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on 16 October 2017
happy with item
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on 30 July 2011
Soulfly's self titled debut album from 1998 has to be my least favourite Soulfly album. Soulfly have definitely since moved on to create some very strong material, but if I set aside nostalgia and judge this album fairly on its own merits I cannot claim it is a very good record.

The album sets the tone for most Soufly albums to come; the material blends together world music influences and groove metal along with Nu Metal sections like Sepultura's 1996 album Roots, and similarly it was also produced by Ross Robinson, this time fresh from producing Limp Bizkit's 1997 debut album Three Dollar Bill, Yall$.

Limp Bizkit's front man Fred Durst (and also DJ Lethal) makes a guest vocal appearance on the album on the track `Bleed,' but he isn't the only musician to perform on the album aside from the members of Soulfly. Chino Marino from the Deftones shows up on `First Commandment,' and Benji Webb from Skindred adds some of his distinctive flavour to `Prejudice.'

Even the album's main single `Eye For An Eye,' features Burton C Bell and Dino Cazarez from Fear Factory, who's bassist Christian Olde Wolbers appears on yet another of the album's tracks later on. All that is before you even consider the non-famous contributors like tribal percussionists and Max's friends and relatives. The album is much more like a large project, some grand experiment like Probot or Roadrunner United than the debut album of a band who write songs together in a room.

I did like the album for a time, but it has not aged very well. I find it difficult to listen to in one sitting and think it is more of an album for cherry picking a few of the best moments from rather than sitting down to and consuming whole. Don't get me wrong, even with all I've said there are some moments on the album that are very good, for example `Bumbklaat,' and `Fire,' are good songs.

I also like the intro to `First Commandment,' even if it is a little too similar to Tool's `Disgustapated,' for comfort and finally `Eye For An Eye,' is good even if you do sometimes feel a little like it is an attempt to repeat the success of Roots Bloody Roots however knowing or unknowingly that may be on Max's part.

Overall though, the music for me at least is a little too plain and uninteresting during the proper metal sections, and the tribal sections do not fit as well as on subsequent Soulfly Records. This, coupled with the production and the aforementioned disjointed project feel makes this album Soulfly's weakest in my opinion. I wouldn't go as far as to say it is valueless and Soulfly fans should check it out and judge for themselves, but unfortunately this is not an album that I personally enjoy all that much.
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on 14 July 2001
I heard Soulfly at Ozzfest 2001 uk and i thought that they were excellent . Having been a previous fan of Sepultura and seeing them live i decided to check Soulfly out . I went of to my local Virgin and bought Primitive which is very good and features excellent lyrics and tunes . I then bought their first sel titled album "Soulfly" . I popped it in my c.d. player and was astonished . It is absoloutley excellent and has deep , tribal roots . Most of Soulfly's lyrics are about lost family or friends or just world injustice . Soulfly are no Rage Against The Machine when it comes to pollitical or world views although they are a great listen. Much better than teeny-bopper bands like Limp Bizkit or Papa Roach.
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on 21 February 2003
Max cavalera new band is way diffrent from sepultura and its hard to choose who is better because they are so diffrent.
The album starts out heavy with eye for an eye (with Burton C Bell of fear factory) then the album goes more tribel with tracks like tribe,bleed,bumba,karmageddon,soulfly. But it goes hardcore again with the song remains insane,no and no hope no fear, and becuse of the sound of this album it deserves 5 stars.
This album proves Max Cavalera can do stuff with out sepultura.
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on 28 September 2000
Soulfly (founded by ex-Sepultura mainman Max Cavalera) have made a big impression in metal with this album. They take the tribal Sepultura sound to a new level while still keeping their tribal roots. The bonus CD contains a number of live tracks, and tracks remixed by Max himself. The live tracks and remixes are mostly excelent, although if you have already bought the album, you may feel a bit cheated about having to shell out for the album disc twice.
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on 27 July 2004
This is one of my alltime favourite albums. Having been a massive Seultura fan, i was sad to hear that Max was leaving. But when this album was realeased, i almost thankfull for it! "Soulfly" maybe has 1 weak song on it, but the rest is amazing. Witness Max totally ruin Fred Durst in "Bleed" (Fred being good though!),Tribe, No H..No fear, Eye For An Eye, Bumba, Soulfly, well all of them are great.This is the music of an angry man, who knows he has to deliver the goods to regain the belief of his old fans.This is also were Max voice is at its best i think. He screams helluva lot and its fantastic! By far their best album and a must have for metal fans, this was and is a cornerstone in heavy metal history.
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on 13 September 2000
i was a bit dubious about this.. first release after the whole sepeltura thing...... oh my... impressed is just a foolish understatment ........ i didn`t stop listening to this for about 2 months..... its just a full on mad album..... if sepultura were you cup of tea..... this is earl grey ........ or something like that
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on 28 February 2001
I hadn't really heard of Soulfly until my best friend bought this c.d. . I like music like Marilyn Manson and Korn and i love Soulfly . This is probably the better of the albums as Primitive isn't as good . My best friend now thinks Soulfly are to mainstream but i still like them .
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on 2 September 2014
I had this album on CD when it was first released and loved it. But unfortunately I lost it so decided to download it instead. I love this album. Its a great sounding piece of work. Mixing tribal and heavy metal influences. Its a good heavy album too.
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on 18 May 2015
First Soulfly for Max Cavalera after leaving Sepultura, 15 tracks on this album expect Groove metal & some Nu metal, bongos sounds. Some great tracks others didn't need to be on the album.
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