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on 11 May 2015
Very good came on time :)
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on 5 April 2013
So glad I found this product so cheap as a replacement for my old one which was worn out by too many plays
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on 27 August 2014
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on 12 January 2015
Great love Ballards
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on 21 December 2014
was disappointed in the music and voice, expected better as he is popular
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on 26 December 1999
Robbie rocks
Robbie has to the most loved, worshipped and also hated artist in the music industry. Of course the only people that could hate Robbie are fools because they obviously have looked well beyong his superb and ingenious, well-balanced talent. His first album was excellent, but this album far excedes the dizzy heights that "LIFE THRU A LENS" reached. With, in my opinion, the most played song of the millenium, "Milleniun" and ballads that rival other geniuses such as John Lennon, this album should be treasured. Robbie is also an incredible entertainer. Before I went to Slane, I was apprehensive to him being my favourite artist, but with his entrance and the atmosphere he creates with his presence, I came home sure. What else can I say....BRILLIANT
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on 11 April 2000
OK, so he's arrogant, a little bit up-himself and has an ego bigger than Brit Award collection but Robbie Williams is a musical legend...well, perhaps not yet, but he WILL be. I don't have "Life Thru A Lens" but if it is half as good as "I've been expecting you" then Robbie's done well. There are many albums nowadays that have two good songs (usually the single releases) and the rest are dissapointing and repetitive. This album is different and in my opinion Millenium and No Regrets are probably the worst two songs on it. Karma Killer is ROCKIN' and with songs like Phoenix from the Flames, Win Some Lose Some and the beautiful Heaven From Here, this album is one of the best I have ever heard. Enjoy...
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on 7 March 2000
Robbie's second album I've Been Expecting You is at least as good as any album I've ever heard, including Life Thru A Lens. Ballads like the excellent She's The One and angst ridden tracks like Strong all show what a genius Robbie is and how much he has come on since his days with Take That. Robbie is currently working on his third album, a must for every music fan I hear.
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on 11 March 2010
I've Been Expecting You is a delight. I cannot praise it enough. A masterpiece. Overflowing with sublime, catchy music, this 2nd effort by Robbie Williams far outshines his mismatched debut Life Thru a Lens. I've Been Expecting You is as interesting and involving as its sleeve might suggest, and then some.

The first three songs on the album are its most famous hits - "Strong, "No Regrets" and (my mother's favourite) "Millennium". Wonderful as all of these are, they only scrape the gist of the treasure that is I've Been Expecting You. "Phoenix from the Flames" is beautiful and soulful, and "Win Some Lose Some" has a great chorus.

However, for me it's with track 6, "Grace", that the album really begins to touch ether. Sublime, moving... a good taste of what's coming.

Track 7 is interesting - on earlier versions of the album, here you'd find "Jesus in a Camper Van". Following a lawsuit from an artist I can't name over Robbie supposedly unlawfully using the phrase "I am the way", the track was removed. In its place, we hit the single "It's Only Us". I couldn't be more delighted with the exchange. "Jesus in a Camper Van" was always my least favourite track off the album, one that simply did not channel the album's spirit. "It's Only Us" is short, energetic and feisty. Sometimes copyright issues can be for the better.

"Heaven from Here" and "Karma Killer" hurl you from one mood to the next, masterfully. From exquisite, peaceful contentness to full-on, soul-searching brutality."Karma Killer" is very refreshing, powerful and furious, even risking a little humour by closing with a chorus of barking dogs (and perhaps not the dogs you had in mind).

K. Wallinger's "She's the One" kicks in at this point, one you surely recognise. A wonderful song for sure. "Man Machine" exists solely for the fun of it, and with its surreal and sometimes nonsensical imagery, its playfulness shouldn't be lost to anyone.

Then... wow. "These Dreams" is absolutely indescribable. To call it beautiful, touching or moving is nowhere near adequate. It builds towards such a finish that most great albums would kill to end on such a high note.

If you have listened to Life Thru a Lens and Sing When You're Winning (the following album to I've Been Expecting You), you will have made it instinct to fast forward after the final song draws to a close. However, whereas Life Thru a Lens gave you a poem and Sing When You're Winning aggravatingly didn't give you anything, I've Been Expecting You rewards you with not one but TWO secret tracks; "Stand Your Ground" and "Stalker's Day Off" (whose title is perhaps accidentally given away in the booklet, under songwriting teams). "Stand Your Ground" is absolutely amazing in its simplicity and beauty. "Stalker's Day Off" doubles both as touching and tastelessly funny.

Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers really outdid themselves here. I've Been Expecting You also has a terrific sleeve taken at the famous house in Hollywood Hills. Featuring Robbie and an unknown woman, it has a theme that tells a story all on its own. You know, just to spoil you a little more.

I could call this album soul-energizing. I could call it magical. Music runs on a plane closer to me than my words can describe. No denying, though, that I've Been Expecting You is phenomenal. Thank you, Robbie and Guy, for making one of my most heartfelt favourite albums.
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on 4 July 2000
Well, another great album from our Rob! If there was going to be an album which would top Life Thru A Lens, Robbie did it brilliantly! He's really showing his real talent in this album, along with lots of emotion that the listners can relate to. My absolute favourite tracks on the album, is She's The One, along with Man Machine, both songs show real emotion and passion for music. In my ratings, Robbie scores ten out of ten for this fabulous album and if it says anything, it shows that there is plenty more coming!
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