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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
Celebrity Skin
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 21 January 2000
...I've got to say that I love this album. It's a far cry from Pretty On The Inside and Live Through This, but bands are always being critised for churning out the same music - it's a good change. I must admit I like punk Hole best, but this without a question is rock album, just not punk/grunge. The songs are flawlessly written - music and lyrics, and the album has been very well produced. There is a variety of different songs from the pure pop of 'Heaven Tonight', to the punk os 'Reasons to Be Beautiful' and 'Playing Your Song', to the atmospheric nature of 'Northern Star' and 'Dying'. The variety is amazing, and all the tracks are strong. Celebrity Skin is a brilliant opening track and things only get better. The tunes might sound 'pop' to Hole's hardcore fans, but there are messages in the lyrics and plenty of references to the late Kurt Cobain. I doubt very much that Hole have 'sold-out' - just changed. Standout tracks include: Celebrity Skin, Petals, Reasons to Be Beautiful, Playing Your Song, Boys on The Radio, in fact to me all of them are standout tracks. This isn't as good as Live Through This, however it is difficult to compare them as they are so different. I'd recommend this to Hole fans (even Pretty On The Inside fans), give it a try and don't write Courtney off as a sellout, she may be a movie star now, but she still has the punk ethics that sh has always had. Also new Hole material suggests that this 'pop' stage may well be only temporary. Just enjoy the album for what it is - a work of art.
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on 21 March 2006
This is a perfect pop record commercial yet gutsy.
Awful is a fantastic pop record it's melodic and rythmic with the hard edge you'd expect from Hole. The title tracks lyrics are a recount of how damaging Hollywood life is and how the music industry crushes free spirits. One line in Celebrity Skin refers to Garbage front woman Shirley Mansen (famous for her low self image)and gives some sisterly support i.e. 'beutiful garbage'. There are some paralels between Courtney and Shirley, though Hole moved much faster from underground to commercial than Manson did coming from the darkness of Angelfish to the commercial indie of Garbage. Courteny gives us the benefit of her artistic nature in 'Use once and destroy' a common phrase used in a cunning way in this track about casual sex gone wrong (or is it more anti music business rhetoric). Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumkins involvement in this LP has also been an enhacing factor along with Melissa Auf Der Maur's contribution. A great (if commercial) post Grunge album.
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"Live Through This" is my favourite album of all time. Without exception. But I'm sick of the slagging that "...Skin" has received. It's got a couple of...bummers on it - but most of the tracks are fine, well above average rock songs. The title track is as tight a rock song as you could hope for. Hook, attitude - it's all there. "Hit so hard" is bitter/sweet and twisted. "Awful" isn't. Isn't awful, I mean. "Reasons to be beautiful" kicks, as they say, ass. Compare this with most of the dross that passes for Indie music...This is better by far. It's NOT "Live Through This" but please, critics, be honest - this is a good album, for all that...
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on 11 February 2002
As soon as the song 'Celebrity Skin' hit my ears I knew I'd made the right decision when buying this album. It has a wonderfull track listing full of songs that are unique in sound, style, and rythmn. Its one of those albums that makes you sit down, drop everything and just listen. It is a beautifully written, composed, and performed album. The track 'Reasons to be beautiful' explores the thoughts of LOVE and has a very deep and meaningful undertone. The album shows a more mature side to the band, with LOVE expressing herself over death, life, and love. This album is a mix of emotions which fit together perfectly to create a sensational album.
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on 27 November 2006
Once again Hole have brought us a raw insightful and lyrically fantastic album. The band have once again covered a wide range of topics in Courtney Loves lyrics and also a selection of up tempo feminist anthems combined with beautiful ballads all in a 12 song album.

The lyrics are ingenious in `Hit So Hard' the lyrics make you wonder what exactly Courtney's voice is describing the immediate reaction to this song is to think that she is talking about Domestic abuse as in the song `He hit me (and it felt like a kiss)' but on further listening I feel that it is the feeling of seeing the most beautiful boy you have ever seen from across the room I think that she is in fact describing that feeling but the intelligent lyrics make both ideas possible and mean that the listener can draw form their own experiences and interpret the song in the way they feel appropriate.

