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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 11 September 2013
I'm old enough to remember the rave reviews when 'Flowers in the Dirt' came out, and it still deserves them. As on 'Press To Play', collaboration with another talented songwriter made Paul reach higher, and the most obvious of all of these is the bitchy duet with Elvis Costello, 'You Want Her Too'. For me, that's one of Paul's best solo songs ever, up there with 'Maybe I'm Amazed' and 'Wanderlust', and it's very funny hearing Paul witheringly put down Elvis as "so predictable and nice".

The singles are highlights, too: 'My Brave Face' has an infectious bounce, great bass and suddenly 'getting' a bit of gender politics in the lyrics; 'This One' is a cool tune with a fab jangle; 'Put It There's' simple, catchy melody is just about the most understated single he'd released, before the fashion for "unplugged". Only 'Figure of Eight' disappoints here, with the album version overproduced and insipid, muting the guitar lick. I wish the rereleased CD had the single version, which was more of a loping rocker. 'We Got Married' is a great track, soulful, telling a story (perhaps a sequel to Del Shannon's 'Runaway'), and with amazing guitar from Dave Gilmour. Opposite in style is the fabulous dance track 'Où est le Soleil?' which showed Paul's versatility and is a much better closer to the CD album than the a bit overcooked 'Motor of Love' was to the LP. Other standouts include the groove of 'Rough Ride', the fragile minor ballad 'Distractions', the little rocker B-side 'Back on My Feet' and especially the soulful 'That Day Is Done', with magnificent tearing vocals. That leaves a couple of forgettable tracks, but more than enough altogether to make a great album.
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on 28 September 2000
When I first started to listen to Beatles music it was way back in 1989. Just by coincidence , it was the year Paul had released the magnificent Flowers in the Dirt. As I listened to it, it certainly triggered me to handling all the Beatles and related albums. The reason for such an impact can easily be described as the beatle magic you can see in all songs.
The songs start with a catchy rocker , my brave face , co written with Costello ( I am a fan of him as well ) simply catches the listener, with a message that the album was a quite melodic one. I would strongly belive that my brave face can have such an effect on everybody.
The album contains some McCartney classics, like many of them, which are not recognized and credited by the public. We can name them the hidden gems, any listener would agree with me, when they listen to the magnificent distractions, which is a melodic sad tune, one of Paul's best melodies I belive. To this day, I can not stop tears filling my eyes when I listen to distractions for the 1000th time maybe. It is that wonderful.
An other gem, which is Put it there, it is a McCartney miracle written in only one go as he pointed out. It is an acoustic song , a style which I find most appreciate for Paul. Being a kind of an acoustic guitar player myself, I think that he uses the acoustic guitar very effectly, his playing with nail style. Very yesterday-ish.
This one, we got married,how many people,that day is done,rough ride,figure of eight,motor of love,oue est la solleil,don't be careless love and the bonus tracks in my own cd are all wonderful. I have to comment on each of them as I did for the previous ones but I don't think that there will be enough space for that. Shortly, these are all wonderful Macca songs, which the listener never gets bored of. It grows on you more as you listen more. It is good Paul music as John once said about Band on the run. I have been listening to this album for 11 years now, and I still listen with the same pleasure. John couldn't hear this but I am quite sure that he would feel the same if he could. It is good Paul McCartney music.
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on 12 November 2013
After the questionable output from Paul post Tug Of War here was the long awaited return to form. And by no coincidence,in time for a huge world tour:
My Brave Face Written with Elvis Costello,this is simply a great single and a great opener. Wonderful bass line by the way 9/10
Roughride interesting work out which was played live on the tour 1989/90. Not bad 7/10
You Want Her Too Less successful Costello collaboration which some reviewer at the time compared to Rubber Soul for some reason. It's OK 6.5/10
Distractions Pleasant,a little better than Footprints (1986) from the same genre 7.5/10
We Got Married Remarkable, this song works well on all levels 9/10
Put It There Totally charming song, tribute to McCartney Senior. 10/10
Figure Of Eight Let down by the production,on the album version at least,but there is a melody in the middle eight so I like this overall 7/10
This One Catchy but too repetitive. Bit like the new single New (2013) 7/10
Don't Be Careless Love Not good, should not have made the cut 3/10
That Day Is Done Wonderful song,great production, great vocal 9/10
How Many People OK reggae song 6.5/10
Motor Of Love Has some nice moments but goes on too long 6.5/10
Ou Est The Soleil? OK Dance number 6/10

So as you can see this album,to use the vinyl analogy,is rather let down by Side 2.But for the first time since Tug Of War (1982) we could celebrate more than occasional magic at last.
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This album is most definitely worth buying. It is not a 'typical' McCartney offering: it is in many ways deeper and more thoughtful. Possibly Elvis Costello did what John Lennon used to and added some edginess.

Not that you would know that from the start. 'My Brave Face' is a typically up-beat and melody-rich McCartney track. but from then on, there is a rich variety of styles and more thoughtful lyrics than might have been expected. 'Distractions' has glorious melodies though I am dubious about some of the arrangements. 'Figure Of Eight' is very good.

There are some tracks where McCartney uses too much of the higher register of his voice for my liking. I think he is better when singing within his comfort zone and without straining.

