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on 23 June 2017
I bought a second pair of these headphones after the first pair snapped, after six months of use. They are not designed for people with big heads, and they have a design weakness that is documented by other reviewers - the plastic can snap after repeated folding and unfolding. But they sound good - not audiophile, let's be clear, but much better than equivalent priced headphones from well-known Japanese companies! They are light, which is good. And you can hear people call you or the phone or doorbell ring, which in my house is quite important! If you want headphones where you want to be able to hear what is going on around you, then these are great.

But most importantly, I think they will last longer, if you look after them. I made mine bigger, by bending the metal part with my fingers. And I took a Stanley knife to the sprung-loaded catch that always clicks them into the 'light' setting (for smaller heads). When this halppens, you have to press a button and unfold them, which weakens the plastic. To cut off the catch, you have to be confident that you can cut through a couple of my of plastic, but it is pretty easy. I don't suppose the warranty still applies but I think they should last a lot longer!

If they were stronger, I'd give four stars. I can't give five stars because they aren't audiophile, but then you'd have to pay a bit more. Given the plastic being so brittle and weak, I am knocking a star off. I'm still a happy customer mind you!
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on 4 February 2017
I purchased these headphones from Amazon back in March 2014, they have been used week in week out on my Denon micro system, an android phone and now an IPhone. The sound quality (read other numerous 5 star reviews) still impresses and they have also proved themselves to be robust despite their flimsy appearance and thin cables.
I recently purchased some good quality in ear headphones (£60 rrp) after nearly 4 years of exclusively using only these headphones, I have written those headphones off as a bad purchase on a whim (later sold off) simply due to the fact that they cannot compete with these headphones. I doubt that I will ever buy any other headphones in my lifetime as I am so used to the sound of the Koss portapro. If my trusty headphones ever break or become lost they will be swiftly replaced with another pair of portapro's.

I listen without the foam earpads as I personally prefer the sound quality without, this sadly means that loose hairs or dust can more easily get inside on to the diaphragm resulting in a rattling sound on bassy frequencies (that I previously and incorrectly assumed was the headphones finally packing up). Yet I solve this problem by washing out my headphones (unplugged off course) requarly by spraying deionized water from a spray bottle Into the diagphrams and all around the ear pieces, some may think that I'm mad for doing so (risking damage to the headphones). Yet the sound only improves after a good cleaning and complete air drying via this method. Bear in mind that you should try this at your own risk! But it works for me every time.

So to sum up: A fantastic headphone that offers very impressive sound quality at a very low price, even 'picky' audiophiles that would generally turn their noses up at inexpensive equipment sing the praises of these wonderful headphones. I have read very positive remarks on forums dedicated to serious Hi-Fi enthusiasts.
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on 31 December 2012
These headphones are AMAZING. If you are wondering whether to get them, just do it.

1. The sound quality I think has only been beat by my speakers, which cost about £100 more. They give amazing instrumental separation (and I was able to hear little details in songs which I never noticed before). I have used them for gaming and music production as well as just general listening and they reproduce the sound with no extra bass or treble, exactly how I think it was meant to be heard .
2. They are super-comfortable. I have used them for hours while on the computer and gaming, etc. and only after 2-3 hours do they start to be annoying. Then, I normally just adjust them so they aren't pushing against my head quite as much and the problem is solved. I sometimes forget that I'm even wearing them and try and get up, and get pulled back by the cord XD.
3. They fold up for easy transportation. There is a little hook which allows you to fold them into a circle and then you can just wind the cord around them.
4. They actually look really cool; people have walked up to me and asked to have a look (and a listen) and were really impressed by the sound quality and looks. They guessed that they cost £70 or more. They cost £21.50 when I bought them.

1. I can see them being annoying if you have quite a large head, but for most people they are fine.
2. As they are quite cheap everything is made out of low-quality plastic, and one of the earpieces has occasionally fallen out, but I have been using them pretty much all the time for about 7-8 months, so that IS to be expected.

If you are wondering about sound quality, they are amazing. Yes, they might not be as trendy as Beats, or have the encompassing sound of over the ear Sennheisers, but I have these and the Koss SB-49s: Koss Sb/49 Communications Stereophones with Built-In Mic and I couldn't be more happy.
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on 30 May 2017
I bought a pair of these 3 and a half years ago (in black) and they only just stopped working. So I bought these red ones and once again the sound is unrivalled. The only reason they stopped working was that I think I sat on the jack once and over time that lead to one earphone not working. A lot of the negative reviews refer to these headphones being "flimsy" and only lasting "a couple of months" but it's like with anything if you look after them properly they can last for years.
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on 19 July 2017
Compared these at work with many other premium models, bose, beats, Sony etc.
This is by far the best value. Amazing sound quality. Read up some reviews on this.
Plus side is the retro look and folding design.
Lifetime warranty proves the excellent quality.
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on 3 June 2017
I have been using the same pair of headphones for over ten years and although I've got several other sets of headphones including some expensive Grado ones these still sound the best and the customer service from Koss has been exceptional.
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on 13 April 2017
Considering their size and price these are far and away the best headphones ever made. Especially these red ones, which do seem a little louder. Comfortable, very secure, adjustable, well-made and a beautiful immersive sound - I recommend them unreservedly.
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on 26 September 2009
My only issue with these headphones, is that they break every 6 months pretty much as if on a timer. By break, I mean something goes wrong with the cord and I lose the sound in one ear, then after a while the sound in the other ear goes too.

And each time I go on Amazon to buy a new pair it always costs slightly more than the old pair did, even though it's exactly the same make of headphones.

I am about to purchase what must be either my 5th or 6th pair now. So why do I keep buying the same ones? Well that's the thing, I haven't found another make of headphones that work for me well as these ones do. They're light, comfortable, easy to wear, easy to carry, and give really good sound quality without leakage.

That's why I've given it 4 stars. If they would last at least a year I'd give 5 stars. It isn't too much to expect for them to last a year is it?

Koss Porta Pro Stereo Headphones
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on 23 March 2017
I love the sound quality but hate the housing- cheap breakable plastic.It is shame produce model for 30 years without improvements in body!! But easy to exchange for the new one due to koss lifetime warranty
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on 18 March 2017
I liked - good for travel
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