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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
The Fragile
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 16 October 2017
Title says it all.
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on 6 May 2007
after having listened to Downward Spiral, followed by With Teeth, Pretty Hate Machine, Broken and Year Zero (in that order)

The Fragile was next...

Can't believe I missed this album, shocking I know it really is a masterpiece and is everybit an extension of the Downward Spiral, genius

It's so good I can't even write anymore, that good...just buy it seriously
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on 6 May 2003
Trent Reznor has NEVER disappointed me, and I doubt he ever will. While some people might've overlooked this album and didn't appreciate it, I think "The Fragile" is a true and unique Nine Inch Nails masterpiece from start to finish. There is not one wasted second on the entire album. It's all good, all well-constructed, and all perfectly executed.
The last full length NIN album, "The Downward Spiral" is considered a dark and controversial album, but "The Fragile" proves to be more of a softer and melodic piece (although there is still plenty of anger and surprises to go around). With each album you can sense how much NIN's music has evolved. And this album is certainly no exception. There are soft songs and there are heavy songs. There are angry songs and there are emotional songs. There's songs with lyrics, and there are some that are just purely instrumental. No two songs sound alike and no two songs make you feel the same way. That is the genius to Trent Reznor. He can always impress and surprise you.
This double-album is the most complex thing Reznor has done, or at least in my mind. Which is why it took so long for it to come out. There is NOT ONE BAD SONG on the entire two disks. As soon as you're finished listening to them, you want to listen to them again. My favorites are songs like "somewhat damaged," "we're in this together," "the great below," "please," "the mark has been made," "the frail," "the big come down," "where is everybody," "the fragile," and "into the void." But the bottom line is they're all good and this isn't an album you'll want to go around skipping tracks. You will want to absorb it all in its entirety and nothing less.
What can I say; I think Trent Reznor is a musical genius. And I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. Sure, there were people who were disappointed with this album, but if you really do appreciate everything that NIN has done, then you will fall in love with this double-album masterpiece. From start to finish, "The Fragile" is a unique experience that can never be duplicated.
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on 25 January 2008
Its amazing to think that 'The Fragile' divides fans of nin, with some saying its his best and most challenging work and with others unable to appreciate the complex nature of 'The Fragile'.

'The Fragile' was released in 1999 five years after the much loved and highly successful 'The Downward Spiral' into a music world that was dominated at the time by nu metal and boybands. Its release should have really saved us from the world of 35 year old men pretending they were 18, and 18 year olds making a bunch of grey haired men in an office rich. Despite a strong start it faded away quickly, missed by many fans as a result.

The album itself is a double and while most double albums dont make sense, 'The Fragile' would have been lost as single album. The album starts of with 'Somewhat Damaged' which is as heavy as anything Reznors done it then moves onto 'The day the world went away' which sets up the first disc nicely. Both discs have their share of instrumentals which rather than take away from the album really add to the whole feel of it. And this really is the thing about 'The Fragile' its meant to be listened to as whole album.