The impact of this album is mixed. Whereas with many McCartney albums one ends up humming a couple of the tunes, there is much less here to provoke that reaction. And yet, by the end, I certainly feel that the effect is more rewarding, much more worth having invested the time listening to it.

It's not as good as 'Band on the Run', but very good in its own way. Different, interesting, deeper than many Mccartney offerings of the time. Four stars.
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on 5 October 2016
One of my favourite PMc. records. We all know that he can be variable in the quality of output sometimes, 0but for me, this album is consistently very good. No doubt the collaborations with Elvis Costello have added a real bite. But the McCartney solo efforts are really good to. I love 'We Got Married' and 'Flowers in the Dirt'. But 'My Brave Face', 'Figure of Eight' and indeed the rest of the tracks are a joy.
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on 10 May 2016
Hardly one of his best. Nothing really matches up to the opening track 'My brave face.' I was curious of the collaboration with Elvis Costello, but I cant say I was that impressed. Maybe with a few more plays it might grow on me. A must for Macca fans.
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VINE VOICEon 20 June 2014
I have always loved this album and it brings back fond memories for me - the 1989 tour which went with this album was the first time I saw McCartney live. At the old Wembley Arena and the night still stands as one of the highpoint's of my life. Some great tracks on this album - My Brave Face. Don't be Careless Love, This One, FIgure of Eight to name but four. There's not really a bad track on this slice of prime grade Macca./
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on 12 July 2008
This is my favourite solo/Wings offering from Paul McCartney. Also, two songs on here are co-written and sung as a duet with Elvis Costello, who also recorded his own solo version of a track off this album called That Day Is Done. Through this album, I discovered Elvis Costello's music, for which I am very grateful.

Although I have been into Macca for 20 years now, this is one of the few albums he has done where there is not one single bad song or one I'd have to skip over. Of course, some tracks are stronger/weaker than others but that's par for the course.

The two songs he duets on with Elvis Costello are especially poignant and brilliant. It is like Lennon/McCartney mark two, because Elvis has a very sharp, ascerbic, sarcastic intelligence and wit meaning he came back with some excellent lines and these 2 songs; My Brave Face and You Want Her Too are musical mastership at their best.

Chico Mendes was the inspiration behind How Many People, a funky foray into reggae; a brave mood for a middle aged white man written off by many as a soppy balladeer.

Motor Of Love is a wonderful 80s power ballad and even though it is, the song is brilliant.

My favourite Paul McCartney song of all time, The Loveliest Thing, is the last song on this album and it is well worth a listen.

Other highlights are This One and Figure Of Eight which were popular singles back in the day!!
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on 30 December 2004
I can still remember hearing Flowers In The Dirt for the first time. This album was McCartney's first non-compilation release since I became a fan of his. Picture, if you will, a slightly spotty teenager waiting for this album for his 15th birthday and you may get an idea of my excitement level. It had been trailed by the brilliant single 'My Brave Face' - a co-write with Elvis Costello - so I was full of anticipation. Did it meet my expectations? HELL YES!! But my music tastes have refined since I got older so does it still hit the spot?
The answer to that remains an emphatic YES. The opener (the aforementioned 'My Brave Face') remains one of my favourite solo McCartney moments. It's stuffed with Beatle-isms and Costello definitely brought out the best in Macca. There are four co-writes on here, one a duet, and they shine out. But the songs McCartney has written alone also stand proud. 'Distractions' is beautiful ballad, 'We Got Married' is a fine narrative of his and Linda's relationship, which, by the way, is still a template of how marriage should be when in the public eye. 'Put It There' is a lovely tribute to his late Father.
The second 'side' of the original album, kicked off by 'Figure Of Eight' doesn't quite maintain the quality of the first but up until the end of 'That Day Is Done' it's still very good. Unfortunately the final two tracks of the original album (Ou Est Le Soleil doesn't really count as it wasn't on the vinyl and occurred at the end of side 2 on cassette) really end the album on a weak note. 'Too Many People' continues Paul's ill advised fascination with reggae but is reasonably innocuous, but 'Motor Of Love' really stinks.
Thank God, therefore, for the extra tracks re-issue. It adds two fine b-sides in 'Flying To My Home' (b-side to Back On My Feet) and 'Loveliest Thing' (from 'Figure Of Eight' single) but it's the other one 'Back On My Feet' (from 'Once Upon A Long Ago' single from '87), the first fruits of the EC/Macca collaboration, that truly excels. Easily one of Paul's best b-sides and possibly one of his all time greatest songs.
OK - the album's not perfect and the last two proper album tracks stop it from getting 5, but it is worth your cash for sure!
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on 24 November 2009
Completely agree with all the reviews posted for this gem of an album. 5 stars for sure! I also bought this CD the day it was released (from the former music shop, Our Price). 6 June 1989. My goodness, that's over 20yrs ago!! Scary!! Sounds like Back to the Future, Part 1. November fifth, 1985!! FITD is exactly that. Advanced, modern, different and everything a brilliantly written, performed and arranged music album should be. As some of the other reviewers have quite rightly said, FITD is the most underrated album Mac has produced. I can't remember how well it was received by fans and the music press when it was released, but irrespective of whether it was said to be good or not, this album is a masterpiece!! Buy it, play it and enjoy!!
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