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...Baby One More Time
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£3.44+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 27 April 2017
Case came completely cracked! This appears to be a common thing when I buy CDs from Amazon and I don't know why!
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on 28 June 2017
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on 30 June 2000
Britney Spears - just the name strikes a chord in the heart of every living boy and man. And the girl is more than just good looks.
Her debut album, hot of the heels of the enormous success of Baby One More Time, is, if nothing else, a mixed bag. Spears chooses not to constantly reuse the Baby One More Time blueprint as with her second album - rather, she uses this style once more with (You Drive Me) Crazy, and then uses a variety of different musical types.
Sometimes, the sleepy ballad of Summer '99, is pleasantly catchy, and avoids the twisted wretchedness of Jessica Simpson-style ballads. The other single released, Born to Make You Happy (which is slightly longer on the album than on the single) is a rich, melodious sounding song which conveys a great deal of emotion, despite the throwaway lyrics.
Spears switches to Hanson-style guitars with the seventh track, and this graces the album with a light feeling, and the Pokemon song Soda Pop is an amusing, light rap.
The quality of the album deteriorates somewhat towards the end, as Britney resorts to slow moving songs that are neither ballad nor upbeat, and a cover of Sonny and Cher's 'The Beat Goes On.' Nonetheless, she does manage to keep them sounding spirited, and resists the temptation to moan and groan miserably, instead bringing in new singer Don Philip to supplement her own husky, yet sweet voice.
Overall, this album conveys innocence - Britney sounds younger and less experienced here than she does now, and while this isn't detrimental on the songs, it is worth listening to for a comparison, to today's mega-sexy Britney in red catsuits and sporting hair extensions.
It's nothing if not enjoyable and catchy, and in the world of pop, depth doesn't really matter - the fact that some of these songs have it is a bonus. Anyone who likes Britney Spears will relish the pure, American feel to this album. It may not be the most mature sounding music ever, but it's fun, and it's catchy, and it's popular. In this case, that's more than enough.
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on 10 November 2000
This is a brilliant pop record with catchy choruses and brilliant melodies. The lyrics are often a bit cheesy, but that simply adds to the fun of the record.
1. Baby One More Time - Superb. Even though it was played all the time on radio, this is still a great song. 10/10
2. You Drive Me Crazy - I prefer this version to the single remix. It's fresh and funky, and it even has electric guitars in it! 10/10
3. Sometimes - Quite pleasant, but ultimately rather boring. Nice chorus. 8/10
4. Soda Pop - One of the worst songs on the album. I couldn't fathom the lyrics and the melody is quite annoying, but it's amusing to listen to now and again. 6/10
5. Born To Make You Happy - Probably the best song on the album. A gorgeous melody, and a great chorus. Britney's vocals are a bit shaky in parts though. 10/10
6. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart - The name of the song pretty much sets you up for what the song is like. A (very) slow ballad telling the tale of an evil male who broke the heart of poor Britney. It's quite pretty though (even if it's very long) and it's one of the better songs. This might have been intended to be a single, as the lyrics are printed on the sleeve. 8/10
7. I Will Be There - A brilliant song. It sounds a bit like "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia, although more uptempo and perky. It also sounds quite similar to a song Celine Dion recorded (I forget what it's called). It's uptempo guitar pop with a monstrously catchy chorus. I think it should've been a single. 10/10
8. I Will Still Love You - The best ballad on the album, this is more uptempo than songs like #5 or #11. Britney's voice is really pretty on this song. The chorus is really catchy too. This is a duet with some guy called Don Phillip. He sounds more feminine than Britney, but he'll probably gain massive success after performing on this track. 10/10
9. Deep In My Heart - A nice, dancey pop song. Very uptempo and catchy. It was written by the same people who wrote "Sometimes", but it's a lot better. It's got a cool chorus and some nice effects in the background. I think this is a bonus track. 9/10
10. Thinking About You - I hate this song. It's the worst song on the album. It's awful, it's just really bad. The melody doesn't stay in your head for more than a minute and there's some weird vocoder effects. Surely there were better songs available than this! 4/10
11. Email My Heart - Despite a nauseating title, this is actually a pretty good song. It's a slow ballad with some really bad lyrics (like, "it's been hours seems like days/since you went away/and all I do is check the screen/to see if you're okay") but it's really nice. 9/10
12. The Beat Goes On - I prefer this version to the original version. It's got a nice beat and Britney's voice is on good form for it. Very funky and cool, although the same melody with a different singer released this as a single before. Still very good though. 9/10
All in all, this is a great pop album with some of the best pop tunes in a long time. There's also a multimedia section with the Baby One More Time video, which is very good quality, and some interview clips and some pictures, which are very interesting, the latter in particular. I would recommend anyone get this album, and I'm sure they wouldn't regret it.