Reznor even finds time to bait one time friend Marilyn Manson with the superb 'Starf****ers' and with the likes of Dr Dre adding mxing assitance to 'even deeper' and touring members Danny Lohner and Charile Clouser also appearing 'The Fragile' has no real weak points, its not an album your going to love after one brief listen but stick it on from start to finish and you soon will.
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on 25 April 2001
Hmmm, concept albums, a difficult thing to get right. Still, having followed Trent's escapades from near enough the beginning, this, I must say is a different animal. Many 'fans' believed this to be backward and frankly, poor. I simply say that this is a piece of work that has had two years spent on it. And you can tell. Technically speaking, this album is a fantastic example of layering, texturing and orchestration. Personally, this record lays Trent's heart and soul wide open and lets his true fans drink of the beautiful contents. It is, quite simply a two disc masterpiece, in every sense of the word. And while it could not have existed without the previous two albums proper, and the Broken EP, this draws from and surpasses those albums. From the progressively angry opener, Somewhat Damaged, to its gritty, dying angel of a closing instrumental Ripe [with decay], this has power, beauty, hate and love and just about every other emotion this tortured soul has ever felt. Don't be pushed into believing my words, hear this monster of a record for yourself and judge.
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on 6 April 2002
The Fragile- what can I say, but what more can you want from a cd? Not only is it great to listen to (yes- I know the most important aspect of music) but the sheer complication, the extraordinary musical carpet that is weaved before the listener's ears and the emotional confusion within this album, make it the best music I have heard in a long time. From the pulverising ferocity of 'Starf***ers Inc.' to the delicate, yet desperate, perfection of 'I'm Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally' to my favourite, the hateful, hopelessness of 'The Big Come Down' Nine Inch Nails continue, even though I'm a huge fan, to astound me. I sometimes feel as though I'm missing the pig picture with this record, that there is some higher plane of thought I cannot comprhend, but I'm still happy in my ignorance as long as I'm listening to 'The Fragile'. Also try Further Down the Spiral.
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on 7 December 2000
There have been pretenders in his absence. There was Marilyn Manson, there was Filter. And yet, they could not break away from the shadow of their mentor, Mr. Trent Reznor. 5 years was a long time, would the world remember him? To ensure, NIN returned with one of the most sensational recordings of the last decade.
I got into NIN recently, and The Fragile was my first album. I'm always wary of art-rock & prog-rock, but this is so stylish and cunningly put together, it made me love it. Reznor is complicated but never pretentious - he remembers he is actually a musician underneath it all, something Radiohead seemed to forget with Kid A. There are so many brilliant tracks it is difficult to describe. Highlights: The passion of We're In This Together, the beauty-beast of No You Don't, the anger of Starf*ckers, the nihilsm of The Day...., the guitar jangles and screamed vocals on The Big Come Down, the danceability of Into The Void, the growing bass of Somewhat Damaged. Even on the loudest, most obnoxious moments have hidden melodies, begging to be picked out. It even has good instrumentals, which i usually hate. You can be a complete music illiterate like me and still be touched by the manipulation of instruments.
The strartingly odd cover, cardboard box and inside lyrics booklet complete a magnificent purchase. Now even his own mentor Gary Numan is taking the industrial-goth route, we have to ask weather music could live without Trent Reznor and his Nine Inch Nails
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on 25 October 2003
When I think of the fragile, one thing that comes to mind is that this is possibly the most underrated album ever. I have read so many reviews about ‘this being nothing compared to Trent Reznor's other work’ and countless times have I heard reviewers say something like ‘if you are looking for something like the downward spiral then you wont find it here’. But what a stupid thing to say, if I wanted a replica of the downward spiral then I would expect to buy something called ‘the downward spiral two’, but I don’t. Instead I want an original and highly creative album that represents the nine inch nail distinguished style of music, and luckily this is what I got.
My comments would be that if your trying to look for one of the best albums ever and you liked Revnor's previous outings, or if you’re a new comer to the world of nine inch nails, buy this album. It is two CD’s of what I can only describe as an immense trip of musical ecstasy.
I could go on for pages and pages about this album but I am sure it will just be me rambling on and so I would just like to say, for the last time, buy this album, its just amazing, I couldn’t imagine life without it
Thank you for your time
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on 28 February 2002
This is an amazing album.Nothing more really needs to be said.The opening track is a 5 minute progressive drilling into the brain which tells you that this is not going to be a picnic in the park!!! The amazing We're in this Together is a malestrom of guitar riffs and heartfelt, powerful echos of the psychoanalytical nature that Trent Reznor throws perfectly into every song.The first cd takes you from all out anger and animosity to a state of self realisation and grudging self acceptance which I have not found in any other cd that I have heard.The second is less coherent but it still takes you through a plethora of moods which the artist is trying to reflect.And damn he does it well!!! This contains the scathing Starf**kers inc. which is sang through gritted teeth and an immense amount of misplaced trust bordering on hatred.The almbum ends with the haunting Ripe With Decay which is one of the most beautifully, in the midst of deterioration and desolation instrumentals that I have heard.This album really does take you to the top of the mountain of emotive and though provoking music and lyrics and shows no remorse in swiftly shoving you off onto the spikey rocks below!!!!Amazing!
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on 15 December 2005
As is an ever present theme of NIN albums The fragile 'halo fourteen' invites you into a deeply emotive world of self indulgent remorse, pain, and confusion. If you are familiar with their work this will be of no surprise to you and will in fact be a pre-requisite of your nails experience.
It would be of little use to highlight any tracks of particular interest as each one complements the other, and in turn the theme of the album; although, unable to resist temptation the gut wrenching emotivism of 'The great below', the raw power of 'We're in this together' and the seductively destructive 'big come down' will really hit you where it hurts.
Many people comment on nails as being suicide music, and without any fear of reducing their opinions to drivle i will simply say that they can only be denying something that dwells deep within us all. This album will suck you in and emrace you with its iron grip, you'll experience crushing riffs, turbulent synthesized beats and a wealth of percussion effects, with of course the prolific sound of trents agonisingly raw vocal talent to transcend the lot into another dimention of expression through music.
Raw, industrial and thoroughly enjoyable
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