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4.4 out of 5 stars
My Iron Lung
Format: Audio CD|Change

on 4 October 2017
Great thankyou
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on 11 November 2017
The record sounds a bit naff but it is a handful of fantastic songs
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on 7 June 2015
This single disc EP collects the tracks from both separate CD singles of 'My Iron Lung' and adds an extra acoustic version of Creep. My Iron Lung is a fantastic track, one of Radiohead's best, and the B-Sides are pretty good too, particularly 'Lewis (Mistreated)'. Might as well get it if you don't have the separate releases. Note - all tracks here appear on the deluxe edition of 'The Bends' (Creep acoustic is on the deluxe of Pablo Honey) so get it if you want the extra tracks or if you're a completist/collector like me!
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on 6 June 2017
My Iron Lung EP ****CD 1***
En excellent addition to The Bends - £2.80 at the moment.

These tracks are far far more accessible the most of Radioheads catalouge

'You Never Wash Up After Yourself' is OK computer worthy stuff.

CD 2 of this EP is pointless as it onyl has 4 of the above tracks!
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on 12 April 2001
Pablo Honey had come, been ignored in Britain and almost gone again. Then Creep became a massive worldwide hit and the pressure was on Radiohead, now writing material for their second LP - The Bends - to produce a follow up single. If Creep was an anti-anthem, then My Iron Lung was Radiohead's anti single. The song itself is famed for being recorded live: apart from the redubbed vocals, this is the version played at the band's 1994 Astoria performance. But the single is just the tip of the iceberg: this import version contains some extraordinary b-sides. The Trickster features a brilliant descending riff. Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong is a moving insight into Thom's take on relationships as he wails "A beautiful girl can turn your world into dust." Lozenge Of Love and You Never Wash Up After Yourself are typically understated Radiohead that contain a lot of emotions. For me, the best track is Permanent Daylight, a quasi instrumental track that paves the way for a change of direction in Radiohead's musical path. Out with the out and out rock of Pablo Honey...and onto the more subtle emotions and harmonies of The Bends. This release marked Radiohead's comming of age and paved the way for what was to come.
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on 25 July 2003
The import version of My Iron Lung is something I purchased a few years ago, and never really listened to at first, because I didn't take to it. But as with almost every Radiohead album, a few listens and it opens up like a fine wine. Listening back now, I really think that if Iron Lung had been removed from the Bends, and a little more time laboured over this, we would have a stunning full lenght album right here, talked about in the terms of magnitude and brilliance lavishly adorned on classic albums such as The Bends and OK Computer. Thrashing guitar rock on Trickster, and some fantastically melodic vocal work throughout by Yorke never better demonstrated than on You Never Wash Up After Yourself and Lozenge Of Love make this a most own piece of Radiohead magic, concluded with a stunning acoustic rendition of Creep, which if you liked the original will absolutely blow you away.
This Import EP nicely shows the progression between the underrated and deliciously raw debut of Pablo Honey and the genius of their breakthrough album The Bends. You won't regret this one, and it won't be long before it rarely leaves your CD player. Looking back at their back catalogue, and some brilliant B sides like Killer Cars, one can't help wondering if Radiohead should have perhaps bridged the gap between OK Computer and Kid A with a B sides compilation in the style of Lipstick Traces by The Manic Street Preachers. Perhaps they don't have the same history to go with it as the Manics, but they've still got one hell of an impressive range, and the varying styles and development of the music tells a story. It's amazing to see the differences in this to Hail To The Thief, but for my money the legacy co-exists nicely, and the enormous differences shouldn't be compared but enjoyed as fantasic individual entities of legends in the making. If your a Radiohead fan casual or committed you have to own this.
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on 8 October 2012
Although Radiohead's monster single, Creep, was tearing up the charts in the early 1990s, the album from which it was taken, PABLO HONEY, was an average album from what appeared to be an average band. Like so many other bands with a couple of hits under their belt, Radiohead could have released a couple more mediocre records in the span of a few years and generally fade from public consciousness. Hootie and the Blowfish and Seven Mary 3 are good examples of this phenomena. I actually wrote Radiohead off and never bothered to listen to any of the followups until about 2001, when I realised there was so much more to Radiohead than just "Creep" (one of my least favorite songs by them, incidentally).

