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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

on 22 August 2017
This album was a wonderful find for me. I was already extremely fond of Danny Wilson. "Ten Short Songs..." is simply brilliant. There is that beautiful, floating voice of Gary Clark, but this is allied to a wonderful home production that packs in surprises amid awesome orchestration. Lovely - just buy it and take a relaxing tour of this fabulous singer-songwriter's mind. So full of joy and sorrow. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.
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on 17 October 2006
A bril' ablum from start to finish, especially the singles, 'We Sail On Stormy Waters', 'Freefloating' and 'Make A Family': Which where released as very rare to get 3 double CD singles; YRCDX 093, YRCDX 094 & YRCDX 105. Worth finding/searching for the extra bonus demo, live, and cover versions on them.

I first heard of Gary Clark as 'Danny Wilson' on the album 'Meet Danny Wilson'. The first song was 'Mary's Prayer', that I never get sick of and then 'Davy' and 'Aberdeen'. Then later with 'The Second Summer Of Love' from 'Bebop Moptop' album. Then there is a compilation called 'Sweet' and 'The Best Of...' collection.

After his solo material he turned himself around and formed a band again called 'King L' with the excellent CD 'Grand Day For Gravity' with the opening track 'Tragedy Girl', 'All Hail The Alien Queen' and 'Life After You' such a gem of a record. Then once again he disappered again, never to be see or heard.

Then one day in a small local record store (Backbeat) in Belfast (my home town) They had the new batch of singles in for the week, and found a single called 'Dizzy Moon', with female singer by this new band called 'Transistor'. So I took the chance with the unsual title[...] and of home to play. Low and behold credits read Gary Clark. I sat and though no can't be, this is so different in style even for him, but I liked the track and off I went and got the CD 'Transistor' the album. This is an alternative rock/dance/chillout album. It took a few times to play, but it is a grower to get into, and indeed it was the one and only Gary Clark's new Band.

After this outing on plastic disk, once again he has gone AWOL, where are you now Gary.... The guy is a real talented artist/singer/song writer/ and multi styled musican, just like Todd Rundgren is. So "Please come out to play" (good title for an album mate), we fans are missing you. [...]
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on 4 January 2018
excellent cd many thanks.
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on 12 June 2016
I love this album, Gary Clarks voice is fantastic, and great songs also.
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on 6 January 2005
Being the wrong side of 35,
Im currently in the process,(& I know that I`m not alone!) of replacing all my old vinyl album collection with it`s newer, CD format. I had resigned myself to the fact, that some of the rarer,& more obscure albums & artists in my collection,would not be deemed worthy of a reissue by their record company & never reappear "Digitally Re-Mastered" for me to snap up, even CD`s that were not big sellers on release,were often quickly deleted,& just plain "Unavailable" up until recently.
Thankfully all that is rapidly changing & Lost in the many albums that are re-released & within our grasp once again, is this absolute gem, from Gary Clarke.
For the unititiated Gary was the singer/songwriter for the band "Meet Danny Wilson" Still no wiser?! their only real hit was "Marys Prayer" which was a good little pop single, & still gets a bit of airplay here & there, but as a band, they failed to set the world alight & in 1993 Gary went solo,& recorded "Ten Short Songs About Love" in a recording studio in his bedroom!!.
The album is a classic,"We sail on the stormy waters" is a massive tune with a great singalong pop chorus, just as "Freefloating" showcases another potentially great pop single, but with lovely production & a jazzy tip.
"Nancy" is a more "folky", driving acoustic song, that is again, instantly appealing & illustrates Gary Clarkes obvious talent & versatility.
The rest of the songs are also,all well worth the listen,
This is not simply a collection of individual,unconnected tunes,
They each play their part in making up what is a fine album.
It`s a mature,well rounded release & at the end of the last track you just cannot help but like the guy!!
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on 17 July 2014
great albums!!
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on 12 July 2008
I`ve only just picked this up as I never even knew Gary had made a `solo` album after Danny Wilson.
I am delighted to say that anybody who ever liked Danny Wilson will not be disappointed,sure the songs are all about love,relationships and romance but Gary carries it off without sounding soppy,cheesy or boring.
One of the best CD`s in my 700 plus collection!
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Gary Clark started life as the lead singer of the obscure group Danny Wilson, then when they got fed up of being asked "Which one is Danny?" they split up to do their own thing.
This solo album is the first of Gary Clarks solo attempts to take the charts by storm. None of which worked.
This is what can only be described as a work of musical beauty. Every song is brilliantly written with lyrics which will inspire (Freefloating), make your heart weep (making people cry) or just make you tap your feet (We sail on the stormy water & Make a family).
If you like your music to be well made and well played then this is well worth buying, you won't be sorry.
He has not done anything for a good few years but if he ever reappears and tours go see him in concert, he is just as good live as well.
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on 6 December 2013
I don't have to write a long review, as others have already done this. Suffice to say this a beautifully crafted gem, that doesn't really date, as far as I'm concerned. Excellent stuff!
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on 14 March 2010
This is Gary Clark of Danny Wilson fame in a solo effort. Called "10 short songs about love" there's actually 12 songs. It starts out with "This is why J." the best song on the album. It's a very happy album despite a couple of sad songs and Gary Clark makes great use of his vocal skills. Am a huge Danny Wilson fan and didn't know about this album until a couple of years ago. Well worth the purchase.
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