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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 August 2001
This is absolutely the best rock album i have ever heard. The songs are very catchy and quite varied, ranging from the emotion filled "heroin girl" to the sing-a-long "santa monica". From the addrenaline filled "chemical smile" to the mellow and beautiful "My Sexual Life".
The lyrics are some of the best you'll find, they deal with darker subjects (like racism, drugs, suicide etc) but are intelligent and cleverly written - eg "You treat me like im on fire, like im something to eat, you make me hate what i see, when i see me". Also they are sung with so much feeling and emotion that they really hit the mark.
The guitar and drum work is also excellent, with some great riffs and beats. "My sexual life" has some of the most mellow and touching chords your likely to hear, whilst "Her brand new skin" has an addrenaline filled beat.
Sparkle and Fade truly does sparkle, but with no fillers in sight it never fades. Every song is strong and different, and a classic in its own right. Nirvana may have established punk rock, but Everclear perfected it with this album. Buy it now.
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on 10 August 2004
Everclear's debut album "World of Noise" only showed fleeting glimpses of Everclear's potential and ability to take the best things out of punk rock , pop and grunge and fuse them together into something brilliant. This was due to a low recording budget and having Scott Cuthbert on drums who is by far inferior to Greg Eklund.
On Sparkle and Fade Everlcear come to the fore with their raging punk sounding guitars , grunge esque vocals and melodic pop sensibilities. A.P. Alexakis's lyrics are deep and somewhat prosaic flashbacks to his lifetime growing up surrounded by "White Trash" slobs , drugs addicts and sex. From that broad analysis of the band you would expect something of severe mediocrity. But it just seems impossible to ignore the fact that
Everclear , and particularly Art Alexakis are so much better than their peers. Alexakis speaks from experience rather than from a current stand point. This is shown in song's like "Santa Monica" and "Heroin Girl". Two gorgeously melodic punk rock songs that are about rather standard rock topics but are saved by Alexakis's excellent songwriting and great ear for melody. This album however does also contain diversity as it swings into darker more mellow numbers such as "My Sexual Life" and "Queen of the Air."
Save your money on the likes of Nirvana and Soundgarden the fact is that this album is shockingly underrated and is better than most of the other Grunge and Punk revival that dominated the 90s.
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on 2 May 2003
This is quite simply the best Everclear album of them all. Many people are familiar with Songs from an American Movie or So Much for the After Glow, but this album is much more powerful than its successors. Although the later Everclear albums are undoubtedly good, this album is better for people more interested in a punk or grunge influence. Being quite a long time Everclear fan, I found their first album slightly too raw, and the following albums are too pop orientated. This album is a definate for people with a liking for pop grunge without leaning too much towards pop. You Make Me Feel Like a Whore, Nehalem, Santa Monica and Chemical Smile are particular stand out tracks
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on 4 June 2000
This CD is arguably Everclear's best. It marks a stage in their musical development from their early Punk style, to the one evident in their late albums like "So Much For The Afterglow". Because of this it is a musical mix of the two making it very interesting and great to listen to.
Once again it combines very strong lyrics which you can relate to with great guitar etc, and the album contains some of their strongest songs. My favourite is the 3rd track - "You Make Me Feel Like A Whore " but this was a hard decision to make because i can honestly say that i love them all !
Probably the only down side to the album is that if you have only heard Everclear's later stuff then you may find it hard to adjust to this different sound. But if you like Everclear you are sure to love this album with attitude !
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I bought Sparkle and fade from this Amazon site early this year and THIS HAS TO BE MY GREATEST ALBUM PURCHASE EVER!!!! Although this album is from 1995 it has aged well and around that time with Blur,OASIS and Radiohead hitting the scene the American rock scene was kind of ignored.....and what a bad mistake it was to do that!!!Everclear are one of the undiscovered treasures of American rock-punk-pop...Sparkle and Fade is just an emotional rollercoaster ride with a lot of rock tunes that are soulful and catchy....The album deals with addiction,racism and childhood,the stand out tunes are Santa Monica,Summerland, Twistindale,Heartspark Dollar Sign and Nehalem.I can't beleive I totally overlooked this album years ago!!!!If you are a Foo Fighters fan or sick of nu-metal buy this album,I gurantee it will be the best album u have ever heard.
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on 9 February 2002
This is pretty much the best album in the world... That's about all I need to say. It accomodates for all rock tastes with slow thoughtful ballads ('Pale Green Stars', 'Strawberry') to epic power rock songs ('The Twistinside', 'Electra Made Me Blind'). It also includes Everclear's punkier side with the showing off of songs such as 'Chemical Smile', 'Nehalem' and 'Her Brand New Skin'. This is without question one of the finest geek rock albums around. There isn't of a bad riff or note anywhere on the CD, and Art Alexakis' thoughtful lyrics are up there with the best, giving even Rivers Cuomo a run for his money. Hang your head in shame if you don't already own this album.
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on 15 April 2000
It's the best record I've heard since "Smash" and unlike the Offspring, Everclear have been consistently amazing for the last ten years or so. This, in my humble opinion (and that of everyone else I know who listens to Everclear) is much better than "So Much for the Afterglow". Anyone who likes punk, straight-out rock, or just intelligent lyrics really ought to have this record.
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on 26 March 2000
If you like punk rock , or even if you're a fan of everclears more popular album so much for the afterglow , this album takes the most reasont one to the extreme of fast drum beats , good guitar riffs and meaningfull lyrical genius. If your a fan of everclear , another band to check out is 'pennywise'
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on 24 July 2007
right then its this simple...this is the best work everclear have done and probably also one of the best albums of the last decade
the songwriting is phenomenally simple and very effective..the melodies will stick with you till you die and the songs buzz by at a frantic pace with lyrics that make you want to laugh one moment and cry the next
yes the songs are relatively simple....punky/grungey in stlye but with a distinctive southern feel....arts voice cutting through them all sucking you in and making you really feel his words
then they through you a curve ball with songs like "santa monica" which is alot slower and then "the twist inside" which feels epic in comparison to the rest...with its build up and release and final fling of noise and screaming.
i love this album and i think most people would do if they gave it a spin
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on 9 March 2001
Until you hear Everclear's 'Sparkle and Fade'. Art Alexakis' penetrating lyrics, the massive guitars frequenting the entire album, Craig Montoya's rocking bass line and Greg Eklund's pounding drum beat make this record a fun, rocked-up emotional rollercoaster. Anthems such as 'Heartspark Dollarsign', 'Santa Monica' and 'Heroin Girl' are littered and weaved with more of their kind. A superb album, of which there was definitely more to come.
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