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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 June 2003
This album is interesting and different. There are only 4 Beatles songs here which are not found on the other original albums.
All Together Now is the only one that captures the mood of the song Yellow Submarine. It is simple and easy to sing, but not very substantial.
Hey Bulldog is a great rock tune, with weak lyrics. John is clearly having a laugh at us, I think.
George Harrison's songs are interesting musically and lyrically. You get the feeling that he was trying to see what he could get away with, musically. I love the silly lines in "It's All Too Much,"
"and all the world is birthday cake
So take a piece ... but not too much!"
George Martin's suite of music which he wrote for the Yellow Submarine soundtrack is terrific. You hear him experimenting with some of the sounds which he had helped to create for The Beatles, such as the sitars and orchestral strings of Within You, Without You and the slurpy cellos of I Am the Walrus.
Pepperland is a lovely tune. I was privileged to hear Martin perform it live in Sydney [with some of the other Y S soundtrack music], around the time that his Beatles tribute album, In My Life, was released.
If you love the Beatles AND Classical music, I think you will appreciate this album.
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on 18 November 2006
If you are a Beatles fan, you should very much enjoy listening to this album, providing you buy it knowing exactly what the album is. It is not another 'studio' album, it is a soundtrack album. Tracks 7-13 are orchestrations by George Martin used in the film, and are wonderfully imaginative, sounding like they belong in a drugged-up Disney film.

Only 4 of the first 6 tracks are new ('All You Need Is Love' and of course, 'Yellow Submarine' are tacked on to it). Of the two George Harrison Tracks, 'Only A Northern Song' is somewhat charming with simplistic yet effective lyrics- it is very easy to listen to. 'It's All Too Much' has been labelled by Rolling Stone as one of the top five all-time psychedelic freakouts and with good reason! It also has arguably the best guitar work in all the Beatles catalogue.

'All Together Now' is admittedly annoying but is perfectly placed on this album- it WILL get stuck in your head! 'Hey Bulldog' is widely seen as the pick of the bunch, apparently the last genuine collaboration between Lennon and McCartney and is a fantastic pop/rock track.

My advice is to buy this album if you are a big Beatles fan, as long as you are aware that The Beatles were not trying to produce another classic, instead just produce the obligatory soundtrack and remember; if you are really not bothered about the orchestrations, there is 'Yellow Submarine Songtrack,' a Beatles 'best of' containing all 4 of the new tracks to Yellow Submarine. Enjoy!
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on 23 November 2000
Finally, EMI have made a proper soundtrack of the songs used in the film. This is called the "songtrack" - because it omits the George Martin incidental score and adds all the songs used in the film that were not on the original album.
Drawbacks : We have heard it all before, on albums such as "Pepper", "Revolver" and even "Rubber Soul". Advantages: The songs are altogether now and make for a much better album for the Beatles Fan.
The Beatles were always able to produce fabulous music and this album shows that even some of their throwaway songs - which some of these were! - outstrip the best by the rest.
The album also allows Hari Georgeson to come up with "Only a Northern Song" - a pun on the name of the Publishing Company Northern Songs - which showed his frustration and cynicism at tyhe way he was regarded as the "other" songwriter in the group. "Only" ?? It's all too much, George!
One for the true fan, but not in the Beatles Top Five albums. However, Oasis? Who?
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on 7 July 2005
This is a very nice cd of the Beatles movie Yellow Submarine even though It's not their best and It only has 6 of their songs they actually play on (the rest is all classical) but still It's ok I mean If you think about it...there is somthing for evreyone. Rock, pop, prcadelic, classical. So it ain't too bad. Another bad point is that 2 of the songs is already on other Beatles albums. But still has good music on it. If you don't want any of the classical stuff, get the other Yellow Subamrine one. But It is very nice to take a trip to pepperland.
I'll just give a few comments on these 4 songs.
Only a northern song - Very trippy, catchy too.
All together now - Almost like a nursery ryme a bit like Yellow Submarine, can't get it out of your head.
Hey Bulldog - Love this song, so catchy, good rock n roll
It's all too much - Love this one too, classic
Over all It's a pretty good album but don't get too excited, you might be a bit disapointed. But I still like it and besides Its nice to complete your wee Beatles collection! tee hee
thx for reading.
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on 8 March 2016
I remember loving this film and the soundtrack as a youngster (it was the first album I ever owned and it was on an old cassette) but at that point I didn't really know much about The Beatles or their music but of course over the years over growing up that has changed! This is never really considered a proper Beatles album among people I've met and know (I'm not sure if anyone else does?) but I do because for me the Beatles' music on here is just amazing, there's some seriously strong material (obviously excluding the film score, which I enjoy just because of the nostalgia linked with it but I could understand how some may not like it as much). I really do recommend this to anyone who's looking for some brilliant Beatles music and also bear in mind that some of the songs that are in the film aren't on this (like Eleanor Rigby and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds for example) but they can be found on The Beatles' other records.
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VINE VOICEon 16 July 2016
Wonderful sound quality and some great sing along songs for both adults and children to enjoy, the movie version is great too and there is even some nice classical pieces for the classical lover. This soundtrack albums sounds so much better in digital form though I haven't heard the remastered LP yet.
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VINE VOICEon 8 October 2009
Yellow Submarine is the strangest entry in The Beatles catalogue, primarily a soundtrack the record is a mix of unreleased songs, previously released songs, and instrumentals composed by George Martin. The first half is Beatles, the second half is Martin. If the best of this, and the best of the other unreleased songs recorded around the same time had been put together we could have been left with a good album. What we do have is a mess of ideas and unresolved bits. The band didn't have the greatest amount of involvement with the project and it was released very soon after The White Album. With a bit more time and involvement it could have been better.

