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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 July 2002
I find it wierd that the review for this record states that Gomez five members don't have "an original idea between them" whilst that for new album "In Our Gun" calls them the most inventive British band of the past decade. Wierd.
Which is nearer the truth I couldn't possibly say. Certainly Gomez are unlike anyone I come across today in my adventures in building a record collection, but then every band is influenced by other bands before them. The only way not to be would be to write a record having heard no music before ever.
No, what is called originality today is when bands mix influences. And what I hear from the 3 Gomez records is that they do just this, and they are particularly good at it. Blues, country, cool jazz and good old southern rock and as many other influences are here in varying measures making each track sound different but unmistakably Gomez. There are also some fantastic arrangements, aswell as one of the best vocal parts around today (although I can see that Ben Ottewell's gravel voice is an acquired taste).
The end results is a laid back, bluesy, record that grows on you no end until you cant get them out of your head. Best tracks for me are "revolutionary kind", "we haven't turned around", "rhythm and blues alibi" and the epic "California". I'd recommend it to all who like their music laid back, quirky enough to keep your attention but not too quirky to alienate everyone, and who has a weakness for the blues. Great Stuff.
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on 13 June 2001
There really is something for everyone on this record. From the quasi-flamenco on Rosalita, to the poppy Rhythm and Blues Alibi, to the driving rock in California. It buzzes with life, the playing is excellent all round and the joy of hearing not 1, but 3, good singers is exceptional. It doesn't hit you with quite the same exuberance as Bring It On, but is every bit as durable.
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on 28 March 2004
Having been quite scathing of UK bands and particularly of the 'music of today' I came to this album with some reservation and trepidation but boy was I wrong? These guys are the real deal, the real mccoy. Embrace are often talked about in almost hushed reverential tones as the purveyors of Britpop and I can see why. This is not Britpop. This is Southern-fried, gently flowing, ambient Blues a la early-Little Feat. That is no exaggeration. I can actually hear Lowell George in this chap's vocal delivery. Blimey, this is England for bodsakes!!! What's going on? Can music be this good? Yes it can. At no point do I feel they are robbing from this great music, they are adding to it and enhancing it.
Imagine it's the late-60's and California's bands had somehow sheared off and gone in a slightly different direction, gaining hindsight of what was to follow and then creating their own way of doing things, you would be close to what Gomez are doing with Liquid Skin. I love this album. It's dreamy, wonderfully presented, faithful to the influences but forward-thinking enough that people in 30 years will look back with fondness at what they are doing. Forget the rip-off that Paul Weller is and listen to this band. A classic!
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on 19 October 2008
Bring it on was an incredible debut from Gomez. Most bands fail to match or exceed expectations in this scenario, and Gomez, in my opinion are no exception.. But they have come so darn close, and have stepped in a different direction, which is probably what baited the critics.

It's not an album you can get into straight away, and as I always say, the best albums always take many many listens to appreciate to their entirety.

We haven't and still won't get another indie album that rivals the quality of this or 'Bring It On' for a long time to come.
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on 29 July 2000
This C.D. I think is only just better than Gomez's first album which I thought could never be beaten but I was wrong. Like there first album there is nothing wrong with it, all the songs are as good as each other apart from Rhythm & Blues Alibi which I think is the best song on the album. So lets hope they bring some new stuff out soon.
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on 21 February 2001
i have had this and the other gomez cd since their release dates. while the first album took time to really sink in. the second is a perfect mix of rock, blues, techno and voice. I wish that all americans could have a chance to hear it, but due to mainstream pop culture it will surely not be given the chance to reach the radio stature.
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on 12 November 1999
One of these albums that I love 90% of. The difference between this one and 'Bring it On' is that one is outstanding, while the other is excellent but let down by a few songs. 'Fill my Cup' is the biggest disappointment...dull, flat and irritating are the adjectives that spring to mind. 'Rosalita' is another, a good effort but it begins to grate after a few listens.
THAT SAID, the rest of this album is quite brilliant. Hangover, We Haven't Turned Around and California represent exactly what I love about Gomez, the slick and jangly melodies, the passionate epics and the blues monsters (;-)).
If I had to choose one of the two Gomez albums , I would make it the first, but don't get me wrong - this album is quite superb as well. It looks as if they'll survive after all. One hit wonders? I doubt it.
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on 18 December 2012
There's nothing that revolutionary here, but at least when they do their thing, they do it really, really well

Forgotten what a great album this was until listening to it again

And for me, "We haven't turned around" is worth the price on its own, wonderful.
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on 9 November 1999
It's difficult to explain why I like this album but I'm going to try : first, this band has a particular style and plays a music that has been rarely heard before-the way they mix, blues, country and world-music, with the soulful voice of Ben Ottewell, is very original and interesting. Second, they write real songs-not so common among british bands in my opinion : "rhythm and blues alibi", "revolutionnary kind", "Rosalita"and particularly "devil will ride" (my favorite, definitively) take place in your mind and it's quite hard to get rid of them. Third, Gomez has already released a pleasant first album in 1998 and, according to the legacy, the second one should have been poor but it isn't!!
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on 19 December 2002
i think this album is absolutely amazing. i admit i hated the sound of gomez to begin with. the first track i heard was hangover.after hearing that i thought it was awful and refused to listen to any more. a few weeks later it struck me just how brilliant this band really are. there music is absolutely amazing and now i find hangover is the best song.admitally it takes a while to accept their true brilliance, but oonce you do you appreciate it as it was meant. if theres any c.d you want to buy its liquid skin. it is truly amazing. all of gomez's other albums are equally as good if not better. a truly amazing band with absolutely magnificant vocals from ben ottewell.
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