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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

on 23 July 2017
Judging by the many favourable Amazon customer reviews that I've read, it's quite clear that Veruca Salt have a partisan fan base. Rather late I must admit, but 'Eight Arms To Hold You' would seem like a good place to begin my search of discovery concerning the band.
I was half expecting something similar to Juliana Hatfield or Tanya Donelly but 'EATHY' is a much louder proposition ; not so much 'Belly' as bilious beergut. This is hardly surprising as in addition to singer / songwriters Louise Post And Nina Gordon, bassist Steve Lack and drummer Jim Shapiro also contribute some guitar. As you would imagine this makes for a pretty bombastic recipe, and with everything turned up to 11 you just know that you're in for a blast of crunching, grinding, legs apart, no nonsense 'Rawk'.
From the squalling feedback intro of 'Straight', to it's subsequent chunky riffing and wrenched from the pit of the stomach vocals, it's obvious we're on the train to cliche city. But like The Donnas' 'Spend The Night' album it's cranked up fun { although a lot less tongue in cheek } and I'm glad to report that "Look at me!" solos are in short supply and never 'Slash' length. While the choppy muted guitar chords keep on coming, the catchy verses and choruses are delivered with aplomb by Post And Gordon, always elevating the songs above potential repetition.
This is particularly evident on 'Volcano Girls ' and 'Awesome', the former conjouring up a sweet pay off line straight from The Beatles' Glass Onion. Elsewhere meanwhile, any song that references the 'Thin White Duke' had better be good and thankfully in the case of 'With David Bowie' it is. Somewhat predictably there are a handful of strategically placed power ballads { the best of which is 'Benjamin' }, and one senses that these are obligatory additions, and that the band would rather just keep on rocking.
When they do it's often hard to resist and the f-word strewn 'Stoneface' is a fine example of this, it's profanities appearing valid rather than gratuitous. What makes 'EATHY' such a likeable listen is the fact that its creators never ever set out to make a deep record along the lines of say 'Spiritualized' or Radiohead. Nethertheless 'Veruca Salt' approached this album with an earnest intent and self belief that you can feel from the spirited playing and the Post / Gordon duo's exhilarating vocals. Celebrations may be currently underway for the 20th anniversary of 'Ok Computer', but that doesn't mean the party hats shouldn't come out for 'Eight Arms To Hold You' as well, and any album with a song title as cool as 'Venus Man Trap' gets my vote anytime.
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on 3 June 2015
Veruca Salt probably were only destined for bigger things after this record. But sadly they ended and only recently have reformed.
Its a good album this, probably still their best, loud, aggressive dark and powerful, Nina and Louise sure are angry woman, but they put it across in great song form.

I can only imagine what a follow up this could of been in 98 or 99 which never happened.
This album is very overlooked most people if they even know this band would only know Volcano Girls and that is it.
But don't be fooled, every track delivers well, even if it can sound similar at times.

I do think them doing a record with Steve Albini who made them sound very rough and ready, on a 4 cd album they did in 96 might of been a better idea for this album maybe, or future albums.

Hopefully they will realize this.
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on 24 August 2017
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on 3 November 2017
Wanted this album for sooo long. Found it. Great price. Super quick postage.
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on 30 October 2008
Addictive is the word I'd choose for this album. Eight Arms has always been criticized for its big, BIG production. Thanks to Bob Rock, the flourishes to the songs are almost overpowering. But there's a lot of enjoyment derived from hearing the girls' guitars this clear, this rich. The vocal harmonies are at once, sassier and lusher. In songs like "Stoneface", the bitchiness is appealing and sexy, not to mention kind of bone rattlingly exhilirating. While in the ballad "Loneliness is worse", the vocals are sweeping and Nina Gordon sounds radio ready. The melodies and the hooks stick like gum to a really really hot wall. Eight Arms may not have the lazy, druggy, hazy rage of its predescessor but it's more than a deserving follow up.
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on 9 May 2007
i own thousands of records of all types - blues - punk - pop - beefheart - reggae - etc etc - but how this record escaped most people i just dont know - its one of the greatest records EVER made by ANYBODY !! back in the 90s when released i noted it didnt make any magazines end of year top 50 lists - unbelieveable!

over the last ten years i have played this album more than any other - it ALWAYS sounds great - fantastic power pop songs - what on earth were the 90s pop reviewers thinking of???

its fantastic!!!!

this is THE great lost album of all time

cmon!!!! how can anyone NOT like this???
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on 5 October 2000
I hate when people give this album bad reviews. It is possibly the best album I have heard. The lyrics aren't particularly deep, but they are good, and Louise's guitar solo's kick ass! The best tracks are 'Volcano Girls' (the seether's Louise!), 'Shutterbug' (I'm right where I always wanted to be), 'One Last Time' (I wind you up then I wait here for the meloncholy) and 'Venus Man Trap' (and there was life before you). Louise's voice perfectly compliments her rockier songs, while Nina's girly voice goes well with the poppier, catchier songs that she performs. I adore this album, and have listened to it almost continuously since I very first bought it. It is a must have. Everyone I have met loves it, from the die hard metal fans to the Britney obsessives. It's amazing!
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on 10 November 2006
I own 3 copies of this CD - one for work, the car, and home.

In fact, it just might be the greatest CD ever made.

It's a perfect mix of pop-rock. It has catchy hooks, but still manages to rock.

I can listen to it no matter what mood I'm in.

If Nina Gordon and Louise Post had continued to work together they would have conquered the world by now.

BUY THIS CD - It really will make your life better!
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on 8 April 2000
This is an absolutely amazing album - with tracks like "Volcano Girls", "With David Bowie" and "The Morning Sad", you'll be dancing in front of your mirror, but with heart wrenchers like "Loneliness is worse" ("Oh why, don't you wanna be happy with me?" its an album to suit every mood. Maybe lyrically and musically its not the most challenging thing in the world, musically it sounds great, with a great balance and some gorgeous songs. Fantastic, even for people who don't know the band. Think early manics/imogen heap in a food processor, and you're just about there.
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on 9 October 2002
Anybody who loves divine vocals over loud guitars should find much to excite in this essential pop rock album from this supremely talented band. Forget so-called greats like the Foo Fighters. This is in a class of its own.
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