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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Live In Germany 1976
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 10 July 2017
Very pleased
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on 29 July 2017
Great cd
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on 23 February 2012
Expected lots after reading the reviews on amazon and was hugely dissapointed. I agree that the songs are performed well, but the sound recording is dreadful, absolutely miles away from "On Stage". Not sure what kit these reviewers have, but there's absolutely no point whatsoever listening to what must have been absolutely awesome if you were there, if the sound coming out of your speakers is as bad as this. Go for On Stage, it's awesome, especially Catch the Rainbow. Not quite Made in Japan, but better than Made in Europe, apart from Mistreated, on which Dio can't quite match Coverdale.
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on 25 June 2013
Great songs, great band, terible mix. Cozy had a double bass drum kit - I challenge anyone to say they can hear any bass drum on it. Real disappointment could have been the ultimate live Rainbow album.
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on 31 December 2004
OK so Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow was one of the greatest hits in rock. Rising propelled Rainbow to musical stardom. Long Live Rock 'N Roll provided the final magical moments for the Dio era before going out in a blaze of glory. These three glorius albums pretty much defined rock.
So maybe Jimi Hendrix did set fire to his guitar on stage back in '67. But does that sort of crowd-shocker really compare to the intensity delivered by Ritchie Blackmore? For me it's a question which can be answered by this live compilation only.
Once you've listened to the studio versions to death, turn the page in the Rainbow anthology and witness the awesome power of Blackmore/Dio's Rainbow performing live in Germany, 1976.
There is simply no finer live performance than what you'll witness on these two discs. Hard rock heaven, to say the least.
1. KILL THE KING - Wow - what an opening. The LLRNR classic kick-starts Rainbow's concert to a full-blown rollercoaster. The perfect introduction in my opinion.
2. MISTREATED - I still cannot get over the sheer briliance of Mistreated. Yes Deep Purple's version is amazing, but Rainbow's performance is just awesome. Features a solid 5-minute guitar solo by Blackmore and incredible interplay between Dio and Blackmore later in the song. Absolutely fantastic.
3. SIXTEENTH CENTURY GREENSLEEVES - One of the best performances at the concert, Sixteenth Century sounds 100 times better live. Faster, louder and more intense, Blackmore and Dio carry Rainbow all the way to the top with this song. The guitarplay by Blackmore is simply unreal. Dio's vocals are mesmerising. An incredible performance.
4. CATCH THE RAINBOW - Stunning is the word I'd use to describe this track. Rainbow create here a powerful, mystical experience which captures the entire crowd. An amazing 15 minutes of true Rainbow magic and an excellent closing track to the first disc.
1. MAN ON THE SILVER MOUNTAIN - Man On The Silver Mountain has possibly one of the best introductions I have ever heard. Blackmore's 3-minute opening solo is quite frankly, groundbreaking, and I'm astounded as to why he chose not to include this solo on one of Rainbow's studio titles. You also have to love Blackmore's 3-way rhythm slash interplay with Dio which breaks out mid-way through the song. Incredible...one of the finest on this compilation.
2. STARGAZER - I have to say, if there is one track which let me down on this compilation, it's Stargazer. Now in no way am I knocking this song, it is still fantastic, but compared to the sheer power of the original, for me this live version just - offsets the atmosphere, it doesn't properly recreate the experience for Rainbow's greatest song ever. Rather than creating mystical twists between the two sections of the song it drags on in this section with - dare I say it - ear-splitting musical noise (damn that hurt to say). Blackmore's guitarplay just doesn't seem up to scratch here. OK well try and forget that and just enjoy the song for what it is - the actual verses with Dio's vocals are still outstanding all the way through the song. After all it's Stargazer - and there's no way Rainbow's performance can fall anything short of amazing.
3. STILL I'M SAD - Fantastic performance here. Rainbow's original recording of this Yardbird cover on Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow didn't include vocals. Well, now Still I'm Sad is back with Dio here to scream his heart out. At 15 minutes this track is LONG. For me the best part of this song is the way Blackmore and Dio cleverly use this to their advantage to create lots of variation in the song - just when you think the song has finished, Blackmore starts over with his riff. Great performance here.
4. DO YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES - This was Rainbow's well-known hard-rocker from Rising which really stood out among the other tracks on the album. Here it follows up nicely to Still I'm Sad, and provides an excellent closing point for Rainbow. It's fairly similar to the studio version, just with loads of extra guitarplay by Blackmore and extended vocals by Dio.
Forget "On Stage" and buy Live in Germany 1976. This is the full-blown European experience delivered the way Blackmore wanted to create his medieval ambience. Rainbow's studio titles are incredible, but Rainbow live is a whole new experience altogether. Long Live Rock 'n Roll!
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on 18 May 2010
When I came across this in the early 90s I was astonished at how much better it was than on the officially released "Live on Stage" which I thought was a bit of a mixed bag. By contrast, this recording has Blackmore at his best with scintillating guitar playing - it just shows you how performances can range from concert to concert. But, this is the definitive Rainbow live album and of their best line up.
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on 8 November 2003
Free from the confines of Deep Purple, Richie Blackmore guides a powerful Rainbow lineup ( possibly the greatest combination of talent in rock history ) to dizzy heights of rock with an almost 'jazz like' freedom, such is his natural ability when he's in the mood. He certainly was in form here & along with the little elf with the awesome vocals, Ronnie James Dio, we get quite a treat here. These recordings were apparantly only discovered in the late '80's in a vault in London and what a find !
I don't think I'll ever tire of it ... definately a must for any collection if you have an ear for real music.
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on 8 October 2001
If you're a fan of Rainbow and want the best live performances get this CD. 100 minutes of high power plus occasional moments of subtlety. All performed brilliantly. It has a 17 minute version of Stargazer that must be in every fan's collection. On-Stage is excellent but this is better.
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on 30 April 2001
The second live record from Ritchie's Blackmore band have all things which make this one-of-a-kind cd. The musicians who performed were in big shape and they were in the elite of the time and Germany was the scenario which has inspired them more than ever.All the line up on this cd have much talent and they shows much harmony with each other even in the improvisations. The line up that you will find on this cd is: Ritchie Blackmore-Guitar Ronnie James Dio-Vocals Jimmy Bain-Bass Tony Carey-Keyboards Cozy Powell-Drums i own this cd for about a year and i can't stop listen to it! i am sure that if you buy too you won't regret. This cd is pure ROCK AND ROLL !
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on 29 August 2003
I used to think that Made in Japan could never be bettered, but I am wrong! This album truly shows Blackmore in all his glory, definitely the best guitarist ever!! I was disappointed by On Stage, this is infinitely better! Stargazer is a complete epic, and Still I'm Sad includes a 5 star drum solo from the late Cozy Powell.
I would give this album 6 stars, but i've never really got on with Rainbow playing Mistreated - Coverdale's song definitely!
Must buy!
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