Radiohead, however, had a different career destiny in mind, and pulled it off wonderfully. Rather than continue in the PABLO HONEY vein, Radiohead managed to record a series of phenomenal records not only noted for their musical instinct, but just wonderful, amazing music. Judging from PABLO HONEY, you would have no possible inkling they would go on to record an album of such high calibre like THE BENDS, let alone OK COMPUTER. OK COMPUTER is in a whole other universe in terms of quality, critical acclaim, and rabid fan adulation compared to PABLO HONEY. Radiohead wonderfully reinvented themselves, and have become one of the most consistently interesting, thought provoking bands around these days.

So how do they do it? My personal belief is it all starts right here with this EP released in 1994, MY IRON LUNG. This EP, which is comprised of one track later released on THE BENDS in 1995, six songs recorded during the Bends sessions available nowhere else, and an acoustic rendition of their 1993 hit "Creep", is a remarkable achievement for a band who, at that time, only had the wholly unremarkable PABLO HONEY debut under their belts. In every way, shape, and form, this EP not only outshines the debut but establishes the foundation of the rest of their career. Each song is a vast increase in production skills, overall musicality, and just plain listenability over the debut. This is the first indicator that Radiohead is more than an average, early 1990s band, with only a couple of hits in them.

What really benefits MY IRON LUNG is that it plays like a real album, not just a hodgepodge of outtakes and b-sides. In fact, in sequence and length (8 songs, 28:13 minutes), this could have been released as a main album, or if they so desired, the band could have thrown on a few more tracks to make it a more substantial release.

The six songs not included on THE BENDS could just as easily placed that album. They never sound like mere B-sides. In fact, you could swap any of these songs out, making them interchangeable with the songs that made the cut, and THE BENDS would still be considered one of the best records from the mid 1990s. These songs are fully formed, and many other bands of Radiohead's era would love to have such quality songwriting to their name, and amazingly Radiohead relegates this first class material to EP status. The only real sore spot on the EP is the acoustic version of "Creep", which has a harsh off-key section. Other than that, this is Radiohead's first real evidence that they are not just an average band who managed to score a big hit, but a band of skill, durability, and worthy to be considered among the other legendary bands of rock and roll.

After recording this EP, Radiohead would go on to prove themselves time and time again. While I do believe MY IRON LUNG laid the foundation for the rest of their career, sonically it is most akin to THE BENDS. This EP proved in so many ways that their debut did not that they were versatile, they could write great songs, and they had what it takes to be a first-rate rock and roll band. Naturally, in their musical evolution Radiohead's journey lead them to such radical departures as KID A, AMNESIAC, and HAIL TO THE THIEF, all of which sound little like the music found here. But MY IRON LUNG was the first step in that direction toward the upper echelon of rock.

BOTTOM LINE:: essential listening for any rock fan. While it may be a fairly expensive item to obtain for your music collection, it is worth it, simply because it plays very much like a lost Radiohead album than just an EP filled with odds and ends. While PABLO HONEY may have been their first record with a couple of good songs, MY IRON LUNG was the first indication that Radiohead was here to stay, and a band with far more interesting music than most of the other drek being recorded these days.

(There are different editions of MY IRON LUNG. Some releases split the songs into two singles. Make sure you get the version that has all 8 tracks. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money).
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on 11 January 2000
This CD is actually fantastic - Radiohead in a way we've not quite seen them before. It would be worth buying if only for the live version of 'Creep', but fortunately its also so much more.
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on 7 October 2000
The collection of songs in My Iron Lung contain a deep feeling. Strong guitars and "pure" rock sounds let already suspect the evolution of the band towards electronic music, maybe because of the ambience and atmosphere. Lyrics are full of poetry, human contradictions and insecurity: feelings that we all have sometimes.
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on 1 November 2000
This CD houses some of their best songs. My Iron Lung is an instant classic but my reason for buying this CD was for the B sides that it contains. My favourite B side has got to be Lewis (mistreated) just listen to it and you will see why. Another invaluable Radiohead CD to add to your collection.
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