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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 1 November 2014
'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' completely passed me by back in 1991. I must have been too busy listening to Metallica and Nirvana. Yet the Chili's brand of sleazy LA funk rock is as powerful and intense as any grunge or metal and has also stood the test of time. Highlights are the slow-burning 'I Could Have Lied', the blistering title track and the iconic 'Under the Bridge'.
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on 15 March 2017
Probably my favourite RHCP album, and this German re-release on vinyl sounds absolutely stunning. I can't recommend it highly enough.
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on 4 March 2017
Great album
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on 2 May 2017
Good quality product.
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on 21 June 2017
Great sound quality but be caution it is a 2LP but isn't a gatefold also no lyrics sheet are included. In general good quality sound but poor package care.
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on 1 April 2017
Great vinyl
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on 31 October 2016
Good album but my copy skips and jumps. Dissapointing
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on 16 May 2002
Er...wow. This is an INCREDIBLE album. THe songs contrast in styles and emotion, from the bittersweet 'Under The Bridge' to the buoyant 'Give It Away'.
My personal favourite track is 'I Could've Lied', which I could listen to on repeat for days... EVERY track is superb. Even the quirky 'They're Red Hot' is a valuable part of the album.
The album's continuity is excellent, considering the 74 minute duration. I never skip any tracks, and each one contributes to forming the mood of the next.
Track Ratings:
1)The Power Of Equality-8/10 A perfect opener with a brilliant chorus.
2)If You Have To Ask-7/10 Memorable chorus, decent verses.
3)Breaking The Girl-10/10 One of the best tracks, Kiedis at his best.
4)Funky Monks-8/10 Takes a few listens to get into, but when you do it's well worth the wait. Brilliant bass from Flea.
5)Suck My Kiss-10/10 The best up-tempo track, with the fast paced verses building up magnificently to the wonderful 'Suck my kiss...' line.
6)I Could've Lied-10/10 Poetic lyrics and subtle guitar work. Beautiful.
7)Mellowship Slinky In B Major-8/10 Carefully delivered vocals are complimented by the (again) excellent bass.
8)The Righteous & The Wicked-9/10 Sharp guitars and a truly wonderful chorus.
9)Give It Away-10/10 Begins as it means to go on, no messing-straight into funk and (once again!!!!) memorable chorus. This song will stay in your head for hours...
10)Blood Sugar Sex Magik-10/10 Im giving a lot of tens, aren't I... Dark and brooding vocals fit with the BEST guitar work on the album perfectly. Get's int oa VERY funky groove and stays there. Excellent.
11)Under The Bridge-10/10 I only consider this second best song on the album because I've listened to it so many times. For the first, say, 1000 listens this will be regarded as probably THE most lyrically competetnt song EVER.
12)Naked In The Rain-8/10 Hugely underrated-tight guitars and particularly good lyrics in the verses.
13)Apache Rose Peacock-7/10 Together with 'Sir Psycho Sexy', the definition of 'KERRRAZZY' lyrics. Very cool.
14)The Greeting Song-9/10 Very fast, very fun, very funky, very enjoyable.
15)My Lovely Man-8/10 The ending makes the song. Also, very poignant lyrics when taken into context (written about ex-guitarist who died...). Fantastic guitar solo, too.
16)Sir Psycho Sexy-8/10 Surprisingly, doesn't grate for an 8minute track. But the lyrics, oh the lyrics. How did they come up with this stuff? The wierdest lyrics since, well, track 13.
17)They're Red Hot-7/10 Short, humourous, uplifting and very very odd.
I have a very eclectic taste in music, from Roni Size to Nirvana, from Red Snapper to System of a Down, from Rage to Roots Manuva, etc. But this is an true classic, and absolutely EVERYBODY should own this album.
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on 10 January 2004
I bought this album without knowing any of its songs... simply because I didn't think I could be disappointed by the RHCPs... and I wasn't!
As ever, Anthony Keidis proves he is one of the very best lyricists (in English language anyway) in the world. There is magik, there is true emotion throughout the album. The mix rap-funk-rock-punk is successful and works as if it was the most natural thing in the world... and maybe it is!
I listen to this album quietly in my bed before going to sleep, or full decibels with friends at parties, with a glass of "red blood" sitting quietly with a few close mates...
I heard Anthony on a radio interview and was not surprise to hear the personality that already shines through his lyric writing: a very deep, witty and funny bloke with his head way above the sky, who doesn't take himself so seriously, and a maaaaad sense of humour! One you'd like for a mate! (not just a pretty face and a gorgeous bod then! ;) )
This is a fantastic album, "stuck" in my CD player, doesn't wanna get off my ears... and I love it!
JUST buy it! You can't be disappointed!
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on 16 April 2006
First off, I'd like to state that I'm not a RHCP mega-fan. Having said that, this album is my favourite album, by anyone, ever. It's also worth saying that if you consider yourself an avid Chili Peppers fan on the basis of 'By The Way' then don't bother with this album. You will have probably heard 'Under The Bridge' and read that this album is their greatest offering, (which is true) therefore will expect more of the same mellow type material as heard on 'By The Way,' and the aforementioned mega-hit off this album. You will be bitterly disappointed. This album is funk metal through and through, and the singing is mostly in the rap style. So.... if you're open minded, and want to know what the true Chili Peppers are all about, read on.

