second album is the album to which an unmistakable standard has been set. This should be an ablum to take pride of, in any collection. From the first breathtaking beats of Block Rockin Beats to the final harmonic end of the Private Psychadelic Reel you will transported through an album which has a track for everyone. With guest vocalists Noel Gallagher and Beth Orten making their mark on the ablum in their own particular way, is there anymore could a person ask for from two incredible guys? After listening to this album, music doesn't sound the same any more. I cannot recommend it enough.
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on 20 June 2001
hi, by the time you've read this review you've read ten others very similar. i'll keep it short. the opener, BLB, is excellent, Elektrobank moves you, Get Up On It Like This groves you, Lost In The K-Hole (personal fave) chills you and the 'Reel invigorates you. All the tracks are classic, including the ones that no-one else likes (it doesn't matter, don't stop the rock). buy it the day before yesterday!!!
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on 25 January 2002
Many people I know diss this album and the whole breakbeat scene, but this album takes you on more of a journey than any nu metal garbage ever can. From the hype of 'Block Rockin Beats', stopping off at the f***ed up psycedelia of 'Piku', the rock-techno riot of 'Setting Sun', and the calm of 'Where Do I Begin' and 'Private Psychedelic Reel', this is an abosolute classic. Even if you don't like dance music, this is a must have for any music collection. A true milestone in the British music scene.
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on 7 December 2010
Comment in spanish: A pesar de que han pasado ya muchos años desde su lanzamiento, Dig your own hole continua siendo uno de los mejores cd de su genero. Además, la caja es bestial, emula la forma de las cajas de vinilos pero en versión reducida, toda absolutamente toda la caja es como la de los vinilos pero en tamaño CD, incluso el CD va guardado con la típica funda de los vinilos, es incluso el mismo material. Genial.
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