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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 18 August 2017
The only Beatles album I hadn't bought on CD. Glad I did. Thanks to seller.
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on 14 April 2017
loved it
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on 14 August 2017
Thank you happy with item
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on 18 November 2006
If you are a Beatles fan, you should very much enjoy listening to this album, providing you buy it knowing exactly what the album is. It is not another 'studio' album, it is a soundtrack album. Tracks 7-13 are orchestrations by George Martin used in the film, and are wonderfully imaginative, sounding like they belong in a drugged-up Disney film.

Only 4 of the first 6 tracks are new ('All You Need Is Love' and of course, 'Yellow Submarine' are tacked on to it). Of the two George Harrison Tracks, 'Only A Northern Song' is somewhat charming with simplistic yet effective lyrics- it is very easy to listen to. 'It's All Too Much' has been labelled by Rolling Stone as one of the top five all-time psychedelic freakouts and with good reason! It also has arguably the best guitar work in all the Beatles catalogue.

'All Together Now' is admittedly annoying but is perfectly placed on this album- it WILL get stuck in your head! 'Hey Bulldog' is widely seen as the pick of the bunch, apparently the last genuine collaboration between Lennon and McCartney and is a fantastic pop/rock track.

My advice is to buy this album if you are a big Beatles fan, as long as you are aware that The Beatles were not trying to produce another classic, instead just produce the obligatory soundtrack and remember; if you are really not bothered about the orchestrations, there is 'Yellow Submarine Songtrack,' a Beatles 'best of' containing all 4 of the new tracks to Yellow Submarine. Enjoy!
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on 16 January 2011
The arguments on if the Beatles back cataloge should be remixed or re balanced are raised again. Anyone who knows about the Beatles history of the stereo versions of the early albums will know they had nothing to do with the mixes and were only ever involved in the mono mixes. The stereo mixes can be very harsh with instruments on one channel and voices on the other channel, this made quite hard to listen too in some ways ruining the musical picture. However the re balanced versions here are a joy to listen to and on many tracks for example Yellow Submarine you hear words and music that were lost in th original bad mix. In my view this has brought a wonderful new musical experience to these wonderful songs. Remember Eleanor Rigby where the intro ends and almost half way through where Paul sings "Eleanor" someone fads the vocals to the left channel, this is gone here is is a delight to hear it as perhaps the Beatles would have wanted. As John Lennon said I don't no why they put the instruments in one channel and the voices in another" here here John quite agree. Buy and enjoy these songs, my personal highlight is still Hey Bulldog
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on 23 November 2000
Finally, EMI have made a proper soundtrack of the songs used in the film. This is called the "songtrack" - because it omits the George Martin incidental score and adds all the songs used in the film that were not on the original album.
Drawbacks : We have heard it all before, on albums such as "Pepper", "Revolver" and even "Rubber Soul". Advantages: The songs are altogether now and make for a much better album for the Beatles Fan.
The Beatles were always able to produce fabulous music and this album shows that even some of their throwaway songs - which some of these were! - outstrip the best by the rest.
The album also allows Hari Georgeson to come up with "Only a Northern Song" - a pun on the name of the Publishing Company Northern Songs - which showed his frustration and cynicism at tyhe way he was regarded as the "other" songwriter in the group. "Only" ?? It's all too much, George!
One for the true fan, but not in the Beatles Top Five albums. However, Oasis? Who?
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on 5 February 2011
I so agree with all my fellow reviewers who cannot understand why this 1999 remastering of such legendary songs did not provide the template for the way the 2009 Beatles Remasters should be delivered. Don't get me wrong, the 2009 collections cannot help but be wonderful, whether in mono or stereo, purely because the Beatles are just a fantastic band. However, when you hear tracks reborn as they are here in the case of Nowhere Man, Think For Yourself (both Rubber Soul tracks displaying incredible harmony singing)and Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (this is what a remastered mix of the whole stereo Sgt. Pepper album should sound like), one senses an opportunity was lost. Let's hope Apple and EMI have the stamina to do such a job, even just on Pepper, having spent four years working on the 2009 versions. It is strange how a 1999 mix can be better on the ears than one ten years later.
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on 23 February 2004
I wasn't convinced. The package seemed a bit like skirting around the issue, a money-spinner, a pointless exercise. Somehow it made me feel that i didn't want to buy this because it seemed like everyone elses Beatles album, and not my own.
But then, four years late, i bought it and wow.
Yes, we all know the songs - i can't bear to listen to All you Need is Love anymore, and can barely face the title track another time - but this goes beyond. Every other beatles cd release sounds dated, not because of the quality of material, but the inexcusable lack of remastering. i have heard the Beach Boys, The Byrds, Dylan, Tim Buckley, all with fantastic remastering jobs that brings the songs out of themseleves and makes them feel not so much current, as timeless. The potential is there with the Beatles to be eternally wonderful, but time and again young fans are introduced to the band through tinny cd editions and can't see what the fuss is about. The supposed greatest band in the world sound flat.
Well, in that case, this is the sound of the Beatles - gone fat. The chunky guitars sounds like I have always dreamt it to sound in my head when humming the tunes back to myself. So clear and fine, so absolutely brilliant.
Yes, Bulldog sounds current, but it is Nowhere Man, Elanor Rigby, Baby Your a Rich Man that really shine.
EMI MUST REMASTER THE CATALOGUE. Why they don't is a mystery, their arogance is losing the Beatles a lot of credit and respect, and here they are on a clean, clear, soulful cd that puts them right back where they belong.
Surely the time is due for a re-issue of the catalogue with singles as bonus tracks? Are EMI too stingy to concieve of giving value for money? Well thank God they went and remixed this, because it sounds brilliant, even if at heart it is a little pointless and silly.
Surely the Beatles are the ultimate holiday car band, the music to listen to when the whole family are on a trip, to sing along to, to fall in love with? This album can do that just fine.
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on 26 September 2009
When it was announced that the entire Beatles catalogue was scheduled to be remastered & re-issued in 2009 I was in eager anticipation of hearing the band's recordings sounding as good as they do on this 1999 release. Now that the remasters are available in the shops, I very much regret to announce myself disappointed to discover that NOT A SINGLE ONE of the tracks featured on this album sound as good in their 2009 stereo incarnations as they do here. Was I expecting 'all too much'? It appears so. Whatever Apple's reasons (which I rather expect to be as unconvincing as the decision to remaster the band's first 4 albums in their original shoddy stereo versions) passing over these superb remixes they cannot help but leave this particular listener wondering what on earth's going on when the Yellow Submarine Songtrack contains tracks that still sound superior ten years later! As Allan Rouse was the co-ordinator for both this & the 2009 remasters projects, perhaps an explanation is out of the question? Again, it appears so. This album now stands as evidence, then, that whereas the 2009 Mono Remasters are a ground-breaking triumph the stereo counterparts represent an opportunity missed- squandered, even.

