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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 9 February 2004
'The Dance' is, quite simply, the 'Rumours' incarnation of Fleetwood Mac at its best. After years of drink, drugs and acrimonious relations, the classic lineup of the group reunited in spectacular fashion for this recorded concert and subsequent US tour. What is more, they sound fantastic. The original concert's setlist is reduced for the purposes of this album, but still includes a myriad of hits and old favourites, including reworkings of some: Buckingham's acoustic solo 'Big Love' and Christine McVie's new twist on 'Say You Love Me' are particular highlights. There are four 'new' songs, each of which has its merits. There is also a thundering, highly emotive version of the 1976 Rumours B-Side 'Silver Springs' which proves that Stevie Nicks still has the magic and stage presence she first showed twenty years before. John McVie and Mick Fleetwood show that they are the most consistent and impressive rhythm section in popular music, adding much to the polished two hour affair. Overall, this album is a fine showcase for a band who have earned their place in the annals of rock history.
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on 30 May 2002
After ten years in the wilderness (and with further line-up changes), the classic seventies line-up struck back with style.
"The Dance" is an edited version of an MTV live special, and everybody is back on form. As a selective greatest hits collection it works surprisingly well.
Christine McVie is as consistent as ever. She breezes through classics like "You Make Loving Fun", "Everywhere" and "Don't Stop". Lindsey Buckingham performs a show-stopping acoustic version of "Big Love", and a striking "I'm So Afraid". His vocal range is a little more limited these days, but his guitar chops are as keen as ever.
The best news of all is that Stevie Nicks has rarely sounded as good as she does here. The years have added a fruity depth to her voice which revitalises tried and trusted nuggets like "Dreams" and "Rhiannon". Nicks is also responsible for the real highlight of this collection - rarely heard "Rumours"-era B-side, "Silver Springs", a stirring and anthemic tour-de-force which sounds better than the original.
Also included are four new songs, none of them particularly earth-shattering, but all competent.
Recommended as a interesting companion piece to the 1988 "Greatest Hits" set.
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on 8 September 2005
In 1997, that most excellent of rock bands, Fleetwood Mac got together for a 30th anniversary reunion. This is the product of that reunion. This excellent live concert recording is an excellent purchase - the sound quality is great, and there are many wonderful renditions of their older songs which became favorites, such as Silver Springs. And there are some new ones, including Bleed to Love Her.
This is a great CD, and a great addition to my musical library. I think that my favorite songs on this album are Bleed to Love Her, Say You Love Me and Silver Springs. I love this album and highly recommend it to all fans of great music!
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This is a recording of the famous (to FM fans) 1997 live-reunion concert at Burbank, CA by the band's greatest-ever incarnation: the `Rumours' era line-up of Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks and the incomparable Lindsay Buckingham, who also co-produced the album. You can also get the whole concert on DVD, and a TV documentary was made about the band to celebrate the occasion.

Highlights include most of the band's best-loved numbers from the late 1970s, including `The Chain', `Dreams', `Everywhere', `Say you love me', `Go your own way' and `Tusk' complete with brass-dominant orchestra. There's also a handful of lesser-known classics like `Silver Springs' and new numbers such as `Bleed to love her'.

After years apart and with a tangled history of inter-personal turmoil, the reformed FM sounds just great: tight, melodious and full of soul, they rock the venue to its foundations to an ecstatically appreciative crowd. If you know the original albums from the 1970s - `Fleetwood Mac', `Rumours' (Brit-English spelling please!), `Tusk' and the equally good but later `Tango in the Night' - you might be surprised at how good these songs sound from the more mature band. A joy in playing and a confidence of delivery radiates from years of history together.

Fans of FM will know that Christine McVie finally quit the band, `retired' from touring and moved back to a quiet life in England in 1998, shortly after `The Dance' was recorded. Though the other four continued to play together, Christine's departure marked the end of an era for one of the greatest-ever melodious pop-rock bands, with 30+ years of accumulated success and tens of millions of albums sold. Alas, we may never see their like again.
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on 11 May 2016
An album that is as wonderful to listen to now as it was when I first purchased it. The Dance is perhaps one of the best live albums I have in my collection, on a par with "Live at Wembley" by Queen. Listening to this album I am both filled with a sense of nostalgia and a sense of sadness; nostalgia for all of the tracks that I know so well being performed so beautifully and sadness as this is the last time Christine McVie, my personal favourite musician from Fleetwood Mac, performs with the band for sixteen years. She makes it a memorable performance, delivering some fantastic renditions of fan favourites, as well as some tracks that people may not be as familiar with.

