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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 9 November 2017
Bring it!
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on 23 January 2002
I bought this album back in february of 2001 and it is still one of my fauvorites. It hasn't bored me at any time and thats quite good after nearly a year. Standout tracks are "Mi Casa", "YOU", "Da Rockwilder", "Tear It Off","Big Dogs" and "Well All Rite Cha". If you're a big hardcore hiphop fan and u aint got this yet. GO GET IT NOW!!!!!!!
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on 11 March 2016
Wicked collabo meth & red , best album I heard in a long time
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on 2 September 2003
There are many double acts that will be remembered in Hip-hop for a long time as two different rap styles which just connect together to create a unique sound - Raekwon & Ghostface Killah; Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg; Eric B & Rakim; and finally, Method Man & Redman.
The duo mix together two totally different rappers - Redman uses a funkier sound and has a squeakier voice, a rap style that is almost sickly - too much of it can ruin the whole experience. Therefore, this album is probably the best way to enjoy Redman's talents. He does a lot of rapping, but his sickliness is balanced out by his partner in crime.
Method Man contrasts Redman's funky style, as Meth's solo albums feature bleak, almost uncomfortable beats but a killer flow that leaves the listener in admiration and not caring that his beats are quite hard to listen to. Meth's voice is also a massive contrast on Redman's, Meth having a deep, rugged yet somehow quite smooth voice.
The two styles compliment each other perfectly - so you should expect nothing but the best from Blackout.
The album is gently introduced with an introduction which shows what Red & Meth have in common with other rappers - they like smoking a certain substance. This intro leads nicely into what will be possibly the song that has the most initial appeal on the whole album.
That song being Blackout. Featuring a catchy tune that you'll be humming afterwards, this song almost deserves praise for that alone. And the lyrics, like most of this song, have initial appeal - long flows with several words all using the same rhyming sound make this very easy on the ear. However, the song is shallow: firstly, the beat is relentless throughout the whole song, so whilst it's catchy you will tire of it eventually. Also, while the lyrics are good, there's no hidden meaning or purpose - in fact they make very little sense, it's almost like an audio version of the rhyming dictionary. This song will be the one you play over and over when you buy this album - and the one you 'grow out of' as you progress onto the rest of the album.
Mi Casa has a nice beat to it, as does Y.O.U., but both songs lack any major appeal.
However, they do lead nicely into 4 Seasons. Featuring a fairly good performance from LL Cool J, and also featuring Ja Rule for comedy value, this song features the 4 rappers, all acting best of friends, letting off with some lyricals over the comfortable beat. It's a pleasant song - just remember to skip onto the next song when a certain grustly Murder Inc. emcee steps in. Don't be put off by Ja Rule's appearance though - it's a subtle diss. For in 'The ?', there is one line in particular which could well be a hidden attack on Mr. Anti-50 Cent himself -
'Jar all these fake n----s'.
A mere coincidence in the likeness? Hear it for yourself, how Meth says it, before passing judgement.
Moving on swiftly, possibly the best song on the album, the felonous 'Cereal Killer', which talks about, well killing. It also features some of the most memorable verses from the whole album, as each lyrical has many hidden touches and excellent lyrics.
Da Rockwilder kicks off with some very nice starts to both Meth & Red's lyricals, and when both lyricals start to fade off, they do the honourable thing - they stop. It's a nice song with well planned lyricals, if the song is, however, a little on the short side.
Tear It Off is a pretty mundane song, but after it comes the undoubtedly funny skit, 'Where We At?'. It's catchy, memorable, and if your white skinned make sure to take your sense of humour with you when you put this song on.
The album seems to lean more towards the Eric Sermon side of the producing from here on, with most songs being quite funky, it almost seems as if the mighty Rza was pushed to the side for the majority of this, with only 'Run for Cover' and the bonus tracks featuring a drop from the Redman style. Still, it's no bad thing - it's a nice change to hear a Method Man song you could get up and dance to if you really wanted.
Highlights for this latter half - the aformentionted 'The ?' features some good lyrics, and is the one song on this album that may be leaning towards the diss song style that many rappers have adopted when taking shots at whoever or whatever they feel. See if you can spot what Red & Meth are trying to have a go at.
Cheka is a song that will be music to Redman fans ears, as it is one of the most upbeat songs in Hip-hop. It features yet more great lyrics, especially a comedy one towards the start of Meth's lyrcial.
Fire Ina Hole is also quite good, and How High will appeal to a select few fans, mainly those who saw the films.
Overall, this is a great album,half of it leaning towards Meth's stlye and half towards Red's. It's certainly great seeing the two accompanying each other on their opposing style tracks - and as I said before, there's few duos who can match up to Method Man & Redman.
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on 18 January 2007
This is one of the greatest Hip-hop albums of all times.

I'll keep my review short as the great review before this said pretty much everything.

No one has the lyrical skill and humour of Meth (Not Marshall, not Nas, not anyone).

And no-one does that grimey street sound like Red.

And when they come together, Oh gosh.

This Album has stayed on rotation with me for years. I still listen now and it gets me fired up.

There's humour, grit, grime and unique flavour here in abundance.

This albums is a MUST-HAVE for all hip-hop fans. even in 2007

This album is CLASSIC
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on 17 October 2008
This is a classic Hip-Hop album. Every track is good. Every beat is good and most importantly, it has some of the best hooks of all time; every hook of every song is a classic. If you claim to like 90s East Cost Hip-Hop then you must buy this. And this isn't a typically loopy Amazon review, anyone will tell you this LP is a rap classic. Plus is has an insane, dark humour running through it. It's a cross between a rap album and a stoned, crazy, out of control comic-book. It really is quite splendid.
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on 4 March 2001
At last we finally get an album by the two 'men' Method Man and Redman. i only bought this CD today aswell as Tical 2000:Judgement Day and i was so impressed with these 2 CD's i almost went out again to buy Redmans own album. This album is so great because the two rappers do it so well. If it was say Puff Daddy and Ma$e (i do like these rappers)- lets face it, it would suck. as soon as u put this cd in the player u jus keep listnin cos it is total class. wit songs like 'The Dogs' and 'Tear It Off' this album is deffinately worth the money. Buy this album now or regret it! if u r a rap fan already then u should buy it, if u arent buy it anyway and u may surprise yourself. TRUST ME - YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED
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on 28 October 2000
What can i say this album is BAD. there is nothing i have heard recently that even comes close. This is a must have in any music lovers collection. red and meth work perfectly with each other. All the tracks have a slight freaky feel e.g cereal killa wich is my favourite trak on the lp. The east coast has produced a truly amazing duo, and i will never get bored of listening to this album , buy it !
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on 22 August 2001
Thats the only way I can describe this album, the tunes are pumpin and the lyrical skill is unmatched by any other rappin duo. If you like Redman and Meths solo joints you will love dis album, the only downside is you will keep asking yourself, why is "Da Rockwilder" so short?!?! Any way I recomend this album, its up there with The Ruff Ryders and The Murderers which are other great albums.
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on 17 January 2000
I expected a great deal from this album and it certainly delivered. It is a white hot collaboration, and it has been a long time in the making seeing as they have so much unreleased material as a group. I would definetely give this 5 stars because of the pumpin' beats and captivating lyrics.i recommend that you go out and by this fat tape now
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