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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 May 2016
Okay I love Countdown to Extinction, but my all time favorite album from Megadeth has always been Youthanasia. I like the band because they are the thrash band that has been trying hard to become not only heavy but melodic as well. One of the Big 4 but getting quite close to traditional heavy metal.
I like the messages of the songs as well. I suppose Dave is in charge of the lyrics and he is very good. That is something I would say because being a great lyricist and an excellent guitarist are not that easy to become. Furthermore he is really good at choosing the best bandmates. Marty, Nick and Junior are all excellent.
It is just very tragic that because of Nick's untimely death it is quite difficult to say anything else here. R.I.P.
If you should not have a copy of this excellent album, get one and listen to it as loud as you can.
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on 10 February 2010
I bought this album after having bought Megadeth's greatest hits and loving almost every track on it. My favourite track is 'Train of Consequence'. However, I don't dislike any song on the album

It isn't the most heaviest Megadeth album ever, but it is one of the most memorable.
Megadeth creates memorable songs with hard hitting lyrics and spectacular guitars.
I can't stress enough just how awesome each track is!
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on 7 June 2008
This album is amazing not a bad track on it. This album is very heavy and loud. The album starts of with the heavy riff of Reckoning Day a great album opener the album is just amazing from the start to finish. My favourite tracks have to be Victory (one of my favourite megadeth songs), The Killing Road, Train Of Conseqeunces, Reckoning Day & A Toute Le Monde. This is in my opinion megadeth's best coming out just after the succesful release of Countdown To Exctinction and in the time where grunge was taking over the music scene megadeth come out with an awesome heavy metal album which is Youothanasia, this is mustaine at his besta great start to Megadeth, no megadeth fan should be without this. This album rocks.
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on 16 March 2016
Great hooks, riffs, and top shredding guitar solos. Mustaine's vocals really stand out on this record. There is more groove to this record than some other Megadeth stuff e.g. Train of Consequences is surprisingly 'catchy' - but don't worry; this is definitely a cheese-free zone. This is a killer record that gets me pumped.
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on 13 August 2010
This is probably Megadeth's last good album until the more than average United Abominations.

Though being a good album doesn't say much, comparing it to the likes of "Peace Sells", and "Rust in Peace". This album is neither heavy, nor fast. Taking away two of Megadeth's trademarks, the third being Dave's voice.

A great opener does a lot for an album. But here we get "Reckoning Day". It's a basic song, and rather boring if you ask me. But it picks up with the next song "Train of Consequences", which is a really good song. A bit weird though, but a super catchy chorus. Other great songs are "Addicted to Chaos", "A Tout le Monde", "The Killing Road" and the dark song "Family Tree", which deals with some touchy subjects, and all in all is my personal favorite on the album.

Most songs on the album are pretty good. Some really excellent ones. But the direction Dave took on this album, which started with Countdown to Extinction, shouldn't please fans of the classic Megadeth. It certainly takes a few listens.
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on 23 September 2015
This album is by no means a classic and it's not as good as its predecessor Countdown to Extinction but it does have a number of songs which can be deemed as classics. Gone was the speed and intricacies of Rust in Peace and to a lesser extent Countdown to Extinction; in its place is a more streamlined and simplified style. It's an album that sacrifices speed for catchy songs and it uses standard verse and chorus patterns with a good degree of success. There are very few fast rhythm sections and not many duel guitar solos which were so often associated with their earlier work. Nevertheless Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman's riffs, licks and solos throughout the album are still very accomplished.

The album begins with a powerful medium paced opening guitar riff which provides the first indicator as to what will follow. As the album progresses I feel that it doesn't have enough pace to it. The opening two tracks warrant faster riffing and an increased tempo which is how they are played on live sets; never the less they are still very good. The pace then quickly drops with a very slow song called "Addicted to Chaos" which only needs to have an increased tempo and this applies to the entire album. It even begins with a tediously slow opening drum rhythm section. This is where I first notice that the drums have this bassy echo which doesn't sound very good. Nick Menza's [RIP] drum track is proficient although at times slightly underwhelming. This clearly isn't Menza's fault as he's just playing in unison with the other rhythm sections.

I also noticed that the guitars have been tuned down and this has a negative affect on the overall sound; they should have used standard tuning to retain that gritty Megadeth tone. I think that they tuned down half a step to create a thicker sound which would compensate for the slower tempo and this slow tempo was created to produce a very mainstream album in order to achieve that no. 1 record which incidentally never came to fruition. There has been some suggestion that it was Max Norman, the producer, who encouraged the slower tempo and if that's the case then it also suggests that Mustaine wasn't in total control over his musical direction and this would be detrimental to Megadeth in the later part of the decade.

These are only minor flaws that don't ruin what is essentially a very good album. The writing is still very strong with subjects which range from drug and gambling addiction to a phenomenally well written song about someone's imminent death. This shows that Dave has focus in his writing which is a major plus for the album. The mid section of this album has two stand out tracks, "The Killing Road" and "Blood of Heroes," but it also gets bogged down in monotonous melody and mediocrity. Now there's absolutely nothing wrong with the written content here; it's just the delivery that's the issue. For example "Elysian Fields" has this tediously repeated vocal harmony in the second verse along with the song title being over used during the chorus, and to top it off there's a harmonica played at the end which is completely pointless. Also "Family Tree" begins promisingly but fails to deliver any of those trademark jackhammer riffs thus slowing the pace of the album. I therefore find myself skipping through half of the mid section to get to the title track.

