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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 October 2003
When I first heard this album I thought it was a bit weird. I listened to it again and a realized that its meant to be weird! But the really amazing thing is that this ( when listened closely ) actually makes a lot of sense and relaxes you. Some of the songs sound like your in a lift but they are so good that you woulden't mind being stuck in a lift with this album playing. I intend to buy more beastie's albums to keep me melo and keep my mind at ease.
Some songs make you laugh, some you sing along to some you dance to. Rock, Jazz, Hip-hop this album has everything and succeds in mixing it into a blend of brilliance that everyone can enjoy.
If you do not own this album buy it right away!!!
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on 6 September 2011
It starts OK with raunchy monster jaunts such as Super Disco Breaking, Body Movin', Intergalactic, and one of the BB's cool instrumental grooves. Then tracks 8 to 13 are entirely missable shouting and harsh noise, before cool service resumes with Song For Junior. The CD may now be safely allowed to play right through to the end. The cool grooves are here interspersed with slightly more off-kilter offerings. Dedication, and the contribution from Dr. Lee Scratch Perry are great. You need this album as a source to use alongside Check Your Head and Ill Communication.
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on 3 October 2012
I am a huge Beasties fan and own every album, single they've released. For me Hello Nasty just edges it over Check Your Head and Pauls Boutique as my favourite album.
I remember purchasing Hello Nasty on release day and my jaw hitting the floor on hearing opening medley of "Super Disco Breakin" "The Move" and "Remote control". In fact it took me a few days to play any more of the album as those first three songs we just so good I had them on constant repeat.

With MCA (RIP) focused on the Tibetan Freedom cause and Mike D running the Grand Royal/XXL empire, Hello Nasty was the result of Adrock with too much time on his hands, an SP1200 and loads of old samples. I love the fact the album manages to sound old school with more than a nod to Africca Bambaata but also fresh and new.

Hello Nasty spawned the huge singles (and great accompanying videos) "Intergalactic" "Body Movin" and "3 MCs and 1 DJ" which are still awesome to this day but, like with all Beasties albums there is so much more to the album than the big hip-hop singles. There's Dub courtesy of Lee Scratch Perry and "Dr Lee Phd" There's their sensitive side in MCA's "I don't know", minimalist electro "Instant death", weird instrumentals like "Sneaking out the Hospital" and the loungy (is that a word?) "Picture This". I understand many may find the album's different genres just too varied and weird, but I love the variety. My one minor fault is and at 22 tracks it is a little too long and does slightly lose it's way at the end. This is only a minor niggle though in an album which is close to perfection.
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on 17 January 2013
This is a good album. There are some brilliant tracks on it, and one or two weaker ones. I think they have better albums, which is why I only give it three stars, as some of the other albums are just genius, but this one is good.
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on 13 February 2003
Having been the first white artists to hit the top in hip hop with a very punky approach and old-skool party sound, the Beasties haven't been hguely prolific over the years - this was their 5th album, 4 years after the 4th, and as of February 2003 they've all but disappeared again. With 22 tracks there's potential for variety, and that they certainly offer.
There's lots of pure hip hop on here. 3 MCs and 1 DJ is the track many regard as the best, a view I'd go along with, as Mixmaster Mike's turntable work adds a lot to the raps. The single Remote Control is anotehr firm favourite, the chorus making great use of the decks. The very short Just A Test, Putting Shame In Your Game, and the big singles Intergalactic and Body Movin' are pretty ace as well.
Sadly, the experimental moments are often less successful. Tracks like Instant Death make poor attempts to add emotion to the proceedings, Flowin' Prose is just a bad Tricky parody (in general, parts of the album can be accused of being inspired by the people who the Beasties inspired in the first place), and a lot of the stuff after track 12 is utterly forgettable - the raps seem to lose their urgency after this point as well. Picture This and the instrumental Sneakin' Out the Hospital are perhaps the best of the experiments.
Still, its a 22 track album, well over an hour, meaning that you can drop 20 minutes worth of material and still ahve an excellent hip hop opus.
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on 7 February 2000
I bought this album after hearing the tracks like Intergalactic, Body Movin, Super Disco Breakin. And I thought the whole album would be like that, but then you get tracks likeSong For The Man, And Me, and I Don't Know, which are totally different styles. It just makes it better, and this album is a must for any Beastie fan, or fan of music in General. Phat Album!
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on 13 October 1999
I waited a long time for this CD! I think the Beastie Boys left four years or so between Hello Nasty and the last proper album, Ill Communication. There were rumours going round about this album for quite a while; I heard it was going to be called 'Submarine' at one point. Anyway it's good, and worth the wait. With a huge 22 tracks, this is the pretty much longest BB album so far. As on IC, there's a real mix of styles here; if anything, they seem to shy away from the thrashiness of 'Sabotage' and veer towards their traditional hip-hop roots. The best stuff is, let me see, 'Super Disco Breakin' (mainly because the police siren break is so cool), 'Remote Control' (no relation to the Clash song), 'Body Movin', 'Three MC's and One DJ'... the list goes on. I didn't think 'Intergalactic' was a great choice of opening single - but the video WAS funny.
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on 15 May 2003
One of their best albums- I recommend that you nuy it. With the excellent Intergalactic, 3 mc's, remote control, and the rest. The interesting skits between songs and some of the more experimental stuff make this a great album for the new beastie boy and the old. Get it.
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on 21 February 2001
This is definately my favorite b-boys cd yet although I do own the other ones and there really cool too,So with a bonus cd at a quite cheap price makes it a must...if you don't buy it I suggest you change your musical choice of appreciation to this style,NOW!
here are some points that might help for the people still considering:
*22 tracks of pure gold music with different types and styles of music throughout the album
*bonus cd with 4 tracks such as: body movin'(fatboy slim remix),
Intergalactic (Prisoners of technology),
*Nice pacaging with lyrics,cool graphical spacey pictures in such as rockets,sardine cans (the usuall suspets of space) and it folds out nicely
*it has the loverly mint sounds of the following singles: Body Movin', Intergalactic, The Negotiation Limerick File, Electrify,
*You can trust the Beastie Boys they have been around for a long time and there techniquies to make music have been almost perfect(room to improve)
*it's cheap for what it is
*Abarcode on the back(can you beleive it!, fantastic!)
If you don't fancy the HELLO NASTY LP then try these also kick ass LP's: LICENCED TO ILL, ILL COMMUNICATION, CHECK YOUR HEAD, PAULS BOUITIQUE, THE SOUND OF SCIENCE(the best of basically), also quite cool EP's too: Aglio 'e 'olio(punk ep), The in sound from way out, Some old bulls**t, Polly wog stew, Plus the new BS2000 album by an Beastie Boy(sounds good)
GO ON FORTH MY FRIEND AND WORSHIP THY B-BOY'S CREATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 9 March 2000
Question? Where can you get Spanish singers, Jamacian reggae, Lottery adverts, and references to tangerines on the same record? Answer: Hello Nasty
This is probably the peak of the Beasties' work, bringing together all that they do best and making it better. Old Skool is the way to be, and don't they know it. The best track has got to be '3 Mc's and One DJ', that should not bring down the rest of the album. As well as the posturing of 'Super Disco Breakin'' you get the thoughtful sides like 'Song For The Man'. The collaborations are numerous, with heavyweights like Lee Perry, Lucious Jackson, Money Mark and Mixmaster Mike all bringing stength to the album. This is definately the sound of science. If it was possible, this would get 6 out of 5.
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