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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 January 2000
This is probably one of my all time favourite albums. Please Mr Kruder and Mr Dorfmeister, can I have some more? If you put jazz,hip hop,latin,d&b and dub altogether in the same pot along with the original releases by artists such as lamb,depeche mode,bones thugs and harmony,bomb the bass,david holmes and many others, K&D are the only guys that could come up with the fluid sounds that grace this release and make it the outstanding album that it is!
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on 24 March 2006
Simply the best remix album I have come across so far. This K&D album is what I like to call a 'banker'...you could buy it for anybody and defy them not to like it. Parents, aunts and uncles all love this album...oops! There goes the street cred!
Never fear...this is also one of the coolest albums I have, when I say cool, I don't mean cool in a 'this is weird but I will persist because it's apparently really cool' kind of way...this is a smooth album, if it were a drink it would be Baileys or Dooleys on ice (one cube only).
For me the first CD is the best, with the strongest remixes...personal highlights? I am not exaggerating when I say every track, although I do find myself going back to 'Bug powder dust' (smooth snare and great guitar riff), 'rollin' on chrome'(killer bass) and 'Useless' (more killer bass and uber-catchy drum and synth).
I have had this album for 3 years and have only just realised I haven't done a written review. This is my most-played album ever - still drag it out now...BUY IT! (REALLY...unless you are part of the classic FM set or like Country and Western (and are therefore forever lost to the rational world) I defy you not to love it!
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on 15 June 2007
K&D are best known for making smooth, funky, dubbed, smoked-out club mixes. Their published work is rare, and as with this album, completely seminal. These guys are the absolute masters, and their musical instincts are second to none. When I mean instincts, I mean not only knowing which tunes to pick and what order to put them in, but also how to re-engineer each tune so it flows smoothly into the next re-engineered tune. It's hard to describe this album as a `mix' in the conventional sense. Most mix albums take good tunes and put them in a particular order. K& D assimilate them. Some tunes on this album are changed almost beyond recognition, some are just tinkered with. Some tunes I really didn't like are re-engineered into something beautiful. For example - I've never been the biggest fan of Lamb, but K&D's remix of Trans fatty Acid is a moment of real beauty.

What you end up with is an astonishing and painstakingly crafted mix. There are hardly any other artists I can think of who have come up with something this good. Thievery Corporation did a good DJ Kicks mix, but I haven't liked much else of their other stuff. Possibly the only other electronic artist I can think of with better musical instincts is Four Tet.

Buy this for anyone, I promise you they will love it.
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on 26 April 2015
I loved the K&D IK7 cd so much I played it hundreds of times as it had such great tracks and it was mixed so well kind of like the perfect mix tape, and so when I got this I had a feeling it would be another fine selection of smoking based dubby sounds and it was. Just as deep, just as cool, just as underground. If you liked the IK7 mix get this. You will be playing this baby just as much. truly worth a 5/5.
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on 30 January 2009
There's not really much to add to the raft of 5 start reviews for this album. If you are into downtempo/dub/drum and bass this is sheer perfection. It says something that this is still being pressed 10 years after release.
Annie Mac from Radio 1 came up with the best summary of this album ever - this is the equivalent of "Hotel California" for dance fans. Every home should have it.
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VINE VOICEon 6 January 2009
Few CDs here get such unanimous approval as this one, but it sometimes helps to know what sort of people are raving about it.

Me, I'm a barely reformed headbanger with a taste for prog,jazz-rock and krautrock. My daughter's recent purchase of Absolute Garbage, with its bonus CD of remixes, had finally convinced me that remixing was the most pointless display of unjustified musical arrogance ever devised. So I've no idea why I bought this double CD, but I'm glad I did.

Maybe it helps if you don't know the originals or even many of the artists whose work is being (ab)used (though of course I know Depeche Mode and I've since become a fan of Lamb), but K&D are a revelation in the way they sympathetically weave those samples into bossanova-tinged or jazzy grooves that are compulsive and seem totally their own.

