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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
Walk On Water-Japan
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£47.74+ £1.26 shipping

on 15 October 2017
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on 14 June 2017
Superb album. I first started listening to UFO as a 15 year old in the late 70s (you do the math!) and have all their albums (on vinyl!) up to Misdemeanour. I saw them play back then a few times and again last year and this album proves that they have lost nothing of the magic that makes them one of the, if not THE, best hard rock bands this island has ever produced. Not one duff or filler track, this stayed in my car cd player for over a month with both sides played daily during my commute - I love it that much!! If you thought that this band had "had its day" by the 80s, think again and buy this - I promise you won't be disappointed!
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on 4 December 2000
What a surprise. Well recorded and consistantly great material. Sounds great on a high rez system or a rock system. Standouts are "Self Made Man," "Knock Knock," "Stopped By A Bullet," "Dreaming Of Summer," but every track is good. As a bonus the new versions of "Lights Out," and "Doctor Doctor" are better than the originals. If you liked "Strangers In The Night," then get this disk now!
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on 4 August 2008
It's pretty rare that I'm in awe upon listening to a CD for the first time; and that's what happened with UFO's "Walk on Water."

I heard the hype surrounding this the first time around back in 1995/1996, but at that time I was just a casual fan with a passing interest in some of the band's earlier material from the 70's. It was also around that time that my interest in music took a nose-dive due to the proliferation of boy-bands corporate creations that dominated the music scene.

Fast-forward ten year later. I see the CD, remember the good press it got, plop down my money, then pop it into the car CD player. I was immediately impressed with the production and sound quality. "A Self Made Man" was good, but CD for me really kicked in with "Venus" and never let up.

"Dreaming of Summer" has got to be one of the best songs I've heard in the last 15 years by UFO, or anyone. I can hit replay on this one and never tire of it. Why they don't play this in concert in a mystery, as it's one of the best songs UFO has ever done.

Now let's get to the rarity of old bands resurfacing to create a successful album. There are only a few that have done this successfully to create a new fan base. Duran Duran is one that comes to mind from the early 90's with the 1992 "Wedding Album," but this one should be right up there with it. It's my understanding that the volatility of the relationship between Michael Schenker and the rest of the band resulted in the band titling the album "Walk on Water," as it was deemed a miracle such a reunion could happen. It's got to be hard to work under such conditions -- especially with Schenker's erratic behavior -- but if this album (and to a slightly lesser degree "Covenant" and the great "Sharks") is any indication, these guys can still create magic when they get into the studio.

This is one of those rare instances where you can believe all the four and five star ratings -- it's that good. If you're a fan of UFO and you don't have this album -- get it. No question about it, you'll be happy with your purchase. If you're a fan of guitar driven rock, Classic Rock, 80's hard rock, get this. You will not be disappointed.
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on 9 March 2007
I was a huge fan of the "classic line up" in the seventies but lost track of them for a number of years after Schenker left. I didn't much care for the replacement and what with frequent line up changes the band seemed to take an AOR direction. I followed MSG until they got "McCauleyfied" and I guess I just grew old and lost interest in all things UFO. I have always liked beefed up cover versions of old classic songs and recently got blown away by the Schenker Pattison Summit albums (awesome guitar work!). On the back of this and with new found enthusiasm I bought this album about six months ago and it was like being seventeen again. This is a terrific album and I was a re-born fan as soon as "Self Made Man" hit the headphones. "Venus", "Pushed to the Limit" and "Darker Days" are all great UFO tracks with the Schenker Mogg partnership rekindling their seventies magic. None of the other songs disappoint either as the classic line up are in fine form and the production is far superior to anything in the past. The album is a little short on new material with only eight songs but I prefer it that way like the good old vinyl days. This means there are no fillers, only quality tracks. To fill the CD space there are two great re-workings of old favourites "Doctor Doctor" and "Lights Out". This CD version also includes bonus songs from MSG, Paul Raymond Project and Mogg/Way, Raymond's solo effort being the weakest on the album (All are great non the less!). I can honestly say this is up there with their seventies stuff. Unfortunately it was another down hill slide as later albums "Covenant" and "Sharks" although good did not reach the heights of this. The more recent stuff with Vinnie Moore on guitars has rejuvenated the band once more so don't you Schenker fans ignore "You Are Here" and "The Monkey Puzzle". Also check out "$ign of 4" and the Mogg/Way albums which are also brilliant UFO-like albums in all but name.
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on 29 January 2004
This is a gem! A MUST for all UFO fans. The magic synergy of Michael Schenker at his best, Phil Mogg's vocals and Paul Raymond's keyboards and backing vocals is incredible. The album has a retro feel to it with Hammond-style keyboards and some acoustic guitar parts but it still ROCKS! Best tracks: Venus, Darker Days and Dreaming of Summer. BUY IT NOW - YOU WON'T REGRET IT.
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on 29 May 2006
As I write this is on sale for less than a fiver - if someone can come up with a better way to spend this, I'll eat my socks!

