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on 30 August 2001
Action movie soundtracks don't come much better than this. Not only has Arnold produced a moving and powerful score which perfectly reflects the film's underlying theme of gung-ho patriotism in the face of a worldwide disaster...he's also created a soundtrack that's great to listen to in its own right.
It's hard to believe that so many memorable themes can be written for one movie. There's the slow, majestic president's theme which opens the soundtrack and is heard at the climax of 'The President's Speech', contrasted with the triumphant victory fanfare played at the beginning of 'End Titles'. In addition, the 'alien' themes are appropriately dark, ranging from the tense, menacing brass theme as the aliens' destroyers cast shadows over the Earth in 'The Darkest Day', to the haunting choral sounds as the destroyers 'open up' in preparation for their strike in 'Evacuation'.
In short, for an exciting, fun soundtrack that's as epic as it is enjoyable, you can't buy better. A modern classic.
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on 14 May 2010
After the major success with STARGATE (1994), written by Dean Devlin (Producer) and Roland Emmerich (Director), it was only inevitable that the same team would return to create one of the biggest box offices hits of all time.

INDEPENDENCE DAY was released on 2nd July 1996 and was the fastest film at the time to reach $100 million in six days. As well as being praised for its special effects, strong characters and good script, the score got as much appraisal. For his second outing with Devlin/Emmerich, David Arnold produced one his best scores to date.

The original CD release only contained 50 minutes worth of the score and featured a sparse selection of the main cues. However, this new La La Land Records release provides not only the missing cues but also alternate takes of various cues of the score. In total there is 2 hours and 9 minutes worth of material to listen to. And as part of the package, there is an in-depth booklet on how the score was conceived, David Arnold's thoughts on how the whole experience went and what he thinks of the proposed sequel.

Overall, this release does Arnold's score justice with crisp clean remastered tracks and contains a full package well worth the price.
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on 7 April 2011
Independence Day * * * * *
Composed by David Arnold
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1113
(RT Disc 1 - 65:31, Disc 2 - 63:33)

It's been a long time in coming, but the expanded Independence Day is finally here - and what a nice package this is. Comprising two discs, it also features detailed notes from Dan Goldwasser and on first impressions, is well worth the money. Please note that I'm concentrating on what's solely new in this review. The first track features the revised main title as seen in the film and it's finally nice to have the real version in my player after owning the original CD that had the wrong one for all of these years. Moving on from 2: SETI, we then get some of the new stuff.

3: Mysto Bridge/Satellite Collision/Destroyers Disengage/Russell Casse-pilot is a cracking track featuring the ominous Alien theme three times and introducing Russell's 17-note theme as he crop-dusts the wrong field. 4: First Sighting/AWAC Attack is new, with ominous brass heralding the Aliens' arrival, then with a drum flourish, the AWAC investigates and Arnold hammers home the Aliens' theme on frenetic brass.

The music then passes through familiar territory onto track 8: Commence Lift-off/Parabolic Indenwhat, where Arnold fires in a drum backing as the President attempts communication with the Aliens.

Further into the CD, sad strings and horn play in 13: Marilyn Found, as Arnold backs the discovery of the First Lady with a lovely 5-note string-led melody. 14: Area 51/The Big Tamle/Formaldehyde Freak Show is absolutely superb, with the President's theme for Area 51, then echoed voices for the trip in, a lovely choir for the ship unveiling and finally echoed deep bass for the Aliens in the tank.

More slow bass is covered in 16: Slimy Wakes up, with an initial shock brassy synth hit as the creature wakes up and goes after the scientists. Slow repeating bass covers the President's arrival dialogue, then dissonant bass as the creature attempts to take hold of the President. The bass returns as he utters the chilling words "Nuke 'em". 17: Target Remains/Rescue covers the B-bomber nuclear attack with a fast-paced string alternated with brass arrangement and the Steven Hiller arrival at El Toro with a lovely flourish of strings for his reunion with his girlfriend. 18: The Death of Marilyn/Dad's a Genius builds in a slow version of Marilyn's theme on gentle brass and strings, Arnold utilising the flute for the child's innocence, then a fast building sequence as Levinson gets an idea from his father. More choir comes in on 19: Alien Ship Powers Up, where the President's theme plays as Levinson shows that he can take down the enemy shields. Solo flute covers Levinson's plan as he lays it out to the President.

Low music now comes into play in 21: Wedding with low strings for the ceremony as Arnold supplies a lovely theme for Hiller and Jasmine.

