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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2005
With no touring worries and time to concentrate on recording in the studio, Queen produced a masterpiece of an album with 'The
Miracle'. The best thing about this album is the rip-roaring guitar that can be heard right the way through it. The first couple of tracks, Party and Khashoggi's Ship are fun rock songs with the band thinking back to the wild and infamous parties they held in the past! The miracle is a fantastic song with Freddie singing about how wonderful life is and how much you should appreciate it, obviously with hindsight you now can see that he wanted to enjoy the limited time he had left. Another song that can be linked to how freddie was feeling at this time was 'was it all worth it' in which he sings about all the pressures and excesses of being in queen and questioning whether it was all worth it or not, he eventually sings 'YES, it was a worthwhile experience!'
Other songs that i like on this album are the invisible man, breakthru (both containing great bass riffs from John Deacon)and i want it all, a great rock song written by Brian. This album is a must for Queen fans, it is what Queen are all about.
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on 31 March 2010
I remember buying this album on vinyl when it first came out and was so excited when I played it for the first time. 20 years later and with all my vinyl gone I finally decided to buy this album on CD. I hadn't heard it for years but my interest in Queen has grown again recently. I'd always been a massive Queen fan but had been too busy with University, getting married and having children to sit back and give them a good listen these last few years.
I'm now revisiting the Queen albums again. This has all the hits from their final 80's album - breakthru, the miracle, invisible man, scandal and the wonderfully heavy I want it all. However, its the non-hits that I really love on this album. I especially love Rain must fall and think that Was it all worth it could have been another hit.
Well worth buying as it still sounds fresh today even though it's over 20 years old!
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VINE VOICEon 27 March 2002
Freddie was already quite ill during the making of this album and the title was a nod to the fact that the band probably never expected to finish it, so much like "Innuendo" or "Made in Heaven" there are some fillers on it which reflect the best of the output available to them. That said, there were some better 'b' sides from the singles(e.g. "Hijack My Heart") which were mysteriously discarded from the album so you wonder how much material the band did have to juggle with at that point.
The singles clearly stand out, but special mention of "Was it all Worth it" is required as it is effectively Queen's autobiography.
Inferior to it's "Magic" predecessor and in many ways a better balance of tracks can be found on its successor (Innuendo) but still very representative of Queen's later output and worth a listen.
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on 15 November 2015
Not a very loud album since the quality isn't all that good sounds more quiet proberly because it isn't remastered. Got a few good songs on it. I get joy out of the invisible man and I want it all, Rain must fall is a good song to listen too. Good stuff
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on 5 December 2013
Although I have said before, several times, in my other Queen reviews that I prefer 70's Queen, this is their best album since Hot Space.
This album reintroduces a certain musical sophistication, lost with The Works and A Kind of Magic.

On this album,, there is the pleasing The Miracle, the superconfident I Want It All, the funky The Invisible Man, the hopeful Breakthru, the resigned Rain Must Fall, the coulourful Scandal, the laidback My Baby Does Me ,and what seems like an ode to the years the band performed and recorded, and a premonition that the end was near- Was It All Worth It?

This is no A Night at the Opera, but ultimately this is good music, and worth adding to your collection.
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VINE VOICEon 18 June 2006
`The Miracle' is Queen's 13th studio album, and the first of two recorded while the band were under the shadow of Freddie Mercury's illness, though really the only sense that this could be a farewell album comes with the final track `Was It All Worth It': elsewhere this is an exuberant album which sees Queen recapture some of the vitality that was missing from the more soulless Mack-produced `80's albums.

If the album as a whole has a weak spot it's that of the opening three tracks: `Party' and `Khashoggi's Ship' are both enjoyable songs, but at only two and a half minutes running time each they both feel like appetisers for the album rather than fully developed songs, while title track `The Miracle' is ambitious but never quite gels into a convincing whole. From here on in though the album is stuffed full of bona fide classics, evenly divided between the hard rock of `I Want It All, `Scandal' and `Was It All Worth It' and a trio of pop songs with massive infectious bass hooks: `The Invisible Man', `Breakthru' and the calypso tinged `Rain Must Fall'. In amidst all this full-on Queen mayhem the band have the good sense to include one track that is restrained and laid back, and the funky `My Baby Does Me' lets some much needed space into the album.

It's not quite varied enough to rank alongside the bands glory years albums of the 70's, where they would change genre (and lead vocalist) every other track, but this is still a big return to form, and a good pointer for the bands further success with final album `Innuendo'. The bands last, and best, album of the `80's.

NB: Bonus tracks on some CD version include `Hang On In There' - originally the B-Side to `I Want It All' this is a worthy track to rescue from obscurity, `Chinese Torture' is a guitar solo that is frankly painful to listen to, and the 12" mix of `The Invisible Man' is fairly pointless.
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on 14 September 2000
Queen were very much a band that you either love, or hate. There's little room for indifference. For the fans, this album begins magnificently, with a blistering pair of tracks to open the account. The CD then rocks away into the four singles that one will find on Greatest Hits II, the rock of I want it all, the hope of "The Miracle", the comedy of "The Invisible Man" and the power of "Breakthru". The next few tracks do not dissapoint, though they are quite laughable in their way. "Rain Must Fall" is really a cheesy song...., and the 80's dance feel of "Scandal" is just that. Scandalous. Having said that, this song remains as one of the great Mercury vocal lines, and it stands alone as a good song on that strength. The soulful "My Baby Does Me" follows on, though good, the song could be seen as a simple time filler, before the superb "Was it all worth it?" at the end of which, Freddie sums up the entire Queen rollercoaster with the comment "It was a worthwhile experience" which sums this album up very well.
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on 24 March 2014
I originally had this on a cassette tape so I hadn't heard this album for a while as , it brought back so many good memories. Fantastic music, I will be playing this for quite a while, it never ages.
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on 21 July 2002
80's Queen was so distinct in style by this time that the album was not on it's own. "A Kind Of Magic", "The Works" and "Innuendo" are very compatible. This is by no means a reason to put the No.1 album down.
It kicks off to a good start with the good quality "Party" continuing with the mediocre (in comparison) headbanger "Khashoggi's Ship". The Next is the title track, "The Miracle". This was the 5th single to be released from the album, just missing the Top 20. The next is the world renowned "I Want It All", the 1st single to be released from the album and the biggest hit here reaching No.3 in the UK and hitting No.1 in many areas across Europe. "The Invisible Man" is one of the more light hearted Queen tracks. It was the 3rd single to be realased from the album providing them with a Top 20 hit in the UK. Moving on, "Breakthru" is the second most appreciated track, giving them a Top 10 hit all over Europe. It's sense of Rhythm and Bass don't fit in with Side Two though. "Rain Must Fall" is a first class Queen number that should have more to say for itself. "Scandal" was the 4th single released from this album peaking at No.25. It is brilliant with it's words and strange mixture of chords. "My Baby Does Me" and "Was It All Worth It" are rather boring, but "Was It All Worth It" has an auto-biographical touch and it is well worth a listen. This altogether is a fine example of what a good group at their best can achieve. Enjoy.
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on 16 August 2006 this album. The Miracle is a fantastic combination of many aspects of Queen thrown into one album, and it works really well. The songs flow, the music is entertaining and fun, and it's generally a joy to listen to. Everything that you love about the band can be heard here basically - the harmonies, the guitar, the rock, the's all there in some form. There is the occasional part where one thinks that the combination isn't as good as it could be, but overall this is a thoroughly entertaining album and is ten times better than I expected. I had doubts when I bought it, and when I first listened; but after my second go with it I was hooked. Really great music from a really great band.
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