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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
One Hot Minute [U.S. Version]
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on 10 January 2013
Another great offfering from RHCP's. Some classics and a collection of very listenable tracks. What more can be said about this classic?
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on 7 July 2016
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on 16 October 2000
An unusal album released by the chili's gives a different slant on their musical abilities. The main feature of this album is the superb Flea popping his bass like no-one else can. A must if you're a chili pepper fan!
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on 15 May 2004
It really annoys me how there are now so many people getting into the chilis because of their last 2 albums californication and By the way. In my opinion these albums were a huge step backwards for the band. On the last two albums the group have purposesly "dumbed down" the musicianship in an attempt to go in a more commercial direction. (and by the sales numbers, it has obviously worked.) Letting Fruciante back into the band was a huge mistake.That herion has obviously had the reverse effect of what the stuff is supposed to do, heighten your creativity.(by saying this I do not mean to endorse drug use) I mean the man has gone from absolute genius( see BSSM) to a complete dud. A good example of this can be found on track 4 of the By the way album, where he executes possibly one of the worst solos I have ever heard in my life( jesus h christ,he only uses 3 notes!).
So..., now to one hot minute. I dont know about everyone else, but I like listening to music that has a mixture of depressing moments and uplifting moments, ie pleasure spiked with pain!.(those of u who didnt notice, Anthony was being HONEST about his addiction when he wrote that lyric) . Subltety + honesty are definitely what the last two albums lack. Oh and Dave navarro & the rest of the band put on one of the most stunning displays of musicianship ever recorded. Im a firm believer of the phrase, "if youve got it, flaunt it", so why the hell havent they been flaunting it on their last two albums?. Is it just me ,or has what was once the best rythym section in the world been made to take a back seat to the new "pop" direction of Keidis and Fruciante?( Flea's guest appearance on the mars volta album clearly shows that he still has what it takes to be the best ).
Anyway in short (or in this case, long), all the people who criticise one hot minute, and say its hard to listen to,....thats the whole idea!. What any REAL music lover knows, is that the best music usually takes numerous listens to grow on you. If you are looking for an album that combines flawless musicanship, exellent progressive song writing, emotional honesty, and the ability to get better with every listen, then one hot minute fits this category perfectly. Oh, but I must warn you, it may be a tad "heavy" for those who actually like their new direction. Sorry if I sound like a complete bastard, but im just a tad opinionated when it comes to music :)
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on 27 June 2003
This is the fourth Chili's album I've bought. In chronological order the others are: Californication, By The Way & Blood Sugar Sex Magik.
As you can see I'm quite a new Chili's fan, but with those four albums they have become my favourite band in the world. This is their heaviest, most troubled and most depressing album out of the four. It's also absolutely brilliant.
I love John Frusciante on guitar, I think he's superb, but this record is no worse by having Dave Navarro there instead, for the simple reason that he's just as good. Dave's style is obviously quite different, and the songs on this album just wouldn't fit in on the other three post 1990 LP's. The style is very different. Navarro doesn't go for the blasting, twinkling, joyous guitar style that has characterised such Frusciante-led tracks as Universally Speaking and Under the Bridge. His style is far more metallic, grungy and, in other places, he employs a shimmering technique which lights up songs like Transcending and One Hot Minute.
This album is one of wild contrasts. It begins with Warped, basically just a warm-up track which has found it's way onto the start of the record. It's OK, and worth listening to. This one is where you first notice Navarro's guitar style for the first time. If you don't like this song don't worry, it doesn't mean you won't like the rest of the album.
There are two beautiful ballads, My Friends and Tearjerker, similar in some ways to Californication, Under the Bridge etc., but the different guitar methods somehow set them apart. That is not to say they are better, just different. Tearjerker in particular is an absolute masterpiece, beginning with those shimmering guitars and Anthony Kiedis whispering "Can you turn the track up a little bit please?" before launching into a beautiful first verse, and a chorus ("Left On The Floor!!!") which justifies the name of the song. It gets even better, climaxing magnificently with a lovely guitar solo and then a few more ever-passionate chorus repeats.
Then there is the heavy, fast songs like One Big Mob and Coffee Shop. The latter includes the legend chorus "meet me at the coffee shop, we can dance like iggy pop". As always, RHCP make us smile.
Then there are the funky tracks, which pick up very well where Blood Sugar Sex Magik left off. Walkabout is a relaxed, chilled funkfest which sets the tone perfectly for Tearjerker, which follows it. Shallow Be Thy Name and Falling Into Grace follow a similar pattern, but the funk is more refined and wise than most of that which appeared on BSSM.
Then there's Pea. I'm sorry, but in my opinion this track is absolute garbage and I can't believe it got on the album. It's just a ridiculous excuse to swear alot, contains zero humour or wit. It's simply crap.
Then we have Deep Kick, which begins with a long, poetic spoken vocal from Anthony and then explodes into a riot of noise. It doesn't seem to make a large amount of sense, but is mildly entertaining, and Navarro's guitar breathes some life into the track.