At the time of its release back in September 1999 this collection did not appear at first glance to be a very big deal at all; until, that is, you sat down and listened to its all-too familiar contents. It was only then that its abundant riches were exposed as track after track revealed finely tuned nuances that were a delight to hear. The chief engineer was Peter Cobbin, whose work here was so exemplary that it is to be lamented that his name does not appear among the credits on the 2009 remasters. It will be pleaded, of course, that these mixes were not the originals as issued back in the day- but neither are the mixes featured on the 2009 remastered stereo versions of Help! & Rubber Soul, both of which revive George Martin's excellent late 1980s versions, which effectively scuppers that particular argument. But if Apple's rationale doesn't make a whole lot of sense, the music on Yellow Submarine Songtrack certainly does! These tracks have been presented with loving care and a painstaking attention to fine sonic detail that places this album in a league of its own among Beatles compact discs. Sure, the bass registers have been enhanced, but that's by no means the full extent of what's on offer here as the entire width & depth of the stereo spectrum has been utilised to unlock & maximise the potentials of each track. 'All You Need Is Love', for example, may not have worn as well in our collective affections as many other Beatles hits but this version stands head & shoulders above any other available to you (& that includes the original mono single) as I write these lines. So: what in 1999 seemed like a worthwhile curiosity now enjoys elevated status as the one boasting the most impressive sound quality in the band's entire catalogue- a situation that we can be reasonably sure Apple & EMI did not anticipate when it embarked on the 2009 remasters project. If you want the Beatles sounding at their very best, you are recommended to make this album your topmost priority.
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on 23 June 2003
This album is interesting and different. There are only 4 Beatles songs here which are not found on the other original albums.
All Together Now is the only one that captures the mood of the song Yellow Submarine. It is simple and easy to sing, but not very substantial.
Hey Bulldog is a great rock tune, with weak lyrics. John is clearly having a laugh at us, I think.
George Harrison's songs are interesting musically and lyrically. You get the feeling that he was trying to see what he could get away with, musically. I love the silly lines in "It's All Too Much,"
"and all the world is birthday cake
So take a piece ... but not too much!"
George Martin's suite of music which he wrote for the Yellow Submarine soundtrack is terrific. You hear him experimenting with some of the sounds which he had helped to create for The Beatles, such as the sitars and orchestral strings of Within You, Without You and the slurpy cellos of I Am the Walrus.
Pepperland is a lovely tune. I was privileged to hear Martin perform it live in Sydney [with some of the other Y S soundtrack music], around the time that his Beatles tribute album, In My Life, was released.
If you love the Beatles AND Classical music, I think you will appreciate this album.
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