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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 28 February 2000
Liam Howlett's first commercially mix album showcases the best in hard street based music over the last three decades, and particularly the records that influenced and inspired him to take Prodigy to where they currently reside. The album, which started life as a mix for BBC Radio Ones' Breezeblock show, includes legendary hip hop artists such as Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, and the Young MC, Punk from the Sex Pistols, Funk from the Jimmy Castor bunch, and beats, supplied by Fatboy Slim, Bomb The Bass and the Propellor Heads. This album is a must for any one who likes Prodigy and Prodigy related music, and wants to understand the roots and inspiration behind it.
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on 27 February 2004
This is a well considered and brilliantly mixed recording.
Of course it's not meant to be on a par with the Prodigy's original works and shouldn't be compared to them. This is Liam pulling out all the stops and forming a cohesive string of songs from his record collection. The mixing of seemingly disparate tunes is a little insight into the inspirations and influences of one of the great electronic/rhythmical artists of the last two decades. A huge range displaying Liam's eclectic tastes. Pretty damn good too. Check out the opener of track 3. The Mexican by Babe Ruth. Great Song.
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on 6 April 2002
When i first heard the reviews for this album (as a Prodigy fan)I thought i'd avoid it. Then i came across it by accident and was well impressed! Its just a cool mix of some old classics and some unknowns mixed to a great hiphop, funk style - but far away from their usual style! This album is a must buy - even if its just to guess the tracks.
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on 29 May 2000
This is simply the best, cleverist and most original DJ mix album i have ever heard, probably one of my favourite CDs. ANyone who can mix TIme to Get Ill by the Beastie Boys into Barry White desreves the respect of thousands. Liam Howlett is the Prodigy thats the bottom line and even though im not a big fan, this is ace. The man has an ifinity with beats some of the stuff on here makes you just wanna dance in your bedroom, definatly needs to be played LOUD!
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on 13 March 2002
a lot of samples, some 2 seconds, some 2 minutes. i dont know most of them, but now and then you hear something you know, like the sound of the beastie boys, sex pistols, propellerheads, the charlatans, prodigys very own 'poison', and erm....barry white. all these work very well. very well indeed. the 51 minutes are split into 8 tracks. the only bad track is track 3, where all the bad samples thankfully seem to be in one 'skippable-overable' place.
basically, its a mixture of old school hip-hop, rap, big beat, rave, and punky style music with badass drum lines throw in. liams mixed it fantasticly aswell, and the sheer amount of stuff going on make it seem like 3 hours of tunes instead of the 50 mins it is.
not perfect, but damn good.
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on 7 February 2006
If you're into hip-hop,or breakbeat in general,then you need a copy of this. If you're into cut n paste mixes and eclectic mash-ups, then you also need this. Whatever you may think of Mr. Howlett, he certainly has very good taste in music and displays that to the fullest here. There are some tracks that I've come to love that I never even heard 'til I purchased this mix. The mixing is tight, but stays quick, rough and raw as the dope beats come thick and fast. Highlights for me are; KRS-One and Tim Dog, Sex Pistols, Bomb the Bass, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Hijack and The Charlatans to name just a few. If you like the tracklist but don't own the cd then what the f*** are you waiting for?? If you've never heard of any of the featured artists but are open-minded then get on won't regrtet it!!
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on 24 July 2015
I'm a huge prodigy fan, and I own most of their albums, except the ''Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned'' in which I found a bit disappointing. This is a wonderful remix album, I like Liam Howlett's remix versions of The Charlatan's ''How High'' and the influences range from rock to hip hop, I think Liam Howlett is brilliant with this sampling technique, as it is remarkable. With all the hip hop, rock, and rave genres, this is definitely the prodigy being the prodigy!
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on 19 November 2012
What is going on? A mix CD by Liam Howlett, is this even plausible...? The short review is this, if you have no interest in the influences behind the genious that is the Prodigy, then don't buy this, as its not for it and moan about it at your peril, so what if you hear 10 secs of one tune and 3 minutes of the next, thats the whole point of this type of CD. Yes its good, but its bad aswell, it was recorded of the cuff so it will contain some rough bits, but since when have the Prodigy been anything else. For at least a couple of decades we have been blessed with the innovations that are the Prodigy and now we have an incite into what makes the brains behind it tick and its not at all bad. Its right up there with the greats and the appeal is that it does take you back to the early days of mixing when you had to just get on with it and hope all your mixes were great. My hat goes off to Liam, as this is almost him bearing his soul for us all to hear.........

If you are left wondering......I love it.....
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on 23 September 2013
Quite simply one of the best bits of mixing I've ever heard since the Psychonauts did Cream live 2 back in 97, a real mash up of music from KRS One to the Charlatens all showcasing Liam's love for many styles of music (especially Hip Hop) and immense skill. A must for any discerning music lover who loves to hear a master at work in this day in age of engineered pop band rubbish!
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on 31 July 2007
The problem is, I had already heard the fantastic "Brainfreeze" and "Product Placement" by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, not to mention a couple of DJ Yoda's "How to Cut & Paste" albums.

Those guys really know how to mix their records - Liam Howlett doesn't.

The scratching is nothing special and the blending (and choice) of tracks at times seems random. There are some good moments in the first two CD tracks, but that's largely due to the songs themselves and little to do with the mixing. The rest of the album is very mediocre.
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