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on 31 December 2016
Classic pop from an icon of today. Still as good today as it was when she first released it.
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on 1 June 2000
This is a superb album! It really is!
1) "...Baby One More Time" - this is a really good song! Everyone's heard it, we all loved it, and even now, I can't say I hate it! Really good! 9/10
2) "(You Drive Me) Crazy" - the album version of this song is SO much better than the version she released! Honestly, the album version is SO good! 10/10
3) "Sometimes" - I really love the video for this! It's so good! Anyway, a really meaningful song - very good! 10/10
4) "Soda Pop" - Despite what most people say, I really like this song! My best friend got the album before me, and I drove her mad by asking her (when I was at her house) to flick it back on to "that cool song"! It does wear off eventually, though! 9/10
5) "Born To Make You Happy" - A really good song - this was a favourite from the beginning. I really believe the words, and at the time when I bought it, I could REALLY REALLY relate to the words... 10/10
6) "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" - A really good, yet sad, song - very good! 9/10
7) "I Will Be There" - This is a cool song - I really like it. One of my favourites. 10/10
8) "I Will Still Love You" - This is a really sad duet with Don Phillips, but I really, really like it! 10/10
9) "Deep In My Heart" - This track is on the single of "Oops!...I Did It Again" and until I bought that single, I absolutely adored this song! But it does wear off you eventually, but it's still really good. 9/10
10) "Thinkin' About You" - This is probably my favourite track at the moment. Really good. 10/10
11) "E-mail My Heart" - I like this song. It's a bit strange though - it's quite sad too. It's still really good, despite the fact that it's quite slow. 9/10
12) "Beat Goes On" - This is one we've all heard before, but I haven't a clue who sang it before Britney. I love it though! 10/10
Overall, I give this album 11/10! It's so good!
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on 3 February 2002
Although it may seem expensive, this package is extremely good value. The cover shown is the outer sleeve, to keep the package as whole.
Inside is the album with 2 tracks on top of the UK version. There is also a promotional exclusive single of Crazy - Stop remix, with an extra track Autumn Goodbye. The best thing is the poster booklet, exclusive to this Asia edition, with photo shoots from her early days.
What stands out is that the exclusive extra tracks are probably the best (including the remixes) - This package is highly collectible.
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This is a great album, this version has the bonus songs 'autumn goodbye', 'ill never stop loving you' and 2 remixes of Baby one more time. I would say if you dont have the album already it is worth buying this one for the extra tracks. You would only want to rebuy it for the extra tracks if you are a big Britney fan, but it is worth it!! Out of the old songs my faves are 'deep in my heart', 'thinkin about you' , 'sometimes' and 'you drive me crazy'. Definetly recommended.
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on 14 August 2003
Britney’s first album unleashed her great talent of singing and introduced her into the pop world. This album contains a mixture of mostly catchy pop tracks and slow, emotional ballads. Overall, it’s a nice first effort from Britney, as if you have 'Britney' and 'Oops I Did It Again,' you may find it interesting to see how her voice grows stronger, and how her music has changed so much! So many fans will like this first album as it's filled with more sweet, cute, poppy tracks, which she was famous for!
*Catchy pop tracks*
(1) Baby One More Time- (10/10) #1 feisty pop track- the best on the album.
(2) (You Drive Me) Crazy- (8/10) This is the original version and is more poppy than the edgey remix released as the single. The remix is better..
(3) Sometimes-(9/10) Bouncy, sweet pop tune with a great chorus and vocals. Britney’s voice sounds sweet and young.
(4) Soda Pop-(7/10) A summer anthem of pop, with a bit of reggae. This song is very quirky, summery, fun and catchy.
(7) I Will Be There-(10/10) A very catchy ‘Britney’ type of song produced by Max Martin. Great lyrics, music, explosively catchy chorus. Could have been a single!
(9) Deep In My Heart-(8/10) Poppy, sweet song where Britney’s voice sounds so young compared to new tracks like ‘Anticipating’ and ‘Overprotected.’
(12) The Beat Goes On- (7/10) This song sounds very much like the original and is basically a filler.. Not one of the bests…
*Sweet, sugar filled ballads*
(5) Born To Make You Happy-(10/10) The great, #1 heart-warming ballad by Britney with great music, lyrics and vocals from Britney. Great track!
(6) From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart-(9/10) Very nice ballad to listen to during cold winter days… Nice lyrics, music and Brit sings very well on this.
(8) I Will Still Love You-(9/10) An excellent duet ballad sounding a bit like Britney’s ‘Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know.’ Nice music and lyrics- very memorable song!
(10)Thinkin’ About You-(7/10) A bouncyish ballad.. Not one of the best…
(11)Email My Heart-(7/10) A slow, calm ballad where Britney’s voice sounds a bit depressing to match the atmosphere of the song.. Not one of the best…
Some great songs on the album and it’s a nice first attempt from Britney!! A great album to add to your collections!
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on 2 March 2013
This is the album that started it all, and is also the best selling album by a teenage solo artist of all time. Which is a massive achievement.