1. The Chain - One of my favourite FM songs but I always find the live version of this song underwhelming. A great opener however, and some lovely words from Stevie Nicks.
2. Dreams* - One of my favourite songs performed beautifully by one of my favourite ladies. It's sad that Stevie can't reach the high notes like she used to but what do you expect after twenty years? Love this live version.
3. Everywhere* - A song that everyone has heard and nearly everybody enjoys. The swirling guitar and Chris' voice are sheer perfection and honestly I can listen to this version of this song over and over again. Watch the live performance. You will not regret it.
4. Rhiannon - Not my favourite version of Rhiannon (that goes to the performance from 1976/1977). I love this song but this doesn't do it for me.
5. I'm So Afraid - Very 70's vibe with a bluesy/Blue Öyster Cult-style guitar (is that possible?) that is very satisfying. Not a favourite of mine but it is quite good and worth a listen.
6. Temporary One* - Very perky song that is easily identifiable as Christine McVie's writing. This song peaked at #99 in Germany in 1997. It deserved higher. It's a fab song! I'm sure, had it been released in other countries, it would have done well.
7. Bleed to Love Her - An unreleased track that later appeared on "Say You Will" in 2003. A gentle song, quite summery. Perfect for a drive in the countryside.
8. Big Love - I love the original version of this on "Tango In The Night" but this version makes me cringe. Sorry Lindsey, but the grunting at the end just isn't doing it for me.
9. Landslide* - One of very few songs that can make my eyes prickle with tears. Landslide is so bittersweet and, like This Woman's Work by the wonderful Kate Bush, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. The only version of this song I can listen to without tearing up is the one on "Live In Boston".
10. Say You Love Me* - This may be one of my favourite Fleetwood Mac songs and this version just boosted it up there to near the top spot (fighting with Gypsy from Mirage and Seven Wonders from TITN). I really like the more country feel to this version. Chris at her finest!
11. My Little Demon - A very Lindsey song with a great meaning behind it - disliking the person you become when your "Little Demon" consumes you. We've all been there. Catchy, should have been released as a single.
12. Silver Springs* - Lovely gentle song, something Stevie does so well. As far as I'm aware this song is about a road trip she had with Lindsey. "You'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you." Bitter about the break up? Maybe. Regardless it's a gorgeous song.
13. You Make Loving Fun* - Another favourite of mine. Catchy, memorable, great chorus. Three things Christine McVie does so well. It sounds quite funky in the beginning, perhaps inspired by the funk/Motown movement that was around in the 70's, at the time this song was initially released on Rumours.
14. Sweet Girl - Perhaps a bit autobiographical - dancing across the stages of the world. It could be a tribute to her niece or to her younger self. A very 90's sound from Stevie.
15. Go Your Own Way - Great live version of the Fleetwood Mac song everybody and their Mum knows. Still as good as the original and it's great to hear everybody's voices coming together in a live environment, an element I think is lost in the studio version.
16. Tusk* - Encore. Phenomenal live performance with a brass section provided by the USC marching band just like the original version. Was it possible to improve this classic track? Apparently so! The live performance is great to watch too, especially when the band comes onto the stage.
17. Don't Stop - "We've never done this one with a brass section before so this should be interesting." Too right, Christine, too right! Great rendition and the brass section really gives it an extra kick.

So if you are a fan of Fleetwood Mac and you fancy listening to some of their best live performances, why not pick up this album? I'll promise you now you will not regret it!
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on 19 April 2012
I brought this having seen one of their live concerts on tv some years ago which i kept on video until it was time to say goodbye to all my old tapes. So on the strength of that performance brought this cd as i wanted to hear those versions of those songs again. Dont think its the exact same performance but from the opening cords of the chain im hooked straight away. There isnt to much deviation from the originals and its great to hear these song live, even some of the less well known such as silver springs (an old b side) and some of buckinghams solo material. Didnt like my little demon much and some of the on stage chat was a bit dull but he ho.So all in all a great cd of a band 10 years after their peak still sounding great and reminding us that they wrote some great material.
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on 14 December 2014
I'm not a great fan of their later stuff, but this album includes excellent live versions of some of their best known songs - particularly landslide, big love & I'm so afraid. For the £3 I paid for the album, those tracks justified a place in my music collection.
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on 29 April 2012
Love Fleetwood Mac and love this CD.I already own alot of their vinyl albums and wanted a cd with some of my favourite tracks.This CD also gives tracks I wasn't familiar with such as the excellent 'Bleed to Love Her', this track is awesome, so passionate.The amazing 'I'm So Afraid' and old favourites like 'Rhiannon' which i never tire of.If you are a Fleetwood Mac fan already or new to them you would do well to add this to your music collection.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 July 2015
Although there is nothing whatsoever on either the front or back of the packaging to reveal this, 'The Dance' album is a live recording, where Fleetwood Mac performed largely a set list of greatest hits, as well as album favourites, B sides, and a couple of great new songs: 'Bleed to Love Her' and 'My Little Demon'.

This recording is a lasting souvenir of the band's 1997 reunion concert, where for the first time in ten years, the magical, 'classic' line-up of Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie, John McVie and Stevie Nicks returned to play together. This landmark event spawned a television special on MTV, of which this concert was filmed for, and you can also buy a DVD of it here: Fleetwood Mac: The Dance [DVD] [1997].

Live albums can be messy things as most musical lovers will know, but make no mistake, 'The Dance' captures the legendary rock band in fine acoustic form, clearly having a blast on stage, and the audio quality is superb. The band members speaking and interacting with the audience between the songs have been kept in for this release, ensuring that those you just want the CD are given the complete experience. This is an excellent live album from a band who had still sounded wonderful together on stage. Singers Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks in particular had lost nothing at all.

I would recommend that you purchase 'The Circle' as a companion piece to any comprehensive Fleetwood Mac greatest hits collection, including the recent: The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac, which focuses on the dream line-up. It has charted well, and this proves that these guys are still very much relevant and alive in the hearts of real music fans.
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on 7 January 2013
I have this concert on DVD and it is amazing, Lindsey Buckinghams guitar solos are legendary! This CD doesn't have every song on from the concert but most of them and it has the big guitar solos like Big Love and I'm So Afraid. Excellent!!
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