`Yellow Submarine' is a song that all fans will already be familiar with, Ringo's catchy little nonsense number made even more silly due to visions of the film and its psychedelic sights.

`Only a Northern Song' is Harrison's attack on one of the companies which made money from his songs, and also shows his growing annoyance at being in the band, his belief that Paul and John made more money from his own songs than he did, and wishing to branch out on his own. All the anger and bitterness doesn't translate too well and although the lyrics are ok the music is uninspiring and forgettable.

`All Together Now' is McCartney's attempt at a partner to Yellow Submarine- another light, fun, sing-along song which sounded like a children's rhyme. Unfortunately it sounds more like a child speaking in tongues whilst in bed with chicken-pox. The tune itself is ok but it is repetitive and mostly boring showing a lack of interest or inspiration from the band.

`Hey Bulldog' begins with a cool piano riff which is then matched by the guitar, but the rest of the song doesn't keep up with the intro. The lyrics are fine and there is plenty going on, it is fairly heavy in parts for a Beatles song but it doesn't have any noticeable melodies apart from that riff. Paul's barking is all fine and well, I only wish there was more style to the verse and chorus.

`It's All Too Much' is a much stronger effort from Harrison with a hypnotic, swirling vibe and nice guitar work. It is highly experimental with bits of notes fading in and out, instruments joining and leaving inexplicably all held together with a nice verse melody. It is perhaps too long at over 6 minutes and becomes a bit grating towards the end. If it had been kept shorter the ideas would have shone through more clearly. As it is, it has a You Know My Name feel.

`All You Need Is Love' is probably the strongest song on the album and remains one of the group's most famous, but it isn't one of my favourites. It also appears in slightly different version on Magical Mystery Tour and Love and is one of Lennon's most clear messages- a firm belief in love conquering all. Naïve and fluffy yes, but also well meaning. It has a typically memorable melody and chorus, and the ending is a nice mix of various voices and memories. I think that for me after a while the song becomes too dreary and the trumpets over the chorus are quite tiresome.

`Pepperland' is the best of the instrumental pieces, but that isn't saying much. Most, if not all of the second half can be skipped as it is barely more than a barrage of noises which thankfully at times sounds rather ominous and foreboding. Here the strings are quite gentle and it almost sounds like the soundtrack to a romantic movie from the 50s.

`Sea Of Time' begins with that distinct Eastern feel and following with a few nice and simple violin parts before ending with the Pepperland theme.

`Sea of Holes' has a dizzying quality suggesting falling into a deep, dark, unknown place. There are interesting production techniques and effects but it's mostly tuneless.

`Sea of Monsters' sounds more like a Tom and Jerry episode than anything else- it fits well with the movie, but isn't very good to listen to by itself, aside from the Bach interlude and the charging outro.

`March of the Meanies' sounds quite threatening and as if it should be from a Sci-Fi epic.

`Pepperland Laid Waste' also sounds quite foreboding but is mostly without anything of interest. Again it is fine for the film, but not something to listen to on its own merits.

`Yellow Submarine in Pepperland' closes the album in almost regal fashion replaying the title track in a dainty way and adding a few other emotive parts. It's a nice enough ending which highlights the strength of the main song's melody.

Overall this is simply an ok album which could have been better. Yes it is the worst in the Beatles back catalogue but shows that the band were still capable of having fun. The first half contains some essential stuff but the second part is mostly pointless unless you're a huge fan. Of course I am sure there are plenty of people out there who readily enjoy the second part, which does have some good moments, but it isn't for me.
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on 30 September 2009
A mixed bag, but treat it as a film soundtrack rather than a 'proper' album, and there is much to enjoy. 'It's All Too Much' is as loose and 'out there' as The Beatles ever got (and far more 'psychedelic' than anything on Sgt. Pepper). Great to hear them loosen up on the sonic perfectionism and really play. 'Hey Bulldog' is another really powerful song, often overlooked. 'Only a Northern Song' is a fascinating slice of Harrison songwriting, and 'All Together Now' may be a throwaway, but it's lots of fun.

The orchestral stuff may be more of an acquired taste, but it helps evoke this memorable film in all its technicolour glory.

Not an ideal first purchase for someone curious about The Beatles, but essential listening if you have their other albums and enjoy the psychedelic stuff.
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on 31 August 2014
This is for the vinyl format.
Nice modern reissue of this album. Disc itself is on 180g vinyl and the outer sleeve is much thicker and glossier than previous repressings. Also included is a second inner sleeve which contains some pictures and the story. The disc itself is housed in a standard plain black sleeve with an inner protection layer. The set comes shrink wrapped with a sticker advising its a stereo remaster from the 2009 sets. Overall very nice set.
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on 3 December 2015
Ordered this album in the hope that it would contain some great songs ,play tracks 1-6 and that's exactly what you get tracks 7-13on the other hand is like listening to radio 4 😞 ok maybe it was my fault for not researching the album a bit more I didn't know it contained music/film score from the film 😞 Not what I was expecting at all very disappointed and if it was a album side B would never see the record neddle ever again.
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