This is just Disc 1 over with: there's a whole lot more on Disc 2, starting with 1: Just in Case/Attacker Fires up as Hiller and Levinson share a bond in the Alien craft. Arnold's strings swell as they prepare for departure, building ever higher, ending on a brass hit. The next track is a real belter: 2: Launch Tunnel/Mutha Ship/Virus Uploaded. Arnold fires in a fast-paced cue with a lovely 4-note melody as the ship hurtles skyward, then with a soft change to strings, we enter space and the 5-note Alien theme blasts out. Drums now rally as we approach the "Mutha Ship" and with one more statement of the Alien theme, we're in. Here, echoed synth effects with solo clarinet depicting the little ship flying inside create a feeling of wonder. Arnold embellishes this further with echoed synth hits, then firing in the Alien theme once more for docking. Arnold employs a fast 10-note string-led motif for the uploading of the virus, then bombast to maximum as the planes fly to attack the destroyer. Why this track was ever left off is a complete mystery to me.

3: Hide/Russell's Packin'/The Day We Fight Back features yet more Arnold bombast counterpointed with strings, then Russell's theme blasts through the orchestra as we get the brassy exclamations as his last missile jams. Swirling strings cover the shock of this event and Arnold builds the orchestra as Russell decides to suicidally attack, the brass bouncing the Alien theme against Russell's in a final attack. Indeed, 4: He Did it continues this theme with the President's theme blasted out as the destroyers get finally hit, Arnold ending the piece with fast drums as we head back to the ship.

6: Victory features Arnold reusing the President's theme in grand fashion, then to a solo horn as Whitmore congratulates Hiller and Levinson. Arnold ends the piece with another brassy rendition of the President's theme and a lovely string/brass led crescendo. 7: End Credits is exactly as it was before, however, after listening to all of this, it's really a testament to Arnold's prowess at taking us through all the major themes within the film. Indeed, this was the first track played for the Fox executives and producers on the scoring stage. Now here, you might be thinking that's it, but you'd be quite wrong. For the purists there are a further 13 alternate takes from the main title to the end credits without choir. Strangely, some of these are the correct versions from the film and it's odd to lump them here.

Independence Day when it first came out on CD was a superb album, really showing off the talents of David Arnold. This release reaches quite another level - it's a marvellous album that elevates his talents way beyond what the first release ever did. It's an invaluable addition to anyone's soundtrack library as it's one of those moments where a composer gave his all to a project. Those moments are few and far between, so - as it's another Limited Edition" of 5,000 - make sure you get it while you can.
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on 9 May 2015
It was inevitable that David Arnold would be asked to score this film for the same team after his breakthrough success with STARGATE. This powerful score perfectly conveys the enormous scale of the production with monumental themes of patriotism, awesome motifs of terror, while in quieter passages reflect the emotional personal human drama. As in STARGATE, choral writing heightens the visual experience, in fact some scenes are reminiscent of the earlier film, as when the captured alien craft is revealed to the Presidential party for example. It's a big film requiring an heroic score which David Arnold delivers in spades. I prefer STARGATE & think it is the finer work. However, this score is a triumph over the subject-matter & all INDEPENDANCE DAY fans will love it. David Arnold has since scored a number of Bond films, & the hugely successful tv series, Sherlock amongst others proving he is the foremost film & tv composer in Britain since the great John Barry, whom he naturally succeeds & his talent cannot be underestimated.
(Delivery was very quick)
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on 23 June 2016
With this score David Arnold truly demonstrates his understanding of movie genres.

Like with the Bond films he went on to score afterward Arnold captures the essence of the movie from the opening fanfare to the big brass end titles.

It rings with a patriotic american overtone without being 'in your face' about it, in fact after a time you grow to enjoy the sound and it makes you want to hoist a flag in your front garden too!

The alien themes are dark and oppressive and offset the upbeat 'hero' themes really well.

A worthwhile buy that takes you back into the film with every note!
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on 28 April 2016
The complexity and ingenuity of this soundtrack is astounding. I have listened to it many hundreds of times since 1996 and its depth of emotion continues to inspire me. It is truly David Arnold and Nicholas Dodd's masterpiece, along with Stargate and their early Bond scores. It is certainly one of the last triumphs of orchestral film scores, before the trend of film scoring shifted to a simpler (Hans Zimmer) approach. The 2CD enhanced version by La-La Land records is a must for any serious fan, if you can find it.
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on 11 November 2014
What a great soundtrack. If you are into your soundtrack, this one you must purchase. The music is good and you can enjoy while you are relaxing. Plus it came to me within a month of ordering.So what are you waiting for?
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on 9 April 2015
the item was what it is and it was on time
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on 23 November 2015
Love this score
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on 11 September 2016
Basically trying to replace my Vinyl LPs.
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