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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 5 March 2000
I absolutely love this album, thanx to it and to Hole's past albums Courtney has become one of my idols! The opening song "Celebrity Skin" Is perfect kicking off with strong and powerfull power chords. My overall favorite song and by far the best has to be "Malibu" Courtneys voice is melodic, however this song always manages to end with my friends and I in tears. Courtney has taken a lot of critisism from the press and faithfull Nirvana fans ever scince Kurt Cobains death, therefore this album seems a perfect was for Courney to fight back and show the critics that she's capeable of more than people think and stronger at that! Give Courtney a chance, because with this album, critics will only end up making a fool out of themselves if they even try to put it down! EXCELLENT
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on 22 April 2001
I wasnt sure whether to buy this CD after i saw the reviews, being discribed as "Awful" I'm a new HOLE fan and dont have this CD to compare against the others. But, i brought it anyway and gave it a go. I knew as soon as i heard Celebrity skin that i'd made the right choice. Everything about this CD is perfect, even down to the way Courtney ends the song and the way the drum beats go with the mood of the song. I'd say have an open mind, and dont compare it to the other albums, This shows HOLE has grown up and dont hate the world as much as before. Definitely worth 5 stars! *****
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Celebrity Skin is a great album. Many screamed sell out when it came out, but they were a little off the mark. It has some real classics on it. Celebrity Skin is a great song and was a great lead-off single to signal Hole's new direction. Other good songs are Dying, a really emotive number, Awful, Malibu and Boys on the Radio. In fact, there isn't a weak number on the set. Although the melodies are bright and breezy (it is known as the band's 'California album'), Courtney's lyrics remain as cutting and insightful as ever. All in all, a really great album. Highly recommended!
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on 15 January 2004
Celebrity Skin is the final chapter of the Hole story. It is as different from Live Through This (their 1994 effort that was named Album of the Year by many critics) as Live Through This is from their debut, Pretty On The Inside. Hole has now abandoned the quasi-punk/grunge sound for what Courtney refers to as "power pop." I found it shocking and at first was very, very disappointed - some songs here, particularly Awful, sound like the Go-Gos with guitars. The only song on this album that bears a vague similarity to the Courtney I'd come to love is Playing Your Song - that roar of "I had to them you were GOOOONE!!" is the "Go on, take everything!" Courtney I crave. And it was so disillusioning to find that the mid-tempo Boys on the Radio is what has become of the haunting Sugar Coma ballad that Courtney played on the Mtv Unplugged special in 1995. This was the wrong Hole. I thought Courtney had sold out.
But then something happened to change my mind ... Courtney in a leather miniskirt at the Seattle Key Arena on March 3, 1999, performing in the infamous Man/Hole concert tour (the short-lived, and bizarre, pairing of Marilyn Manson and Hole). Standing only 10 feet from her as she slithered, swayed, and screamed, is an experience I'm not soon to forget. I had never seen such a beautiful woman convey such powerhouse rage, a runway model with a vendetta. She was like an apparition, an archetype from Greek mythology, something from another world. Courtney brought these songs to life, in a way they were not when cranked on CD player. The supposed power pop of Celebrity Skin had real rock. Now when I listen to Celebrity Skin I am reminded of Courtney's live performance, reminded of how beautiful Seattle is, reminded of how awesome it was to walk out of the arena and look up to see the Space Needle illuminate the night. I now love Celebrity Skin.
I suppose the moral of the story is to give Celebrity Skin a chance. At first it may be a bit of a disappointment to fans of the first two Hole efforts. But judged on its own, it's actually a pretty darn good album.
Andrew Parodi
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on 2 September 2000
This was the first Hole album I ever listened to.For ages it was my favourite album with all really emotional songs-"reasons to be beautiful" being my favourite.The lyrics as with all hole albums are powerful and moving.It shows what courtney love has overcome. However after listening to their other albums this isnt in my oppinion their best album,if you like Hole but are not so keen on it screamy raw sound this is the Hole album for you.
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on 21 March 2006
This is a perfect pop record commercial yet gutsy.
Awful is a fantastic pop record it's melodic and rythmic with the hard edge you'd expect from Hole. The title tracks lyrics are a recount of how damaging Hollywood life is and how the music industry crushes free spirits. One line in Celebrity Skin refers to Garbage front woman Shirley Mansen (famous for her low self image)and gives some sisterly support i.e. 'beutiful garbage'. There are some paralels between Courtney and Shirley, though Hole moved much faster from underground to commercial than Manson did coming from the darkness of Angelfish to the commercial indie of Garbage. Courteny gives us the benefit of her artistic nature in 'Use once and destroy' a common phrase used in a cunning way in this track about casual sex gone wrong (or is it more anti music business rhetoric). Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumkins involvement in this LP has also been an enhacing factor along with Melissa Auf Der Maur's contribution. A great (if commercial) post Grunge album.
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on 5 November 2003
This album, compared to the others Hole have done, is a lot more catchy, if you get what I mean. It's not pop but there are certainly a few catchy tracks that'll keep you listening for a few months!
This album was definitely a new sound for Hole. If you like The Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt or similar, then this is the album from Hole for you.
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on 22 November 2000
"Celebrity Skin" is simply the definitive album of the 90's...of the century. I'm not joking. Never have I come across such profound lyrics, such fantastic placements and backing vocals, such brilliant lead vocals, such lush production, such talented instruments (NOTHING is off the mark here - the guitars, the drums, the bass, the vocals, the bgvocals, even the TAMBOURINE! - all perfect). The high point of this album, for me, is "Boys On The Radio"...a shining masterpiece in which a low key electric guitar backed by acoustics which develops into a full amp blowing affair. "Heaven Tonight", maybe the albums most pop point, is an immediate favourite. The songs builds up into a beautiful arrangement of harmonies and leads then in the middle returns to the one guitar that was present at the start and Courtney sings "I can't believe that I could be happy / summer would come again " There is too much to say about this album, and too little time to say it in: simply, you MUST buy this album, there are a million reasons to buy it and not one reason not to buy it. Other high points: "Awful", "Malibu", beautiful ballad "Dying", acoustic brilliance on "Northern Star", "the last grunge song ever" - ie, "Playing Your Song" and the orchestral finale "Petals". An album that takes you throught Hollywood, starting with "Celebrity Skin" and finishing up somewhere far away with only "Petals" left.
True genius on this album. A must have.
Well done Miss Love & co. Sell outs? I think not.
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on 10 February 2002
This album is not the usual Courtney Love grrrll riot screams and shouts. Its a very mellow cd with its sweet lyrics i would certainly reccomend tracks 9, 10 and 11 but overall an exellent array of chill out hole songs
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on 12 February 2010
This album is a very good album which is jammed pack with sing along lyrics and catchy tunes which grab and pull you in the world of the album Celebrity Skin. It all started hearing Celebrity Skin(Song) and that was it i had to have the album which i did along side some good old Nirvana. First thing i thought was that the rest of the album was different the next track was Awful which was a good tune as the next track came up Hit So Hard i was shocked. What a good song this is and has to be one of my favorites of Hole's songs i was mighty impressed where the album was going and thinking to myself that could be the prime of the album. But when thinking that the Classic Malibu opened up with it's catchy chorus and a good BBQ song for the summer i was so impressed already the track i love was topped what else could i want Reasons to Beautiful and Use Once & Destroys tunned me and by this time i thought this was a special album.But Dying was not great just did not compare to the standards of Awful and Hit So Hard. But the Album is extremely good.
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