The entire last third of the album gets much stronger after the mid sections melodic slump. The title track "Youthanasia" is a fantastically heavy sounding song with a timely tempo change and a great riff in the middle. It would have been good if some of the other songs had a few varied structures. I was also pleased that in the last third of the album there was more content in relation to nuclear destruction which is reminiscent of "Set the World Afire" from the So Far, So Good, So What! album. In actual fact this was the last album for a decade which would vocalize matters of nuclear war and political turmoil in the world. The next two albums would completely move away from these subjects which had been the mainstay for much of Mustaine's material. It only seems fitting that Mustaine wound pen the last track titled "Victory" using words and sentences constructed from past songs. It's like showcasing their entire discography in 4 minutes and this is also one of the few moments when we can hear one of those fantastic duel guitar trade-offs. The track also appears, even if unintentionally, to signify an end of a chapter in Megadeth's history. They will be moving onto new ventures; ventures culminating in the Risk disaster.

In retrospect this album reveals that the band were in transition. This is where Mustaine became more influenced by the success of the previous album Countdown to Extinction and by the direction of the record producer Max Norman. Norman suggested that they record the songs at a "heart beat" and essentially that is what Mustaine did, but the lyrical content and the speed at which the songs are played live suggests that this album would have been even better if Mustaine had ignored this direction. It was only after hearing several of these songs live in concert that I began playing all of them with an increased tempo of between 6-16% and I have to say that it makes such a considerable difference; it's a much more enjoyable listen. Even though these factors dictated the final version of this release Megadeth didn't completely abandon their heavy metal roots unlike some of their peers during this decade, and it's definitely not a complete "sell out." The album has some really excellent songs with only two that I really dislike, and then there's the bonus tracks which consist of two good instrumentals and a really good demo of "New World Order." The standout tracks are the openers "Reckoning Day" and "Train of Consequences," followed by "À Tout le Monde," then "The Killing Road," "Blood of Heroes," "Youthanasia," "Black Curtains" and "Victory." To all intents and purposes this album was a victory.

If you've listened to and enjoyed "Countdown to Extinction" or one of their later albums such as "The World Needs a Hero" or "The System Has Failed" then I definitely recommend you purchase this album.
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on 10 February 2000
The best American Heavy metal band proves to be out of control.... this album proves that Uncle Mustaine is the best heavy metal songwriter out there...intelligent lyrics,incredible and unique solos, dangerous melodies and non stop headbanging...don't come too close if you are not prepared.Metallica would have loved to put their names on this album if they had had the opportunity.. it will blow up your inside world. Heavy Metal for intelligent listeners.There is a lot of crap music out there,so don't hesitate.Just be prepared..
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on 10 December 2003
This record was the perfect follow up to Countdown To Extinction.
Another awsome blend of melody with heavy guitars and a really cool groove throughout, backed by superb bass and drums. This was the record along with Metallica's "Black" album that made me want to learn to play the guitar.
Particularly look out for Train Of Consequences, Addicted to Chaos and A Toute Le Monde.
If you like this you'll also love the follow up - Criptic Writings
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on 1 May 2000
This album's cool. Well constructed songs. Heavy. Melodic. Dark. And comes with a picture of the Grim Reaper holding a baby in the liner notes.
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on 22 March 2011
I taped this album way back in 95 off a mate and we use to listen to it a lot going to Beetle Fares in his crazy Bug of his with sounds blasting out of his insane speakers. Anyway Youthanasia was on a lotta the time and people heard it way before we arrived!
Breaking it down it starts off quite solidly with Reckoning Day with some nice thrash guitars coming through, followed on by Train of Consequences which builds exquisitely crunching along on some catchy yet awkward riffs. This is maintained by Addicted To Chaos another really gripping tune with some intriguing lyrics as always from Mustaine with the theme on HEAVY all the way through.
A Toute Le Monde is the hit single and for me its ok, not the best song here as Dave would love us to believe, his sleeve notes are quite tedious as he's constantly plugging this song as the only one thats worth hearing which is a shame as there are plenty of others that are better, but thats my opinion, its still a good song and the chorus sung in French is quite catchy.
My fave song here has to be Elysian Fields, simply because it shows Megadeth really attempting something different with a perfect balance of heavy/ catchy, it just makes you wanna grab your git and bang your head which is what this band are all about to me.
The Killing Road is the next standout track and you can really feel the exasperation/exhaustion in Mustaine's words as he screams "Lost my mind, lost all my money . . . . I Iost my life to the killing rooooaaaaaad!!" at the outro bit when it speeds up. YEEEEEaaaaaaaHHHHH!
My only complaint of this record is that it then goes into a series of very slow and forgettable tracks namely from Blood Of Heroes to Youthanasia which are very dull and plodding. Another fast thrash number would have helped.
I Thought I Knew It All is the next cool number here but most of the bonus tracks are forgettable save Absolution, the instrumental and New World Order which appears here in demo form, a shame because its a masterclass in songwriting blending some Flotsam style clean guitar with some heavy sections and a total mosh end piece which even Dave acknowledges in his notes. Interesting that drummer Nick Menza wrote it too and the lyrics would be welcomed by any conspiracy theorists! I think the fully mastered version appears on Hidden Treasures, but in demo form it still packs more punches than most of the songs here!
Over all worth acquiring but just have your hand on the remote so you can shovel through the filler!
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