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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 3 January 2004
I remember the fuss over this cd when it came out, back in 1994 (is it really 10 years ago????). The media weren't too pleased with it at all, as they wanted more of what had made this group great in the first place - i can never understand most music journos - if a group keeps the same style from album to album they are seen as boring; if a group changes it's style often then they are criticised for not playing the old stuff.....annoying! That was the case here. 'Pomme Fritz' is a fine album - a little odd, uncontrollably ambient, and most of all, refreshingly new...even 10 years on. The title track opener is probably the only track that bares any resemblance to their previous material - and the most sane piece here. It chugs and builds over 9 minutes and is in fact rather beautiful. Then things start to go a little odd - the next 5 tracks show The Orb in experimental mode. Electronically enhanced voices, off skew beats, weird synths, dreamy ambient sounds and just plain silliness take over and the whole thing sounds like Nurse With Wound doing dance music (Check out NWW's Rock N Roll Station, a good point of reference - which was also released the same year). In Particular, 'Alles Ist Schoen' sounds like one of Ash Ra Temple's early side long drone pieces - tho more updated - flowing synths, with a quiet, bubbling beat underneath....very special indeed. Another good reference point for some of the music here would be updated dub music, particulalry some of Lee Perry's weirder stuff from the mid to late 1970's. I'm actually finding this album quite hard to describe, however, the best thing to do is just buy it and see for yourself....it would be worth it - top notch Orb!
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The 9 minute title track with its symphonic overtones opens this charming album with its varied sonic textures and interesting samples. More Gills Less Fishcakes starts of with a strange cacophony of barely audibly voice and loud noise samples cleverly integrated and then turns into a type of eerie bleepfest with discordant percussion, synth whooshes and voice samples. Somewhere in all of this there is a melody.
The electronic textures of the opening of We’re Pastie To Be Grill You sounds like The Residents before the track evolves into an interesting experiment with human voice samples, only to change again into synthesizers first tinkling and screaming, then gurgling and burping; a track very hard to describe.
Banger And Chips provides welcome relief with its dreamlike melody and lilting rhythm, quite a hypnotic and engaging piece of music. The next one Alles Ist Schoen has an atmospheric female vocal and more lovely ambient sounds and flows out on evocative synth strains reminiscent of Autechre.
The last short track, His Immortal Logness, has beautiful organ sounds and just a snatch or two of samples. Throughout the album, there is a male vocal sample that refers to electroshock therapy and that ties the whole together thematically, I suppose.
Although Pomme Friz has its moments, it does not represent The Orb’s best work and is not cohesive enough. I recommend the listener interested in The Orb to investigate the albums Orbus Terrarum and Adventures beyond The Ultraworld to hear the best of this innovative band.
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on 29 May 2003
Pomme Fritz, Pomme Fritz ... The Orb's little album. In the sequence of Orb releases this came after UFOrb and before Orbus Terrarum and kind of explains the leap in sound. UFOrb dealt mainly with what is generally known as the ambient house movement, while Orbus Terrarum left their Little Fluffy Clouds roots behind in favour of a more experimental conceptual vision. I tend to think of Pomme Fritz as a 40 minute long variation on a theme, with the theme becoming more abstract as it reaches its peak with the madness of We're Pastie To Be Grill (garbled samples, strange beepings, manual power lawnmowers!) before starting to bliss out and ending with the wonderful chill of Alles Ist Schoen. Its not the most easy listen in the world, one to return to once you've forgotten what it was all about ... but still a worthy purchase for Orb completists. The nearest you can come to LSD in aural form, it sends you into the brink of madness before chilling you out at the end. DON'T start off your Orb experiences with this though! Head for the first album Ultraworld if you want to get into The Orb!
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on 28 January 2003
I dont know what, if any, the inspiration was behind this album but me and my friends have had many nights over the years listening to its strange mix of harmonic samples, ambient loops and chaotic moments of sheers music and sound maham. A grealty overlooked piece of music that is surely one of the orbs finest moments. If you are looking for a CD that will take you on a trip deep into the cerebral chasms of the minds playground, this one is definelty worth checking out. I love it.
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on 3 February 2003
I love this album and have listened to it many times over the years. It is not your usual cup of tea i admit ie it lacks coherence of song structure in places but that is why it is so good. From the out you are thrown into a world of soundscapes from chaotic mish mash of different samples distored and looped over samples of,, well i,m not sure of what but it works, to beautifull slow trance like ambient tunes towards the end of the album that lap at the mind like waves up a beach. Not a long album (just over 40 mins) and the last song is too quirky to be good, but if you are a fan of trippy ambient tunes you should defienatly check this out.
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on 12 June 2015
This is a wonderfully crazy insanely perfect showcase of why i love The Orb. It is so well constructed, layering sounds & remixing the same sounds & samples again & again throughout, the songs flow together so well that you won't know where you are at. I recommend this album for anyone with an open mind who appreciates intelligent electronic music & things out of the ordinary.
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on 17 April 2015
Good but no pales in comparison to Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld.
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on 25 January 2011
I love The Orb but this almost put me in a coma!
Really boring!
You might as well put 4 pans full of veg & water on your cooker & let em boil for about an hour & sit there listening to it!
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on 11 March 2015
What's not to like about the orb
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on 13 December 2016
Underated genius!
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