UFO have managed to avoid living on past glories or trying to keep up with trends - what they have done in recent times (starting with this album) is to continue to play the absolute best of melodic rock without feeling out of touch with their roots or their ever advancing age (they've been around for more than 30 years) - like some of us of advancing years, they seem to be able to recognise that you can be contemporary without having to be trendy.

There are some references to the past - the remakes of Lights Out and Doctor,Doctor are there I think to link new listeners to their past, but if you are a first time listener, ignore these and instead enjoy what is probably one of the best comeback albums of all time - when you put this album up against modern rock albums, you can see how hard it is for new acts to beat the past masters - any modern rock album has to reference UFO in one way or another, as these guys are on top of their game here, combining meaningful lyrics (listen to Pushed to the Limit if you want to know what being middle aged feels like) with guitar work of the highest level thanks to Mr Moody himself, Michael Schenker.

If you are under 30 and into modern rock oriented music, then risk a fiver and enjoy a dip into the past - if you are over 30 and remember bands like Thin Lizzy but haven't listened to UFO before, then sacrifice a pint and buy this instead - you won't regret it
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on 13 September 2009
Classic UFO lineup together again - sounds promissing. And it is! This is a top notch comeback album with many great songs and bonuses that make this album only better.

The album kinks in instantly and never lets go. The songs are catchy and melodic as ever "Knock, Knock", "Pushed To The Limit" and "Dreaming of Summer" being my favourites. The addition of fresh versions of "Doctor, Doctor" and "Lights Out" together with individual songs of UFO musicians makes this a worthy comeback. So sad it didn't last long enough to overpower or match this great record as follow-ups are weaker albums. Nonetheless, Walk on Water fits in well with UFO's classic sound and albums which made them rock stars.
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on 5 September 2000
Yes as I said above this is an amazing album probaly one of the best by UFO with the great heavy tracks like 'Knock Knock' and the great new versions of 'Doctor Doctor' and 'Lights Out' this tops this off to be an all time classic album, this album will be remembered forever. If you like UFO, sorry I won't except your excuses NOW BUY THE ALBUM!
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on 12 October 2006
Even without Michael Schenker, UFO are a very good rock band indeed. With Michael Schenker, they are capable of being the world's greatest rock band, as Walk on Water demonstrates. This is UFO's classic line-up, and it shows. The song-writing is first-class, establishing Mogg as rock's finest vocalist in my view. The guitar-work is what shines out, however. Schenker emerged in that pre-shred guitar era when there was plenty of raw power and speed, but without the generic 'sameness' of more recent shredders. Rock songs should not just be vehicles for guitar-tricks, but integrated units that take you on a journey. And yet, the guitar-work must still be great - Schenker achieves this here. The song dictates the guitar-work, and not vice-versa. And yet, the standard of playing he reaches on tracks like Venus is awe-inspiring. But because it fits the song so well, you are given a choice: either you can go on your own journey when you listen to the track without being distracted by a showcase of vanity, OR you can listen to the great guitar-work. Walk on Water is really an 8 track album with 5 bonus tracks. All 8 of the main tracks are good, with not a single filler. The first 2 bonus tracks are quality new versions of old classics. The last 3 bonus tracks are adverts for band-members' solo projects - i.e. of these three tracks Schenker only plays on the track from his solo MSG project.
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