The Chili Peppers first 2 albums, (self titled and Freaky Styley) sound to me like nothing more than kinda enjoyable but very amateurish funky jam sessions. It came together in a big way with 'Uplift' with far superior melodies and actual songs! That album, and the subsequent 'Mothers Milk' (which was the first album with the current line-up, and the same line-up as on BSSM) had many a highlight, and I love those albums too. However, BSSM was a giant leap in every respect. With Rick Rubin at the production helm this album sounds like real funk rock pros who know they're at the top of their game, and they set out to create their greatest work. They succeeded totally.

Every single track, with the exception of 'They're Red Hot' (which was obviously intended as a joke throwaway, so it's forgivable) is a 10* winner. Tracks 1 & 2 flow seamlessly together to create an amazing opening medley of pure funky rock with soaring choruses, and cutting lyrics. Flea slapping his base like never before, John playing in a far heavier style than we're used to now and Chad anchoring it all down with some of the clearest drumming ever recorded. Along with 'Under The Bridge', (and to an extent 'I Could Have Lied') 'Breaking The girl' is the other all out "slow" track and is equally as great as its more famous cousin. The lyrics aren't as good, but the music is better, with Chad banging out a solo on scrap metal. Bizarre but perfect, it's a beautiful track.

I'm not gonna review every track, but suffice to say, most of the rest of the album continues in the same funk rock vein as set out in the first 2 tracks. 'Funky Monks' is one of my favourites, with an explosive guitar solo from John, which I relish all the more, cos I know he'll probably never lay down such a sound again, (here's hopin with Stadium Arcadium!!). Of course everyone knows 'Give It Away' and it is undeniably superb, but IMHO not the best funk rock song on this album by a long shot. For me, the title track outstrips it, as does 'The Righteous And The Wicked' with its ace bass riff and powerful chorus. 'My Lovely Man' is another highlight, as it's a lyrically beautiful tribute to the late great Hillel Slovak, their original guitarist, and sonically a great rocker, with John yet again unleashing an amazing extended guitar solo. Also of note is 'Naked In The Rain' which is unremarkable, compared to the rest of the album, (which means that it's still great) but it does contain an awesome slap bass solo from Flea, which really rocks. Hard.

For me, the real last track of the set, and the best, is 'Sir Psycho Sexy' and it's a brilliant way to finish. Yes, the lyrics are pornography in an audio form, but even on 'By The Way' the lyrics are pure filth, (not to this extent, granted) so it's what the Chilis are all about, only on this track they take it to the extreme! The first half of the song is a funk rave-up, in the style of most of the rest of the rest album, but then just over half way through, it breaks down into for me what is the most beautiful music on the whole album, (not acoustic like 'Under The Bridge' etc. but simply music that floats, in a tripped out manner). It's a classic Chilis song.

Again, I implore you to steer clear, if you're a hardcore 'By The Way' fan and expect this to be similar. It isn't really anything like 'By The Way'.... having said that, if your favourite track off 'By The Way' is 'Can't Stop' then you may want to give this a spin. It's a long album though, and heavier than 'Can't Stop' but don't dismiss it; endure and hopefully you'll get to love it as I do. It angers me to some extent how few songs were included off this album on their greatest hits album. You'd be better off buying 'What Hits!?' 'Greatest Hits' and BSSM. It really is their best album.

A seminal release. Cheers for reading.
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