This CD came before any of the head shaving, umbrella attacks, children and her truly incredible comeback. Here, we see a fresh faced beautiful sultry teenager, singing some truly great pop songs.

Baby One More Time - Everyone in the world must have heard this song at some point in their life. The video has become infamous and is considered to be one of the most iconic videos of all time. It propelled to the top of the charts in every single country that it charted, and it's easy to see why. It's catchy, it's fun, you can dance to it, and most of all it's timeless. If you hear it on the radio today (2013) it still seems fresh and fun even though everyone's heard it a million times. Is it a great pop song? Yes. Is it the best song ever? No, and it's by no means her best song either. I like many of the other songs on the album a lot more than this, but perhaps thats just from it being overplayed on my iPod - 9/10

(You Drive Me) Crazy - This was the third single from the album, and one of the most successful. The album version and the single version are very different, I personally prefer the album version. It's great for dancing to, the lyrics are fun, the video is great and I think it's very relatable for all teenagers/adults out there. Although a great song, it's not one of the album's best. - 6/10

Sometimes - This has always been one of my favourite Britney songs. It's sweet, innocent and has beautiful lyrics and a soothing beat. Her voice sounds great on the track as well. Overall - 10/10

Soda Pop - Many people are split on this song. It's very unusual, and is inspired my Reggae music. I personally think it's great, especially for the summer, if your lying on a beach. She does sort of sound like Christina Aguilera at times though, which for me, as I'm not a big fan of her shouting voice is not a particularly good thing. Another downside is that even after all these years, I still don't know the lyrics because I can't understand what she is saying. - 7/10

Born To Make You Happy - This was originally meant to have sexualised lyrics but Britney decided she wasn't grown up enough to sing them, so they were changed. Even now, the lyrics sound quite sexual but it doesn't really matter. The song is great. It's cute, and Britney sounds perfect on it. - 8/10

From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart - I always wondered why this was chosen as a single, there were better ballads on the album (I Will Still Love You, E-Mail My Heart) but it's still a sweet, simplistic song. - 7/10

I Will Be There - With a beginning that sounds like Natalie Imbruglia's 90's hit Torn, it all sounds very familiar, it's still a good song however. It's just not the most original sounding song in the world. Lyrically it's great, music wise it's okay. - 7/10

I Will Still Love You - This is a duet with Don Philip who recently audition for The X Factor USA, on which Britney was a judge. It's a cute song and would have made a better single choice than From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart, their voices compliment each other really well, but Britney overpowers Don occasionally, because she has a stronger voice. Overall, a good song - 8/10

Thinkin' About You - This is by far the worst song on the album, it's not that it's a dreadful song, it's just very dull. Not really much you can say about it apart from that - 3/10

E-Mail My Heart - This is definitely the song that should have replaced From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart as a single choice, however I can understand why they chose not too, as her record label decided that e-mail's may not be around for very long, and it would feel dated. I guess, to some extent it does, as e-mails these days are mostly reserved for business and work related things. If it was released now it would most likely be called 'Tweet My Heart' or 'SMS my heart' It's a very good ballad though, and showcases her vocal talent phenomenally. - 9/10

Beat Goes On - This is a cover of the Sonny and Cher hit, it's fun, but slightly repetitive (as it was when it was originally released in 1967) - 5/10


Deep In My Heart - A cute little song co-wrote by Britney herself, and is one of my favourites on the album - 8/10

I'll Never Stop Loving You - Another cute little ballad, nothing special but still highly enjoyable - 7/10

Autumn Goodbye - I have always wondered why this track wasn't put in the original album. It's fun, and great to sing along to! - 9/10

Conclusion : No wonder Britney Spears became a worldwide sensation with a debut album (in the 90's which might I add was a terrible decade for music) like this. It is a perfect pop album. It's simple, fun, easy to sing along to, and although the majority of her albums are better than this one, it will never be forgotten.
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