Aeroplane and One Hot Minute are both great examples of a mixture of two or more of the different Chili's styles. (all of which they are great at) Aeroplane is funky but mellow and has a great sing-along chorus which is complemented by some slightly surreal but nonetheless interesting kids vocals. One Hot Minute is a slightly misleading name for the title track, because it goes on for six-and-a-half, but is a great heavy, furious but melancholy song which is punctured by the heart-wrenching bridge "Am I Aaa-lll Alone!??"
Warped 4
Aeroplane 9
Deep Kick 4
My Friends 10
Coffee Shop 7
Pea 0
One Big Mob 5
Walkabout 8
Tearjerker 10
One Hot Minute 9
Falling Into Grace 8
Shallow Be Thy Name 7
Transcending 7
Overall, this is a very good album which I would recommend to anyone who has liked at least two other Chili's albums. There are some highs, some lows, and this album is not perfect, but then not many are. This is a very good way to spend £11-12.
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on 20 November 2000
This is another masterpiece. It was different but still brilliant. Songs like 'Warped'and 'Aeroplane' are just great. Buy it no question.
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on 4 July 2005
To start off i would just like to say that i think this is a great album, its not the best that the Chili Peppers have done, but that doesnt make it as bad as people make out. I have had this album for about 2 years now and regularly give it a listen. My usual pattern is to listen to the first 5 tracks, Tearjerker then skip to Shallow Be thy Game and the exceptional Transcending. I guess this is where the album falls down a bit in that it is not good all the way through, with "one big mob" "one hot minute" and "walkabout" in my opinion not being good songs. Walkabout is a likable enough song, its just that it has no depth whatsoever and is largely dull, one hot minute and one big mob are in parts annoyingly experimental. But as i said earlier i like this album, so on to the good stuff. Warped is probably the best track on the album, those giving it a first listen will definately agree, but it really is a song that warms to you over time, it is so deep in emotion, at first this is offputting but the wailing lyrics really do embody Kiedis' decline into a drugs relapse at this time. the driving guitar in the verses gives way to a superb chorus with plenty of crashing symbols, the intensity of the song is built up and then suddenly at climax replaced by somewhat of a surprise quiet and melodic ending. Aeroplane is eminently likable, but not as shallow as this, delving somewhere a bit deeper once more, truly excellent bass. Deep Kick is not the best song, but if understood in the context of Kiedis' recent autobiography begins to make perfest sense from the seeming jibberish of his lyrics, suddenly you understand why he says "jumped off buildings into their pools etc"! My Friends is another depressed sombre song and is well done. Cofee shop is probably the most enjoyable track, loud and very catchy, once again with a superb chorus, and an amazing bass solo to finnish (sounds like a guitar solo it is so complicate, really shows off fleas incredible ability, how i wish our bassest could do such a wonderful job). To finnish the hidden gem of the album is transcending, this songs first half is beautiful with one of the best guitar riffs i have ever heard and im not just saying that, the lyrics are also wonderfully poignent and reflective. The second half of the track is loud and very angry and in my opinion kind of ruins the song a bit, in my opinion if the vibe of the first half had been continued to form a tight 4 minute song Trancending could have been one of the Chilis greatest hits, but alas never to be. Overall i think this is a great album, certainly not one to avoid as it has some of the Peppers greatest songs on it, as ive said it is not strong all the way through like BSSM, but that is why you can skip tracks aint it, put it this way there are 7 good songs on this album, thats alot more than many of the other new bands albums getting 5 stars elsewhere on this site with only one or two strong songs. My advice would be to get it with an open mind and listen to it thoughraly and then judge for yourself.
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on 24 March 2006
This was probably their last great album before adopting the more bland "middle of the road" rock sound which has been prevalent on their later releases
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on 22 February 2001
This really is a superb album with a mix of slow songs like my friends pea and trancending and proper rhcp class like One hot minute one big mob and shallow be thy game THERES only one song i odnt like warped but so many other great songs make that up AEROPLANE is the greatest this is the best RHCP album closely followed by CALIFORNICATON GET THIS GET THIS
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on 5 October 1999
Now this is the best album that the Chili Pepper's have done todate, why! Oh! It's because they have probably have one of the best guitarists in the business join their band, enter Mr. Dave Navarro the former Jane's Addiction guitarist. After listing to this album you can see how much of a difference he has made to the band. Dave takes the Chili Peppers to the for front of rock and produces the music that the band has ever done, its almost if they said Oh my someone can really play here I better consult the text books an polish up! They start with 'Warped' here on the first song if you are familiar with Dave Navarro's work you will instantly smile to yourself. You can just tell the rest of the band are smiling away to themselves Flea now has a guitarist he has always needed. Their second song is 'Aeroplane' which has a kid's chorus and will make you want to dance or at least sing along to full volume with a smile on your face. The other songs that stand out here are 'One Big Mob and Transcending' which is dedicated to River Phoenix.
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