Therein lies the key: unlike most remixers, they are not making crude collages from other people's music like three-year-olds who have been given scissors, glue, crayons and a copy of Hello magazine. They are using other people's music to illuminate their own musical statement, which is coherent and consistent in its own right.

Yes, I could identify the stand-out tracks, but that would be to miss the point - although one track, Bomberclaad Joint by Knowtoryus, is so embarrassingly bad I'm sure they must have mixed it as a bet; the proposition being that even the great K&D couldn't make it sound good. They lost, though every other bet pays out here. Both CDs flow perfectly from beginning to end and would make a perfect soundtrack to a long night indoors.

Many tracks from here provided incidental music for the recent BBC programme Best Of The Real Hustle 2008. But just because it makes great backing music doesn't mean it's soporific wallpaper. Instead there is a cool and flowing intensity, with rhythmic discipline that is energising. Somebody must hate this music, but so far Amazon's reviewing public hasn't found them.
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on 17 June 2007
Although I usually steer well clear of compilations this is probably my most listened to CD. It doesn't really count as a compilation because the songs are all reshaped and mixed together flawlessly. Both discs are great but I find myself listening to Disc 2 at least daily. The fact that other reviewers have said they prefer Disc 1 shows how consistently great it is. It really is too good for words, you can only listen from start to finish without skipping to hear for yourself. At night there is nothing that comes close to this CD. Disc 1 kicks things off in a relaxing way before Disc 2 cools things down with each track seemlessly transitioning into the next. After years and years of listening its still as good as ever. I found some tracks such as 'Gone' by David Holmes are obviously amazing the first time but others like 'Million Town' by Strange Cargo sound better and better every time, even when overlooked at first.

I would also recommend the earlier K&D DJ Kicks CD that is very similar to this. If you're into any sort of chillout music you can be sure this is worth buying. On its first listen it will be good but after many plays you'll find yourself loving it more and more. When you're in the mood for chillout this never fails. If you've bothered to read this far then you should definitely buy this.
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on 28 December 2008
Im one of the lucky few to own this on 12". What a blissful album, it contains many different elements of music many of them remixed with that K&D charm. Evryone should own a copy of this whatever you're musical preferance is theres something in here for everyone. i dont think there one bad review for this album thats says it all really!!......nuff said
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on 16 December 2009
This double album might not start that promising to some, but the compositions or rather remixes get stronger and better further down the tracks and with prolonged listening. The music covered here is so varied in origin and although the remixes of Kruder & Dorfmeister are done by similar means the result ends up being of consistent enough mood to make this project feel whole and complete but diverse enough not to sound monotonic or repetitive. I don't spend much time in the world of djs and remixes but I have listened to quite a few of them. Most of such music turns me off as techno with a lot of beat and little substance in terms of melodic beauty or atmosphere creation. This double album contains both these values and the overall expression feels ambient, progressive, psychedelic at times and of a very addictive and reflective form. This is a mellow electronica much more than a techno album. First disc is of a higher tempo and less ambient perhaps and my favorite tracks on it start with song #4 Going Under and continue through Bug Powder Dust, Rollin' On Chrome, until #7 Useless. The above might be the strongest tracks of this album, although personally I might like disc number 2 even more, as it is mellower with a soft down tempo feel to it. If my other reviews brought you here than you might want to start listening to disc number 2 first, for a while.

If you are reading this review because you love this music and are trying to find something similar, I would recommend UNKLE first and foremost. War Stories (2007) is my favorite album of theirs, followed by Never Never Land (2004). Another similar although not quite as strong music comes from the remixes of Dzihan & Kamien. I have 2 of their albums Freaks & Icons (2000) and Gran Riserva (2002) and they are both good and different.
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on 6 March 2008
As with all who have felt compelled to add their thoughts on this amazing double CD, I too find it timeless and one of those rare collections you will never get tired of.

We often drive upto Wales (usually leave around 8pm and get to mid Ceredigian around midnight) and this collection, specially Part 1, is reserved for the last hour or so....nothing like rolling through the night to this sound :)

Hope everyone gets to experience these sounds....thanks to the Bear for recommending it :)
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