Overall the lyrics on this album are some of Courtney Loves best, this is Courtney Love and Hole after having to hide from the bad publicity Courtney Love was receiving after the death of Kurt Cobain they came back triumphant though with a marvellous album- Celebrity Skin.

The ordeal and loss Love had gone through shine through in `Playing your song' the only song on this album in which her voice sounds angry.

By far the songs on this album I personally think are best are `Dying' and Reasons to be beautiful. In `Dying' Love's Voice pierces the air almost pleading "Remember - you promised me" it is with these lyrics that sting when listening to this song. Reasons to be beautiful is a finely polished rock song the lyrics plead, question and show aggression.

This is an album for the girls, through the songs it tells a story the story of what it is to be female.
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on 14 August 2005
yeah so courtney love went hollywood..get over it. she still rocks and this cd is proof. whether you wanna sing along, dance or cry this is the cd for you. its packed full of raw emotion and great tunes such as the infamous title track and the other two singles you may of heard 'awful' and 'malibu' but there are some real gems in here in the form of northern star and reasons to be beautiful amazing songs they are indeed so if you want some good pure rock music with a hint of pop buy this gem! if you want courtney and co with more of an edge buy pretty on the inside or live through this, but in my eyes they are all classics!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 15 April 2008
Ms Love has never been her own best friend.
This is self-evident.
Looking for love in all the wrong places.
Chasing that elusive spotlight.
(It's there / It's gone / It's there /...It's gone).
Conspicuous rock and roll celebrity desperation.

The last time I saw her she seemed to have ditched
the booze and pills and powders and with the aid
of a little meditation appeared to be squaring up to
a new solo album.
I was hopeful. I find myself rooting for her against
my better judgement. I want her to succeed.

That was sometime in late 2007. Her website records
no activity since then. The album did not appear.

1998 (God was it really that long ago ?) saw the release
of Hole's 'Celebrity Skin'.

12 blisteringly raw rock songs, the majority of which bear
evidence of Ms Love's pen and not insignificant passion.

Her performances are focussed, powerful and convincing.

The band create a dense wall of sound; sometimes grindingly
hard and heavy; at other times fleet of foot and demonstrating
a finely tuned pop sensibility.

There's not an ounce of spare fat on this album.
The production is wholly committed to the spirit of the music.

Ms Love's finest moment for sure.
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on 9 April 2008
Pop.Why are some so scared of that little three letter word.
Sue I love Napalm Death,My Dying Bride and Enslaved,but why should that mean I shouldn't like Gwen Stefani,Kelis and Daft Punk.Anyone says I shouldn't,who cares.
Hole go pop,great.
Like Courtney said,"sometimes I want to sound like grindcore,and other times I want to sound like raspberries style pop".Makes perfect sense to me.
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on 5 March 2000
I absolutely love this album, thanx to it and to Hole's past albums Courtney has become one of my idols! The opening song "Celebrity Skin" Is perfect kicking off with strong and powerfull power chords. My overall favorite song and by far the best has to be "Malibu" Courtneys voice is melodic, however this song always manages to end with my friends and I in tears. Courtney has taken a lot of critisism from the press and faithfull Nirvana fans ever scince Kurt Cobains death, therefore this album seems a perfect was for Courney to fight back and show the critics that she's capeable of more than people think and stronger at that! Give Courtney a chance, because with this album, critics will only end up making a fool out of themselves if they even try to put it down! EXCELLENT
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on 22 April 2001
I wasnt sure whether to buy this CD after i saw the reviews, being discribed as "Awful" I'm a new HOLE fan and dont have this CD to compare against the others. But, i brought it anyway and gave it a go. I knew as soon as i heard Celebrity skin that i'd made the right choice. Everything about this CD is perfect, even down to the way Courtney ends the song and the way the drum beats go with the mood of the song. I'd say have an open mind, and dont compare it to the other albums, This shows HOLE has grown up and dont hate the world as much as before. Definitely worth 5 stars! *****
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